See Through The Eight-character Aesthetics Jaquet Droz Hollow One Watch

With the advent of Jaquet Droz’s large second hand skeleton One watch series in 2018, this 280th anniversary watch brand has once again set an important milestone for its style. The large seconds series models can be said to condense the essence of Jacques Dro watchmaking technology. The One watch series launched this time is more subversive. For the first time, it adopts a hollow design and a synthetic sapphire dial, which dazzles the exquisite internal mechanism of the watch. Light.

As the first hollowed out watch launched by Jacques Droe, the dial design retains the hours, minutes, seconds display and white space, and conceals the movement bridge ingeniously, showing a new transparent aesthetics.

Feature one: ever-changing ideas, the idea of ​​number 8
The highlight of the model is to unveil the mystery of the exquisite mechanism inside the large second hand watch, while retaining the classic appearance of Jacques Dro’s iconic number ‘8’. To this end, Jacques de Roy retains the simple aesthetic characteristics of the faceplate. The eccentric dial at 12 o’clock is equipped with Roman numerals, and the large second hand with Arabic numerals at 6 o’clock, faithfully echoes the original aesthetic inspiration of the large second hand series. The clever use of cutouts and decorative details achieves a perfect balance between the structure and the virtual.

The ‘8’ dial surface made of sapphire crystal can not only maintain the identifying characteristics of the Jacques Dro second seconds hand series, but its penetrating visual effect and hollow structure complement each other.

Feature 2: Hollow eccentric structures are relatively rare
As the brand’s first skeletonized watch, the large second skeletonized One watch retains the hours, minutes and seconds display design and white space on the dial, and conceals the movement bridge ingeniously. Under the mirror, you can see the large second hand slowly turning on the synthetic sapphire disc, while the hour and minute hands at 12 o’clock are running on the synthetic sapphire hour dial with a gold base. Due to the elimination of the traditional movement splint in the design, the vision becomes wider and the structure of the movement can be seen. It can be found that the main splint and the gold automatic disc have also been hollowed out to allow the light to penetrate and illuminate Inside the movement.

The movement is equipped with a double barrel, a silicon spring and a pallet. It is manually assembled by the craftsman. The traditional movement splint is eliminated, and the view is wider.

Feature three: the connotation of modern technology under the classical appearance
The whole movement is fixed by 5 specific screws. This treatment process, which was used for the first time by Jacques Rodriguez, originated from the system commonly used in ordnance production, and was borrowed and adopted by the brand team. In addition, the One is equipped with a dual barrel, silicon balance spring and pallet fork, and its 2663 SQ movement is manually assembled by craftsmen, giving a large second hand watch with unprecedented aesthetics.

Large Second Hand Skeleton One

18K rose gold material / 2663 SQ automatic winding movement / eccentric, eccentric minutes, large seconds display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 30 meters / 41mm diameter / reference price: about 248,700 RMB

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Golden Horse Fifty Hundred Glory Hours’ Shooting Count Piaget Creates Starlight Can Shadow

Golden Horse Awards Pentium for 50 years, the Golden Horse Executive Committee and the Chief Count Piaget specially planned ‘Golden Horse Fifty Moments of Honor’ filming, gathered Chinese and Hong Kong and Taiwan shortlisted male and female protagonists and directors together for this Chinese movie The event left a beautiful memorial. In addition to the shooting scene by the top photography and styling team, Piaget also used brilliant jewellery and watches to set off the superstars, adding timeless glory to each of the projects planned.

The film condenses light and shadow into a picture, while Piaget keeps the beauty of time on his wrist. Contributing to the beauty of the world, the Golden Horse Awards and the Piaget Piaget collaborated for the first time to jointly plan the shooting of ‘Golden Horse Fifty Glory Hours’. I hope to capture the dazzling moments of the shortlisted stars through photography, and also be used to record the Chinese film industry. Milestone.

