Watchmaking Master Kurt Klaus Welcomes 80 Years Old Birthday

On October 26, Kurt Klaus, IWC’s great inventor and ambassador, ushered in his 80th birthday. The story about him in Schaffhausen has been going on for half and a half years and it is still going on. Just a few days ago, he had just finished his mission of ‘missionary’ in the foreign watchmaking industry and returned to Schaffhausen.

   Most importantly, his creative inventions and outstanding contributions have been enough to make him famous in the history of watchmaking. Although this particular achievement was realized 29 years ago, the passage of time has not diminished its half glory. In 1985, as the inventor and design engineer of the international perpetual calendar, he re-written the history of the watchmaking industry.

Kurt Klaus is assembling a complication watch

   The correction of the day, week, month, year and moon phase of the perpetual calendar mechanical watch at that time was not synchronized. When the clockwork stopped, you need to press the top buttons distributed on both sides of the case to adjust the date information. The invention of this invention changed this situation, freeing the wearer from the tedious adjustment procedures. For the first time, it was the first time to realize the simultaneous adjustment with the crown and the four-digit year display. What surprised the watchmaking community at the time was that the date display was enough to maintain accurate operation for more than 500 years. Because of this, this watch is cleverly named ‘Da Vinci’, which is quite philosophical.

Kurt Klaus in 1941

   To pay tribute to Kurt Klaus, IWC introduced the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Kurt Klaus chronograph in 2007, which is modeled after the original version and has a portrait of Kurt Klaus on the bottom of the watch. Initially this series of watches released 500 gold models, 50 platinum and platinum models. However, the huge demand for this special watch in the world market prompted IWC to add another 1,000 rose gold models and 3,000 stainless steel models. Even with Kurt Klaus’ humble personality, she can’t help but be proud of it. But then, he devoted all his energy to the development of the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month watch, which was finally released in 2009, using many Kurt Klaus ideas.

   Even after retiring at the age of 65, company management still appointed him as a brand image ambassador, continuing his sincere passion for IWC. Kurt Klaus, as a spokesperson and watchmaker for IWC, will still play an irreplaceable trump card role, especially in the distant eastern markets.

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