Breitling Aviation Series 40mm Titanium Watch

Estimated price: 5000 ~ 7000 HKD
Including commission price: 10,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 8400 yuan)
[Overall description] Full titanium, aviation series, dual display, produced in 1990.
[Accessories] Warranty card, certificate, table section.
[Diameter] 40 mm
[Condition] Three-piece suit, all titanium. Sapphire crystal, quartz movement, dual display, 1 / 100-second accurate timekeeping, alarm, and two places, specially developed for astronauts. The dial, case, and movement have signatures.
Breitling has always been known for its pilot watches. Built for astronauts, double-display quartz high-precision chronograph. The accuracy of a quartz watch is unmatched by a mechanical watch. The dual display design uses a liquid crystal quartz watch and a pointer quartz watch to cooperate with each other, which makes reading more convenient. Some complex functions can also be integrated into the liquid crystal quartz watch, making this dial clear and clear. Features. The market price of this watch is nearly 30,000 yuan, and the auction price of 10,000 yuan is a moderate price.

If You Fall In Love, Hear Vacheron Constantin’s Heartbeat In Geneva

‘We’ve seen it before.’ Louis Ferla, CEO of Vacheron Constantin, is gentle and relaxed. He has a layered blue, and the light blue background of the pocket towel is a rhythmic dark blue rhombus pattern, which quietly echoes many of Vacheron Constantin’s new works this year. The different blue disk surfaces include both lacquer-like midnight blue and Elegant Dailand. January 14th is the first day of the 2019 SIHH in Geneva. In the center of the Vacheron Constantin showroom, it is a Vacheron Constantin lineage Twin Beat dual-core perpetual calendar watch. This is the most amazing one in 2019. Watch. Today, Vacheron Constantin’s global guests are under the age of 40. Compared with their age, Lu Yisi cares more about whether the brand always maintains a close relationship with customers. Vacheron Constantin is passionate about innovation. Vacheron Constantin’s hereditary dual-core perpetual calendar watch ‘What we want is continuous innovation, both in design, technology and craftsmanship.’ Lu Yisi said. This Vacheron Constantin hereditary dual-core perpetual calendar watch is a masterpiece of a large number of innovative breakthroughs. The entire showroom of Vacheron Constantin is designed around the ‘heartbeat’ of this watch. 01 Let’s take an analogy and use the car gearbox mechanism as a reference. Everyone understands that this watch may be easier: when we are driving at low speed on urban streets, the gearbox uses low gear, and a tank of fuel is almost 300 kilometers; when we are in Speeding on the highway, the gearbox is switched to the high-end position, or the fuel tank, which can run at least 600 kilometers. Vacheron Constantin inherits the series of dual-core perpetual calendar watches, which solves the problem of how to maintain a longer running time (driving distance) under the same clockwork power (one tank of oil). The reason is similar, but it is more than ten times more difficult to implement this function on fine watchmaking. From structural design, part processing to assembly and debugging, each link is extremely fine, and the tolerance is calculated in micrometers. Double-core rate front of the movement—precision perpetual calendar components. Imagine that a movement with a diameter of 32 mm and a thickness of only 6 mm can accommodate 480 small and thin parts, which not only achieves accurate travel time, but also functions smoothly and stably. How hard is a masterpiece to polish and polish a part according to the requirements of the Geneva Seal? Looking over the back of the watch, through the sapphire caseback, we can clearly see that it has two escapement wheels, which can operate at different frequencies: the back of the dual-core rate perpetual calendar watch-two sets of escapement systems are worn on the When on the wrist, set the watch to the high-frequency active mode. In this mode, the balance wheel vibrates at 5 Hz, and the clockwork power can be used for 4 days. When we want to put this watch away and change it to another watch, then You can press the button on the side of the case at 8 o’clock to switch to the low frequency standby mode. In this mode, the balance frequency is only 1.2 Hz, and the use time of the mainspring can be extended to at least 65 days! The vibration frequency of modern watches is generally 3 to 5 Hz. 1.2 Hz is a very low vibration frequency for watches. In the past, low frequency was often used in pendulum clocks. It is not common in watches such as Vacheron Constantin. Wait for a while at low frequency, the time of the watch and the display of the perpetual calendar still work as usual. When you take it out and switch back to the high-frequency active mode two months later, you do not need to readjust the perpetual calendar display. 