Interview With The President Of Swatch Group China And Talk About The Highlights Of Tissot Treasure Ring Products

As a familiar Swiss watch brand, Swiss Tissot launched a highly anticipated product Tissot Ring Series at Baselworld 2017. The Tissot Ring Series products are This year also officially landed in the domestic market. Not long ago, at the listing conference in the ancient capital of Xi’an, Watch House had the opportunity to interview Ms. Susan, President of the Swatch Group China, and asked her to talk about Tissot’s Baohuan series and her group e-commerce products Layout.

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The Watch House asks: We know that Tissot and many fields have cross-border cooperation (such as CBA, Tour de France), so what is the basis of this cooperation? How does Tissot choose a partner?

Susan: Because Tissot’s positioning is in various fields such as fashion, sports, tradition, technology, etc., we have a wide cross-border range, so when we choose partners, we hope that the brand is more sporty and passionate, and it must meet us. A look of the brand itself. Some of the events or sports we sponsor, such as CBA, NBA, Tour de France, etc. are all related to the brand, and this sport is preferably more traditional, too extreme sports are not the scope of Tissot cooperation, this It is also connected to our Swiss watchmaking tradition.

Ms. Susan, President of Swatch Group China

The Watch House asks: There are many new technologies that can only be used in the high-end watches of the Tissot Baohuan series, so which of these new technologies do you value most?
Susan: Among these technologies, the silicon hairspring has only been applied in recent years. It has high accuracy and stability, so if you put a silicon hairspring in a clock, it is still the first price. In fact, Tissot is the first one. . The price of such a new technology product is also close to the people, which is why we say that the Tissot watch is excellent value.

The Watch House asks: The price range of Tissot products overlaps with some European brand smart watches. Will the Tissot brand become the main brand of Swatch Group smart watches in the future?
Susan: Yes, because young people now like something with higher technical content and science and technology, but it does not mean that Tissot will go that direction completely. Tissot involves a very wide range. We have dozens of them. Series, the smart watch you just mentioned is one of the series,
Just like the T-TOUCH series is also one of our series, and in addition to T-TOUCH, we are also developing some other intelligent series.

Watch House asks: What is Tissot’s biggest opportunity and challenge at present?
Susan: When a brand develops to a certain scale, its challenge is still different from that of general products, because you are involved in a wider and wider range, then you must continue to innovate. If you are innovative, you will always be better than others. Being at the forefront, so the bigger challenge facing Tissot is how to continuously innovate in this competitive environment, especially some young ethnic groups, how to interact with these young ethnic groups or understand each other, we must do it. A proper communication attracts them and has a deeper discussion with them.

About the group

The Watch House asks: What has the Swatch Group achieved in e-commerce in the past few years? What is your opinion on the online sales platform?
Susan: The biggest breakthrough is to do e-commerce online. Tissot is the first e-commerce company in our group. It was listed on our official website last December and listed on Tmall in March this year. The official website operation is not the same as Tmall. In the process of cooperation with Tmall, we also learned a lot of valuable experience and learned the trajectory of consumers’ shopping habits. You will find that the consumption of many young people on Tmall is very different from the consumer group in the physical store. I think for us it is to expand the consumer group.
And after doing e-commerce, it covers 1.3 billion people in China. Like some small cities, there may be no physical stores, which expands our coverage and channels, which also makes up for our sales channels Inadequacy.

The Watch House asks: It can be seen that the Swatch Group is now starting to deploy the new 80 movement. Is it possible to continue to improve the brand service? Like extending warranty?
Susan: In fact, the quality of Tissot has always been very good. We now have a two-year warranty and global uniform standards. What we are thinking about now is how to continue to expand the channels for customer maintenance, which may be what we will do afterwards. And in the e-commerce sector, we now also provide some after-sales service, which can be submitted online and then achieve the warranty through logistics.

The Watch House asks: Are there any crackdowns and countermeasures on the Swatch Group for counterfeit watches sold on the Internet?
Susan: We now have a FID, which is the number of a watch. When you look at a Tissot watch, you can see if this number is our watch. This is our current response. Put an end to these phenomena you call. Tmall now also has a dedicated team to catch these counterfeit products. We can find that there are some stores on Tmall that are not authorized stores, and these counterfeit phenomena are more likely to occur. Our official website is not discounted now. These consumers on the official website still value service. They care about whether they buy authentic products and buy them with peace of mind, not by price alone. In addition, if there is a consumer complaint, we and Tmall platform will have legal departments to solve these problems by legal means, and this mechanism exists.

Summary: Through a brief conversation, we learned that the core technology of Tissot Baohuan watches is also known, and that the Swatch Group will continue to improve the consumer’s purchasing experience and attach importance to after-sales service in the future development, and purchase online There will be more changes on the platform and smart watch products, which are all very exciting.

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