Patek Philippe Hosts Chronograph Show And Vip Dinner In Taiwan

PATEK PHILIPPE held a chronograph exhibition and VIP dinner, gathered a variety of museum-grade works to Taiwan, a series of classic and new chronographs were exhibited at the same time, a total of 38 watches to support luxury 飨At the banquet, the president of Patek Philippe, Teres Dent, came to Taiwan to lead 200 guests to watch the watchmaking process of Patek Philippe’s heritage watchmaking altar.

Patek Philippe 5970P perpetual calendar chronograph, platinum case, integrated perpetual calendar, moon phase, day and night display and chronograph functions, about 5.9 million yuan
The banquet is based on a chronograph, ranging from classic hand-wound movements to automatic winding movements with vertical disc clutches, double-tracking chronographs, and complex menus such as perpetual calendars or three questions. Women’s watches also have Ladies First chronograph led the collection of 10 historic Patek Philippe museum collections, dating back to 1866 hunter-style pocket watches, and 1924 Patek Philippe’s first Office chronograph is also among the exhibits.
Patek Philippe’s first Office chronograph, 1/5 second time function, 30 minutes time

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