Van Cleef & Arpels Ambilight Avant-garde Classic

The VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Cadenas watch, which came out in 1935, marks the birth of another prominent and classic family. The watch is designed with a unique buckle to symbolize the emotional entanglement of life, and the inspirational muse behind this timeless work is, like the Zip necklace, the Duchess of Windsor. This precious jewellery watch was originally designed in yellow gold and was designed with a double-circle cylindrical hinge to form an elegant bracelet, with a simple and clean case, and a round, lock-shaped ornament. The unique design makes for an eye-catching and symbolic masterpiece. The dial is designed with a slant, which is particularly magnificent and charming, allowing the wearer to read the time in a low-key manner, revealing the elegant ladylike style of the time. The bold and avant-garde Cadenas watch, with a strong modern design, is eye-catching. The delicate arcs of its ring-shaped trims perfectly complement the sharp and straight lines of the case.

 In 2015, VAN CLEEF & ARPELS restarted the dazzling aesthetic treasures of Cadenas watches, reappearing the classic jewelry family

Unique and elegant women’s jewelry
The uniquely designed Cadenas watch is one of the world’s most celebrated masterpieces. The ultimate feminine watch is like an eye-catching bracelet. Its diamond-studded style is as dazzling as a crystalline diamond, blooming a unique and distinctive contemporary atmosphere. The 2015 version of the Cadenas watch continues the classic design, with a new dial shape, gem setting technology and buckle design, continues to write an extraordinary legend. In the original design, the unique beveled dial for the wearer to read the time implicitly. In the new version, it is magnified into pleasing details. The 12-hour time scale is clear and easy to read. . The diamonds set in snowflakes are dazzling, showing the extreme luxury of the watch. The two small ceramic beads built into the buckle are closely connected to the components, increasing the safety of the watch during wearing. Such a design that combines practicality and aesthetics adds a touch of charm to a watch. The inside of the buckle is polished to engrave personal names or private messages, with a subtle and subtle ingenuity.

Cadenas watch inspired muse-Duchess of Windsor

Series appearance
VAN CLEEF & ARPELS recreates the classics of the family, with a more magnificent design, interpreting the brand-new look of the masterpiece of jewellery watches, some diamond styles, bright white diamonds, DE grade princess cut And DEF-grade bright round-cut diamonds. The new version not only reveals fashion and charm, but also loses the essence of classics. Alligator leather straps and gold bracelets welcome the wider aesthetic realm of Cadenas watches. A variety of variations are eye-catching, like a distinctive three-dimensional personality, each face has a unique charm. There are nine new models in the Cadenas watch series, all driven by quartz movements.

Cadenas watch, yellow gold, mother-of-pearl dial with quartz movement and alligator leather strap

Cadenas Watch
The Cadenas watch, crafted in yellow gold, perfectly embodies a detailed and minimalist aesthetic. The yellow gold double-circle cylindrical bracelet adds a subtle and graceful charm to the classic design, praising the timeless and contemporary atmosphere of the original design. The watch also comes in a crocodile leather strap style, which adds another glamorous look to the slim wrist.

Cadenas Sertie watch with gold bracelet and diamonds, white gold, diamonds, mother-of-pearl with quartz movement

Cadenas® Sertie Diamond Watch
The ultra-modern Cadenas Sertie diamond watch is available in yellow and white gold. The top of the case and the crocodile leather strap are adorned with snowflakes and diamonds. The Cadenas Sertie diamond watch is also available in a gold bracelet version, and the top of the case is also embellished with snowflake-inlaid diamonds. Its double-circle cylindrical bracelet is unique and unique, echoing the delicate and elegant jewelry aesthetic of the original design. Cadenas Sertie Bracelet Or gold bracelet and diamond watch, outlined by a round and charming curve, is available in white gold and yellow gold.

Cadenas Pavée diamond watch, white gold, diamonds and alligator leather strap, quartz movement, luxurious elegance

Cadenas® Pavée Diamond Watch
The new style highlights the jewellery look of the watch. In addition to the princess-cut diamonds on the top of the case, the case, dial and buckle are decorated with snowflakes inlaid with round diamonds. Such a magnificent, subtle and meticulous design, lined with a white gold double-column cylindrical bracelet, is even more dazzling. The Cadenas Pavée full-paved diamond watch is also available in rose gold with pink corundum and diamonds, shining soft and gentle. Cadenas Pavée Saphirs Roses Bracelet Or gold bracelet with a fully paved pink corundum watch, diamond and graduated pink corundum on the case and buckle.

Cadenas Pavée Saphirs Roses Bracelet gold bracelet with fully paved pink corundum watch, rose gold, diamond, pink corundum with quartz movement, magnificent

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