The Golden Horse Awards has persisted along the way for 50 years, and has become the goal of the Chinese film industry. Many filmmakers regard the Golden Horse Award stage as a glory of their life, and they can add more glory to the Golden Horse’s 50th finalist. The Golden Horse Fifty Moments of Honor was specially planned by the Golden Horse Executive Committee and Piaget Piaget. It is a pioneering work of the Golden Horse Awards. The male and female protagonists and directors are invited to enter the mirror. Eternal memory.

The Golden Horse Executive Committee carefully planned the shooting. The shortlisted male and female protagonists and directors came from all over China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, making the planning of the shooting time more difficult. However, all the finalists have eliminated all difficulties and supported the Golden Horse Awards with action, so that the shooting can proceed smoothly.

Top team fancy, dazzling watch jewellery blessings-work together to create a perfect image.

This shooting specially invited fashion styling master Roger Zheng Jianguo and famous photographer Su Yiliang to create the most dazzling image for the finalists. Roger is the most famous stylist in the fashion industry. His ability to understand the taste of the trend is unmatched by others. Su Yiliang, one of the top fashion photographers in Taiwan, uses his delicate picture conception and light and shadow sketching skills to portray The most moving aspect of the finalists. The chief sponsor, Piaget Piaget, provides brilliant jewellery and watches, blessing the finalists, leaving brilliant stars and shadows. The cohesion of Chinese filmmakers is fully demonstrated at the memorable moment of the golden horse 50. In addition to seeing the filmmakers’ cherishment, it also makes people feel the hope of the future of Chinese films. This intention is revealed in the lens below and is explained in each photo. Of confidence. The series of ‘Golden Horse Fifty Hundred Glory Moments’ shooting plan series will be displayed in multiple styles. In addition to being printed into a ceremony journal that is available to invited guests at the ceremony, this collection is also expected to be made into commemorative postcards for fans to collect. Whether it is a magazine or a postcard, guests and fans attending the ceremony can have the golden moment of the Golden Horse 50, and the golden moment of the Golden Horse Awards going through half a century. The ‘Golden Horse Fifty Glorious Moments’ shooting plan can be described as the golden horse fifty red carpet warm-up time. It has always been the Piaget Piaget preferred by red carpet star jewellery. It specially presented extraordinary watches and brilliant jewels to give the superstars a look They left moving images at the most remarkable moments in the Chinese film industry. The 50th Golden Horse Awards Ceremony will be held on November 23. Count Piaget, as the chief tribute to this event, is bound to make this year’s starlight red carpet exciting.

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Glashütte’s New Jewellery Watch Shines In Basel

