Mingshi Launches Ling Ni Series New Seasonal Interchangeable Strap

Baume & Mercier always pays attention to the innovation and design of women’s watches, perfectly blends fashion style with the elegant charm of women. With novel and diversified design elements, it has established the brand in women’s watches Leading position in the field. Adhering to the unique characteristics of classic design, smooth and soft curves, and the innovative feature of easily changing the strap, the Lingni watch has become one of the most diverse women’s watches on the market today.
   The feminine charm and high-profile Lingni watch perfectly interpret the modern design and timeless elegance. With the unique interchangeable strap, all women can match their mood and create their own. Style. Adhering to the practice of launching limited edition straps twice a year (spring, summer, autumn and winter), the Baume & Mercier series welcomes three kinds of straps that fit the current seasonal colors and materials, providing women with new and unique matching options, which are perfectly realized The accessories switch from day to night, and the casual style on the weekend changes instantly to the midnight elegance.
   The Ling Ni series spring and summer 2012 limited strap is very sexy and charming, reflecting the unique brand spirit of Baume & Mercier, pursuing a comfortable and casual lifestyle, condensing precious moments, and sharing important moments with family and friends. The three newly launched straps feature two-tone tones, highlighting the concept of fashion, catering to current trends, and leading the new trend in accessories with breakthrough innovations. This season’s Lingni limited edition strap, through different color combinations, presents three wonderful psychedelic styles and moods: at dawn, the sky presents magical violets and pinks. The first strap incorporates a violet strap into the touch. The soft pink calfskin and the use of colored stitching make the overall color tone extremely harmonious, and the warm tones presented by the sky at dawn are vividly expressed. The second incorporates a white strap into a soft-touch, sky-blue calfskin strap, which presents a fantasy image of sea and sky fusion. As the sun rises, the waves are awakened, and the coast, the blue sky and the white waves are constantly flapping. Contrast each other. The third model incorporates sand stitching into a comfortable, beautiful and attractive orange calfskin strap, reminiscent of the seaside scene at sunset, and the sand and the orange reflected in the sunset are wonderfully blended into a charming amber . The bold two-tone stitching reveals the fashionable female style, and starts a wonderful journey brought by different colors.
   Each strap has a charming hue, blending light and dark colors in harmony to achieve the perfect color stitching, as the color changes from dawn to dusk. This novel design really caters to the exquisite and changeable personality of women, so that women can instantly change their style according to their moods, and match the watch to show the other side of personality elegantly. At the same time, the Ling Ni spring and summer limited watch strap gives a brand new interpretation of the brand concept, is the best embodiment of ‘my Ling Ni, I will wear it like this’!
   Baume & Mercier’s newly launched strap is suitable for a 27mm diameter case, showing the ultimate personal style. At the same time, the safe and replaceable strap system, unique ingenuity, compact and concise design, is loved by women, and can be replaced without effort, which is a feature that is prominent in today’s fast-paced, multifaceted life. Out, it is particularly important and attracts much attention. This season’s extremely stylish watch can change into colorful, playful and cute models or chic sports-rich models in the next second. The wearer can match his mood as he wants, opening a breakthrough Innovation.
   The elegant charm of women is a constant source of design for celebrities. Always listening to women’s voices, so that women show a different side, more sexy and charming.

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