02 ‘This kind of timing tool with different vibration frequencies has been widely used in modern Japanese history.’ Lu Yis told us that the timing system in the Edo era in Japan was very interesting and was called the ‘unscheduled method’. Today’s countries around the world use the 24-hour system: divide the day into 24 equal parts, no matter whether it is 1 to 2 in the morning or 5 to 6 in the afternoon, the length of an hour is the same. However, from the beginning of the 17th century to the end of the 19th century, Japan did not use the 24-hour system. Instead, it originated from the twelve Earthly Branches of China and divided the day into 6 hours of day and 6 hours of night. Day and night are separated by sunrise and sunset time, so one hour of day and one hour of night are not equal in Japan at that time, and they also change with the season. In summer, the day is longer and the night is shorter, and in winter, the day is shortened and the night increases. Schematic diagram of the ‘irregular method’ of the Edo period in Japan. To accurately reflect this timing principle, clocks in the Edo period are equipped with single or double balances, which can automatically switch the operating speed. Ensure that the day and night time display is consistent with the sun’s rise and fall. Vacheron Constantin’s dual-core perpetual calendar watch is inspired by this variable wobble frequency. In the middle of the 2019 SIHH Vacheron Constantin exhibition hall, a Japanese light clock with a similar structure born in the early 18th century was displayed, telling people the unique timekeeping story of the Edo era in Japan. At the Japan Lights and Clocks exhibition in the Vacheron Constantin showroom, when we took this watch up close and looked at it, we saw that from the dial and the movement, there are exquisite details that fuse traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. The movement splint decorated with traditional Geneva ripples is treated with NAC to show a dark gray coating, which not only brings out the beauty of golden gears, but also has better corrosion resistance and durability; traditional craftsmanship and modern technology are combined to decorate the movement. The machine-engraved gold parts are embedded in the sapphire dial to form the main dial. The transparent sapphire part shows the beauty of the movement of the perpetual calendar movement. The gold hour markers are embedded on the sapphire. Laser engraving and ink filling technology are used to achieve smooth and seamless integration. We can’t help but think of Lu Yisi’s answer to the question, ‘How to satisfy both loyal customers and attract new customers?’ He said that unconventional design, combining traditional complex functions and craftsmanship, to produce outstanding watches, is the core DNA of Vacheron Constantin’s brand. Such works are not only favored by Vacheron Constantin’s loyal connoisseurs, but also attract new watch fans into the world of Vacheron Constantin. Isn’t this the Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series dual-core perpetual calendar watch? 03 In addition to the two escapements on the case back, it looks like an ordinary perpetual calendar watch. However, the mode indication function of the dial at 9 o’clock tells us that it is not so simple. The 9 o’clock position is a function of indicating different balance wheel modes. In order to achieve a true ‘perpetual calendar’, Vacheron Constantin has done a lot of behind-the-scenes work. For example: Vacheron Constantin has specially developed a new hairspring for the 1.2 Hz low-frequency balance wheel. The cross-sectional area is only one-fourth that of conventional hairsprings, which greatly reduces the consumption of kinetic energy. The perpetual calendar jump mechanism is redesigned and a spring-type double gear composite system is used. The torque required for the jump is only one-fourth of the traditional mechanism. The instantaneous jump mechanism operates at the same time, and the impact of the balance wheel’s vibration can be ignored. In order to ensure that the display is accurate at all times when switching the balance wheel, Vacheron Constantin has developed two sets of unique differentials for this watch. One set is used to read the time of the hour and minute hands, and one set reduces the output torque of the mainspring in low frequency mode. Vacheron Constantin’s new branding image released in September last year, One of Not Many, respects those who have achieved outstanding achievements in their respective fields. This stunning watch is the ultimate pursuit of a higher level. Ideas sprouted four or five years ago. The Vacheron Constantin technical team and collectors learned that they find it difficult to adjust the perpetual