Enter The Skydiving Area Oris Launches Creative Aviation Watches, Paying Tribute To The Lufttransport Staffel 7 Of The Swiss Air Force

Holstein, Switzerland-In the long years, Oris has produced many professional timers, but few are as special as today’s ParadropperLTStaffel7 limited edition watch . This watch is specially designed for the Swiss Air Force’s 7th Air Transport Wing (German: LufttransportStaffel7), which is responsible for the paratroopers. It is the second time that the Swiss Air Force has cooperated with the Swiss watch company.

Oris ParadropperLTStaffel7 Limited Edition for Pilots of the Swiss Air Force’s 7th Airlift Wing

   Oris and aviation have a long history. Oris was founded in 1904 at the beginning of the aviation industry. As early as the early 1910s, Oris began manufacturing a variety of aviation pocket watches. In 1917, Oris launched the brand’s first aviation watch, which has a unique timing insurance design. The time adjustment operation can be performed by pressing the button located at 2 o’clock on the case; in 1938, the iconic large crown The advent of the watch, its oversized crown makes it easy for pilots to operate the watch while wearing leather gloves. Today, Oris watches in the aerospace series continue the tradition and are full of creativity, and are popular with pilots worldwide.

Pilots must make second-level plans for airborne missions

   The ParadropperLTStaffel7 Limited Edition is a special aviation chronograph worn by pilots of the 7th Airlift Wing of the Swiss Air Force. These Air Force pilots were tasked with piloting the Pilatus PC-6 transport aircraft to transport airborne troops to designated locations for airdrops. After the plane took off, the pilot had 20 minutes to fly to the parachute and was fully synchronized with other aircraft. So before every mission, you need to make a rigorous plan accurate to the second.

   Precisely grasping the airdrop time is not the only challenge for the 7th Airlift Wing pilots. When performing missions in remote areas, there is no designated landing site. Pilots must flexibly find a ‘runway’ at least 250 meters long for landing and landing.

Oris ParadropperLTStaffel7 limited edition watch’s two-way rotating ceramic bezel is marked with a dedicated scale to help pilots time the airdrop

The Oris ParadropperLTStaffel7 Limited Edition can meet both needs:

Airdrop timing
After take-off, rotate the black ceramic bezel, align the 0 point marked with ‘Y’ on the bezel to the minute hand, and start the 20-minute airdrop.
The 17-minute scale on the bezel is yellow, reminding airborne troops to be ready
19 minute scale is red, hatch is open
The 20-minute mark is the skydiving mark, and the airborne soldiers begin skydiving.

The titanium caseback is engraved with the logo and limited number of the 7th Airlift Wing of the Swiss Air Force

Measure landing place
There is a green chronograph hand in the center of the dial, when the aircraft is approaching a potential landing site, the pilot presses the chronograph start button
The pilot flew over the area at a speed of 100 knots (approximately 51.4 m / s) and then overflew again at the same speed.
If the accumulated time exceeds 10 seconds, the area is longer than 250 meters.
10 seconds marked with green 100KIAS (hint to measure at 100 knots)

The ParadropperLTStaffel7 limited edition watch also has many other practical designs. The case is made of light and sturdy titanium alloy, covered with black DLC (diamond-like) coating, matte finish to avoid reflecting light; the black dial is matched with white Arabic numerals, with strong contrast, and the hands and scales are coated with Super-LumiNova® Clear and easy to read day and night; the olive-green fabric strap is sturdy and wear-resistant, with Oris patented ‘belt’ buckle, simple and firm.

The Oris ParadropperLTStaffel7 Limited Edition watch is an aerospace military watch with a clear purpose and excellent performance, which embodies the pragmatism spirit of ‘form follows function’. Limited to 250 pieces worldwide, in addition to the pilots of the 7th Airlift Wing of the Swiss Air Force, it will also be on sale to the public.

Special edition watch box

Oris ParadropperLTStaffel7 Limited Edition

Patented stainless steel folding buckle with olive green fabric strap

Product number: 77476617734, table diameter: 44.00mm
250 pieces worldwide
Oris774 automatic mechanical movement, chronograph function, calendar display between 4 and 5 o’clock
Titanium case, stainless steel screw-in crown, stainless steel chronograph button, black DLC (diamond-like) coating, 100 meters waterproof
Two-way rotating black ceramic bezel with edges reinforced with rubber, bezel engraved with dedicated scale for airdrop missions
Double-sided arched sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating on the inside
Titanium alloy bottom cover, black DLC coating, engraved with LTStaffel7 Swiss Air Force Seventh Airlift Wing Logo and limited number
Black matte dial, 2 points marked with landing measurement scale
Hours, minutes and scales coated with Super-LumiNova®, green central chronograph seconds hand
Olive green fabric strap, patented stainless steel folding clasp with black DLC coating
Special watch box
Suggested retail price: about RMB 27,000
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

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Elegant 9 Series Pin Zhen Zunhuang High Luxury Watch

After a century and a half, Swiss luxury watches and clocks have been exquisitely tasted, but they have not been fully preserved in today’s fierce competition, but the many boutiques left by us are really exciting. Today, we bring you the 9781.6.154.00 watch, let’s take a look together.

   This watch was released in 2011. Adhering to the profound watchmaking craftsmanship, the simple and elegant design shows the brand’s deep understanding and perfect interpretation of the watch. The watch belongs to the elegant series, which follows the classic elegance of Zunhuang. The size has been increased to 40 mm, which highlights the man’s grandeur and extraordinary. The entire series does not have as many decorative arts and complicated functions as modern watches. It adopts the classic three-pin design and adds a practical calendar window. The entire face is pleasing to the eye.
   The mirror and case back are covered with transparent sapphire glass, which shows the natural movement of the precision movement inside. The entire series is positioned as a formal watch, and all products are waterproof to 30 meters. This watch fully embodies the essence of the series. The unique three-dimensional grid pattern on the entire surface of the watch brings a mellow atmosphere of old time, exuding different flavors under the light and shadow. The 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock sets the classical Roman timescale digital scale, and the other scales are replaced by simplified small dots, allowing most of the space of the dial to highlight the meticulousness and simplicity of the series.

Summary: In addition to this watch, the same models in the series are also available in 18K rose gold and 18K white gold. A price close to 200,000 is enough to rank among the luxury watches.

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