At this year’s Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair, Glashütte introduced a series of new timepieces, winning a lot of praise for its simple and elegant design and precise watchmaking craftsmanship. Next, the editor will take stock of these new Glashütte products for everyone.
Glashütte presents Pavonina women’s watch elegantly
Glashütte’s new Pavonina women’s watch
 At the Baselworld 2013, Glashütte brought a dream masterpiece to the world’s women, the Pavonina series of women’s watches, designed to stop the most beautiful moments on the wrist.
 Pavonina-derived from the Latin word pavoninus, meaning ‘peacock’, blooming in dazzling colors and eye-catching brilliance. The new Pavonina series of watches produced by German watchmaker Glashütte is glorious and famous, reflecting the characteristics of today’s women. Its design styles range from simple modern, classic elegance to luxurious beauty. These feminine timepieces have smooth shapes and a series of carefully conceived details.
 The striking case shape of the Pavonina series dates back to the 1920s, when wristwatches generally adopted a unique ‘cushion’ shape, which was all the rage. Glashütte designers slightly modified this form to meet the needs of contemporary women, and incorporated flexible lugs in the case. The Saxon watchmaker applied a patent in this solution to achieve a perfect fit between the watch and the wrist of the woman wearing the watch.
New PanoLunar Tourbillon
Glashütte’s new PanoLunar Tourbillon
 This year Glashütte pays tribute to the brand’s traditional watchmaking with another great work, the PanoLunar Tourbillon. With a revolutionary design, this watch adds aura to the new Pano collection, which was launched last year. As the latest masterpiece of the brand’s Art & Technik series, this treasure attracts the attention of connoisseurs with a modern dial arrangement and a flying tourbillon decorated with gold and silver.
New Senator Chronometer Regulator
Glashütte’s new Senator Chronometer Regulator
 When you first see Glashütte’s new Senator Chronometer Regulator, it is beautiful, elegant and perfect. These three groups of words come to mind. This watch perfectly combines the classic three-needle, one-line display with the official manual-winding movement certified by the Observatory.
 The dial position of the new Senator Chronometer Regulator has been specially arranged and reduced to fit the watch. The center of the silver-painted frosted dial is occupied by the blue-steel minute hand and its polished root. Above and below the minute hand are smaller hour and small seconds dials, respectively. Around the circumference of the dial is a delicately drawn minute circle, black is carved and plated, and the Roman numerals on the hour dial are also painted in the same way.
New Sixties collection debuts in midnight dark blue
Glashütte’s new Sixties
 The Glashütte Sixties collection has been popular since its debut in 2007. This watch series created by Saxon artisans has attracted a lot of nostalgic fans. The design of the watch combines elegance, retro modernity and independent and independent flavor, which is a reflection of the exciting 1960s. The full-featured shape design of the Sixties series and all the small details are so fashionable and eye-catching, as if in an instant, the exclusive flavor scenery of the 60s is completely reproduced in front of everyone.
Glashütte’s new Sixties Panorama Date
 This year, the brand has added a new member to Sixties, the prestigious vintage watch series, adding new charming colors to the Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date models. The two watches have appeared in the dark blue and blue colors of the night and night, making them infinite Surprise.
 In addition, both watches are matched with a dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap that matches the 1960s, and the stainless steel pin buckle on the strap fastens the watch elegantly and easily.
Contemporary interpretation of Glashütte classic models
Glashütte’s new Senator Panorama Date
 German high-end watchmaker Glashütte continues to pursue the art of design, demonstrating the essence of watchmaking through the obvious contemporary new styles-the Senator Grand Calendar series and the Senator Moon Phase Grand Calendar series.
 The interior designer of this Saxon watchmaking factory has realized a series of more clever improvements without sacrificing utility with the new dial visual design. The current model uses a button to reset the large calendar date at 8 o’clock; the new model replaces the button with a corrector in the case. This new timepiece’s 40mm case has both polished and brushed surfaces, available in red gold and stainless steel, and is traditionally fitted with a wider Louisiana alligator leather strap.
Glashütte’s new Senator Panorama Date Moonphase
 This large moon phase calendar watch showcases a gorgeous silver moon and starlight under a deep blue sky. This moon phase version of the fashion senator big calendar watch showcases the same series of improvements, including a luxurious lacquered silver grained dial with black Roman numerals, black dial adjusted to the inner ring, and a large ivory-stacked black calendar window. Its partner model is the same, available in red gold and stainless steel, with a matte black Louisiana alligator leather strap with red gold or stainless steel folding buckle.
New Senator Tourbillon
Glashütte’s new Senator Tourbillon
 At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2013, Glashütte Original brings the latest masterpiece Senator Tourbillon. This new watch incorporates the flying tourbillon invented by Glashütte watchmaker Alfred Helwig in 1920 in the classic Senator design reinvented by Saxony watchmakers. The brand design team has made many improvements in watch design in order to make the new watch have the traditional beauty of the Senator series while showing contemporary beauty. This eye-catching work is definitely attributable to the art and technology of the craftsmen before Glashutte Original can create this amazing work that combines unique expertise, extraordinary technology and beautiful craftsmanship.
 The Senator Tourbillon watch is arguably the best embodiment of fashionable classicism. The case is made of white gold with a diameter of 42 mm. The bezel is thinner than the previous Senator series, and it has a delicate gray frosted dial. On the dial, elegant silver Roman numerals and orbital minute scales accurately display the time. At 12 o’clock, a unique large white calendar with black background shows a unique tree. Coupled with the white gold pear-shaped hands of the watch, the design shows an outstanding elegance. At 6 o’clock, you can find the brand’s ultimate flying tourbillon with the seconds hand.
 More Glashütte Brand Information: glashutte /

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