Bulgaribulgari-new Window Design For Boutiques Created By Marco Piva

Bulgari has invited the Italian designer Marco Piva to create a new window design for the boutique. The new art deco, featuring nearly 4,000 ingenious handmade porcelain statues, is displayed in the windows of Bulgari’s 1,000 boutiques worldwide.

The curved black and white polished porcelain exhibition stand is used as the back plate to make its jewelry stand out. This exhibition design was unveiled for the first time recently at the Paris Antique Biennial. The shopping window is designed with energy-saving lighting and contrasting colors. For example, Shandong silk is inlaid on a unique saffron dyed silk to become a stage for the display of Bulgari’s works.
The inspiration was drawn from a long, graceful woman, using porcelain elements to create momentum. Each kind of material comes from a master of ceramic arts who is proficient in the tradition of Italian porcelain. In order to make the window display of the Bulgari specialty store perfect, a total of seven porcelain bottles were produced at one time, and the other six defective products were eliminated for the shape and quality according to the ultra-rigorous standards prescribed by the production workshop.

The use of porcelain is closely related to the company’s rich and extensive creative tradition. Porcelain and other top-grade materials have the reputation of “white gold” in ancient times, and can be perfectly combined with various types of jewellery in the world. Therefore, they became the creative protagonists in the Chandra series launched by Bulgari in 1993. Made of porcelain. Chandra, meaning ‘moon moon’ in Sanskrit, the magical color of jewelry perfectly interprets the magnetic charm of the earth.
It further proves the brand’s endless exploration of innovation and timeless style. Now, all the Bulgari boutiques in the world can see the new jewelry display.
Source: Bulgari

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