calendar watch, and they often cause the perpetual calendar to stop because they wear other watches. How to reasonably save kinetic energy, avoid the trouble of adjustment, and make the travel time more accurate? The research and development team balances between different needs, not only to store more energy, but not to make the watch size too large; to reduce the frequency without compromising accuracy. The work presented today is a masterpiece of balance. Vacheron Constantin Global CEO Louis Ferla04 In recent years, we have really been shocked by Vacheron Constantin’s technology research and development department. In 2015, the 260th anniversary of the Vacheron Constantin brand was born. The reference number 57260, which took 8 years and has 57 complex functions, was born. It is by far the most complicated timepiece and shakes the watch industry. The most amazing thing about the reference number 57260 pocket watch is that the Hebrew perpetual calendar function developed completely according to customer needs is the core of the attic artisan service of the Vacheron Constantin brand. The watch fans have not returned to God. In 2016, SIHH, Vacheron Constantin launched a pure astronomical watch, with ‘astronomical super complicated 3600 watch’ with 23 astronomical display functions. Celestia Astronomical 3600 watch On the watch. Not only that, Vacheron Constantin also worked with the Louvre Museum and Time Workshop to restore the legendary clock ‘Genesis’ born in 1754. It is an exquisite antique relic combining astronomy, calendar and carving art, now hidden in the Louvre. And this year, this dual-core rate perpetual calendar watch is also a new and developed excellent and complex movement from the perspective of power. Regarding Vacheron Constantin’s innovative philosophy, Lu Yisi summed it up with a sentence in the letter from the founder of Vacheron Constantin: ‘Do better if possible, and that is always possible.’ The Chinese translation of it is: ‘Go all out and strive for excellence.’ 05 Of course, complex technology does not fully represent Vacheron Constantin. Don’t forget that Vacheron Constantin also has master craftsmanship models. Many years ago, Vacheron Constantin painted Chagall’s paintings on the dome of the French National Opera with miniature enamel on a dial less than 40 mm in size, which is highly regarded by connoisseurs. In addition to micro-painted enamel, complex traditional handicrafts such as filigree enamel, metal carving, Japanese dill painting, hand-carved carving, etc., have all appeared on exquisite Vacheron Constantin watches. Attic artisan ‘Congling Wild Fun’ theme series ‘King of the Jungle’ watch, hand-engraved case and grayscale enamel dial SIHH 2019, Vacheron Constantin presents several loft artisans ‘Cong Ling Wild Fun’ theme series of orphan watches, floating The convex carving technique and fine wood inlay technique vividly show the majestic state of the tiger and the giant panda. The embossed engraving process makes it more realistic. The master of carving uses matte, polishing, brushed satin, metal embossing and black oxidation to show the realistic looks, markings, expressions and movements of the ‘Tiger’ and ‘Big Tiger’. The beast seems to be thrown out of the dial at any time. The loft craftsman ‘Congling Wild Fun’ theme series ‘Weihu’ watches and the background of the mountains and forests behind the tiger, as well as the overall dial pattern of the giant panda watch, are finished with fine wood inlay. ‘Tiger’ used more than 200 pieces of wood chips, ‘Weihu’ used about 130 pieces, ‘Wild Giant Panda’ watch used more than 300 pieces. Attic craftsman ‘Cong Ling Ye Qu’ theme series ‘Wild Giant Panda’ watch cutting, selecting and then splicing these tiny corn-like pieces of wood requires the master craftsman’s extremely skilled technique, and also requires transcendent patience to complete. The decoration process will also be applied to the precious metal case. Vacheron Constantin’s 5 other loft artisan ‘Cong Ling Ye Qu’ watches released before 2019 SIHH, of which the ‘Golden Snake Spirit Dance’ model is hand-carved and a gold snake coiled around The side of the case is fiercely captivating. The loft craftsman ‘Congling Wild Fun’ theme series ‘Golden Snake Spirit Dance’ watch Lu Yisi told us that Vacheron Constantin’s Loft Craftsman Department spends thousands of hours each year, polishing and producing no more than 50 such pieces for connoisseurs. Orphan. Among the billions of oceans of watches and clocks, Vacheron Constantin only produces more than 20,000 watches each year. It can be said that each one is rare and has become an outstanding product. And the loft artisans in Geneva, these unique, excellent works of technology and craftsmanship, are rare. / end / Lu Xi’s interview notes Join readers, please send name + occupation + WeChat to [email protected]