Palerhai Sponsors The Galileo Museum In Florence

Mechanical models and exhibits can be directly operated by users, and the innovative solution of the revolutionary new ideas of the universe architecture and scientific movement proposed by Galileo is explained through interactive touch screen. His ideas led him to create ingenious instruments that turned ancient mechanical clocks into reliable measuring tools. With these innovative solutions, Galileo hopes to finally solve the key problem of determining longitude at sea.

Jupiterium donated by Panerai
   In honor of Galileo’s contribution to modern timepieces, Officine Panerai provided very important support for the interactive area and generously donated a specially manufactured Jupiterium Jupiter to the Galileo Museum. Jupiterium Jupiter is a special horoscope with a perpetual calendar The clock shows the orbit of Jupiter and the position of the four satellites of the planet discovered by the great Tuscan scientist. The Jupiterium Jupiter is located in the center of the second chamber, and uses the earth as the observation point in the background of the star to show the location of the moon, the sun, Jupiter and its four major satellites discovered by Galileo with great accuracy.

   ‘We have maintained a fruitful long-term partnership with Officine Panerai-Professor Paolo Galluzzi, Director of the Galileo Museum-said that the Galileo Museum has opened up a brand new area to show the world’s outstanding achievements through engaging exhibits and interactive models Its achievements not only completely changed the understanding of the structure and movement of the universe, but also significantly improved the mechanical system of time measurement, pioneering the process of continuous development to this day. The Jupiterium Jupiter has extraordinary mechanical complexity and outstanding accuracy. Officine Panerai Panerai designed and donated generously to the Galileo Museum, which is a thought-provoking example of the close connection between tradition and innovation. Galileo took a lot of thought to understand the periodic relationship between Jupiter and the four moons. Jupiterium Jupiter Realizing his dream-using Jupiter’s moon as a perfect planetary clock-this is what his extraordinary wisdom and admirable determination have always sought. ‘

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