Hamilton’s Most Pure American Spirit

As a member of the Swatch Group, Hamilton has never stopped pursuing the spirit of innovation since the moment he was born. From ‘Broadway’ limited edition pocket watches to railway clocks, from the world’s first electronic timepiece-‘Expedition’ to the world’s first digital electronic timepiece-Pulsa, from Hamilton’s purest American spirit From the classic series of watches to the khaki series that combines adventure and popular traditions, Hamilton has thus written his horological legend with unremitting precision …
The first digital watch in history

In 1982, Hamilton Watch was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Soon after, the first limited edition pocket watch named ‘Broadway’ was developed. Subsequently, Hamilton developed the railway clock. With unparalleled accuracy and reliability, the Hamilton railway clock ended a severe railway accident at the time. Since then, Hamilton has won the honorary title of ‘Railroad Precision Running Timer’, thus initiating its history as an excellent timer. By the twentieth century, Hamilton had achieved rapid development. At that time, the U.S. army was fighting fiercely on the European battlefield. For a full ten years, Hamilton, a champion of durability, became the military watch supplier of the U.S. Army. Provided the first watch it produced.
5 On May 6, 1970, Hamilton produced the world’s first digital electronic watch, Pulsar, and announced the arrival of a new era in the world of watchmaking. In the 1980s, the nostalgic atmosphere arose in the watch industry, so the classic watches designed by Hamilton from the 1920s to the 1960s, such as Boulton, Ardmore, and adventure series became popular again Began to usher in the second spring of its development.
Hamilton’s striking shape and style has made Hollywood fashion designers and stylists fond of it.
Hamilton’s First Railway Chrono Pocket Watch

Hamilton’s close cooperation with him has always attracted much attention. So far, Hamilton has appeared frequently in more than 300 Hollywood films. To trace Hamilton’s origins to Hollywood, go back to 1951. At the time, in the Academy Award-nominated film ‘Frogman Undersea War’, actors who played navy diving heroes all wore Hamilton watches. In 1968, in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, Hamilton produced a watch and a clock for the film. Since then, Hamilton has received a lot of media A lot of attention.
Sir Hamilton Lady H323553
Hamilton has a number of cutting-edge aeronautical watches that can assist pilots in smooth sailing.
经典 Hamilton classic series watches represent Hamilton’s purest American spirit, while the Khaki series continues the fine tradition of Hamilton military watches.
Today Hamilton is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor. It has 157 manufacturers in Switzerland and is the official timer and data of the Olympic Games and other major international events. The vendor of the processor. With perseverance in precision technology, Hamilton has thus maintained his leading position in the history of world watchmaking and continues to write his legend …

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Longines Chinese Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Love Watch

Time sharpens the quality of love, and love has witnessed the passage of time. No matter how long the time passes and the hands are ticking, the true love is just as beautiful as the music, and it can still stir in your ears and hearts. Longines, a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, continues the brand’s tribute to true love. On the occasion of the Valentine’s Day and the romantic wedding season, the couple selects the Compaq series and Jialan series couple watch, and uses the tradition and elegance of more than 180 years to reflect time With time, chanting true love and loyalty. At the same time, Longines joined hands with the famous movie star Miss Zhang Yuqi and immersed herself in the deep love of the wedding, performing a beautiful movement of ‘Romantic Life, Harmonious Music’.

Longines’ true love implication-‘Romantic life, harmony in music and music’

‘Qin’ and ‘Thur’, the two strings instrumental ensemble show the wonderful music like love and good relationship, so it is used as a metaphor for the love couple who loves each other. Coincidentally, the ticking of the clock’s pendulum axis and the snoring of gears are like a harmonious tacit understanding of Qinther, real and pleasant. A sweet love and a happy marriage are like interlocking gears. Each component fits seamlessly, and the romantic meaning of a couple’s watch comes from this.

 Longines Companion Series Stainless Steel Rose Gold Couple Pair Watch

Chinese Valentine’s Day in 2013 will arrive on August 13 as scheduled, accompanied by the footsteps of the romantic wedding season with the footsteps of late summer and early autumn. Longines is the most preferred watch brand for couples. Almost every important timepiece is presented in the form of a pair of watches for men and women. This time, we have selected the newly launched Compaq series and the brand’s classic Jialan series for couples. The gift of love, and explore the meaning of true love in the brand name-‘Romantic Life, Harmony and Harmony’, as a longines blessing for lovers and a tribute to true love.

Longines Companion Series and Jialan Series-romantic fairy tale, classic elegance

Longines’ new Compin series is created by the brand for flat horse racing. It is like a magnificent match between the wrist and the elegant knight. It reminds the girl of the fairytale fantasy of her childhood-to have a brave and elegant Prince Charming , Go with you, go with the storm. As the perfect crystallization of elegance and quality, the Longines Compaq series incorporates modern technology and precision. In the companion series stainless steel rose gold couple watch, the chronograph stopwatch worn by the man has built-in the brand’s traditional column wheel excellence movement, which swears in love with superb timekeeping performance, and the female watch is inlaid with brilliant on the bezel Eye-catching top diamonds, just like every precious moment of time condensing and loving, in the night like a fantasy, go with the lover to the midsummer night’s dream of the lover.

雨 Zhang Yuqi received Longines Companion series stainless steel rose gold couple pair watch at Longines Museum

At the same time, the minimalist design of the Longines Jialan series of rose gold couples on the watch is just like a pure heart-to-heart, and the holding hand is the best declaration of love. The design of the watch exudes the meaning of timeless classics. The slim and smooth ultra-thin streamline design was born in 1992. This classic design is still highly sought after around the world 20 years later. In the round and smooth rose gold bezel, the pure white dial is painted with ancient Roman numerals, with black slender hands and black crocodile leather strap, which is simple, generous and deep. This pair of seamless couples exudes convincing firmness and elegance.

Longines watch the vows of love-the romantic choice of celebrities

The couples of Longines watches have always been favored by celebrities. The busy work and hurried running make them attracted attention. They often live in two places, but the thoughts of their lover can pass through a timepiece on their wrist. Thousands of miles, as if a bond allows the two to perceive the resonance from the other side, sentimental between reading the minutes and seconds without time.

雨 Zhang Yuqi wears Longines Compat series stainless steel rose gold diamond female watch for wedding blockbuster

The famous movie star Miss Zhang Yuqi loves Longines watches. On the eve of the wedding, she visited the Longines Museum in Sommia, the birthplace of Longines watches. Longines presented Zhang Yuqi and her husband Wang Quanan’s Kangpin series stainless steel rose gold couple pairing watch The loving couple went to the Maldives wedding scene and witnessed their eternal vow of love. The gentle and smart Zhang Yuqi was wearing a white lace wedding dress and a Longines Compain stainless steel rose gold diamond female watch, which not only showed the star’s elegance and generosity, but also showed the bride’s tenderness and purity. Shoot her own collection of love stories in the embrace of blue sky and blue sea, thank you for your love, and wish a sweet life.

 Longines TLC Wedding Watch

Back in the past, Longines also has a romantic relationship with many celebrities. In 2008, Longines watched the wedding of Miss Carina Lau and Mr. Liang Chaowei, and spent half a year’s work to customize a unique Longines TLC wedding watch in the world as a wedding gift. In addition, Longines was honored to invite tennis legends Andre Agassi and Stephen Graff as ambassadors of the brand’s elegance in 2007. This pair of tennis fans not only love to wear Longines, but also show their love beyond love. And Pok Oi, the ‘Andre Agassi Education Fund’ and ‘Children for Tomorrow Fund’ founded by them aim to help children and families in need, and maintain close cooperation with Longines.

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