Constant Frédérique Constant Ten Years Achieved ‘silicon’ Improvement

Since the launch of Frederique Constant’s first heartbeat movement in 2004, the brand has added new members to the collection every year. The features of this series of watches still remain, such as the signature cut-out window on the dial, which is perfectly placed at 6 o’clock in the center of the dial. Every year, FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT adds new design concepts to the series and repeats them. The FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT heartbeat series will continue to strive for excellence in technology and design, and strive to make breakthroughs.

High-tech silicon escape wheel with good friction performance to meet the highest efficiency requirements of the escapement process

In 2014, FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT launched the new FC-945 heartbeat movement, which improved the stability and technical performance of the watch. For the past two years, the brand’s technology development department has been designing, developing and enhancing the 126 components included in the new Heartbeat homemade movement watch. This year, FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT is pleased to introduce the FC-945 Silicium Heart Beat Manufacture, a watch made with the most technologically advanced materials available today.
Technology improvement
The accuracy of any mechanical watch depends on the accuracy of the chronograph, which consists of a balance wheel, balance spring and escapement wheel. The balance wheel swings back and forth at a frequency of 4Hz, which is the key to affecting the accuracy of the watch. The escapement wheel is mainly responsible for swinging and stopping the spring of the spring, which has caused considerable friction in the history of watchmaking. The power of the gear mainly comes from the mainspring. Before the tooth pattern is tightened, it actually slides along the ratchet teeth. This is the friction of starting the anchor wheel. In other words, it needs proper lubrication balance, that is, oiling.

The new work of the heartbeat homemade movement watch series FC-945 silicon movement is more technologically breakthrough

The ticking sound of the FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT watch is derived from the sound of the balance spring and the escapement teeth. In fact, all the teeth of the ratchet are made of hard and smooth stone, even if it is highly rigid. And the degree of polishing, the process of oiling the watch is also necessary. Oiling protects the escape wheel from damage caused by component friction. But as the lubricant fades and dries, the degree of friction increases, and it fails to deliver enough energy to the critical balance wheel. Unless the escape wheel can be properly oiled, it will be damaged to some extent and metal parts will need to be replaced. Now the reliability of the watch is improved, mainly because the escapement is lubricated with a better oil. To maintain the best function of a mechanical watch, it is generally necessary to clean and re-oil the watch every 4 years.
Components made of silicon
Silicon is a chemical element. In the periodic table, its chemical symbol is Si and its atomic number is 14. Silicon is a tetravalent metalloid. Its properties are similar to carbon, but its chemical properties are relatively stable. Silicon is mainly found in rocks, gravel, dust, and so on. It can also be found in silicates (minerals containing silicon, oxygen, etc.), such as feldspar. Silicon is the main material of semiconductor devices and can be used to make glass, ceramics, concrete, etc. Silicon is widely used as a semiconductor material. Compared with Germanium, which is also a semiconductor, the temperature is higher, and the natural oxides that are easier to form silicon in the furnace tube are better than most other materials semiconductor. Crystalline silicon is dark gray, shining like a glass, but harder than glass.
Silicon escapement
The production of a silicon escape wheel requires a new technology with extremely high accuracy-Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE). First, the image of the escape wheel is projected onto a silicon wafer (diameter 100mm in diameter and only 0.5mm thick). The size of the silicon wafer is generally from 1 inch (25.4mm) to 11.8 inches (300mm), and the thickness is 0.5mm. . Silicon wafers are usually cut from semiconductor boules using a diamond saw or diamond cable saw, and then polished on one or both sides. A 100mm silicon wafer can produce about 250 escapement wheels.

The most advanced watchmaking technology combined with classic watch design allows FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT’s new work FC-945 to be both inside and outside

The image of the silicon escape wheel is projected onto the wafer, and then the exposed enamel layer is removed, leaving the unexposed part of the wafer, and then the unexposed enamel layer will be etched by plasma to the isolation layer. The escapement wheel made of silicon is completed from an isotropic etching process. After finishing, you only need to clean the surface of the gear a little, all the finished products are exactly the same, no balancing, concentration and polishing are needed. Therefore, the wafer is very important for the FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT silicon escape wheel to produce friction.
High-tech silicon escape wheel, with the same three-dimensional structure as diamond, light weight, high hardness, and corrosion resistance, so it is not necessary to use lubricating oil on the meshing surface of the gear; at the same time, it has good friction performance and reduces friction , The optimal box replaces the existing metal material to achieve the highest efficiency of the escape process.

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Designated Timing For The 14th Fina World Championships

The Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, the venue of this World Tournament, has just been completed and is adjacent to the Huangpu River. It has indoor and outdoor swimming pools that can accommodate 5,000 spectators.

Omega applies its long-time accumulated experience in timing and data processing to this World Tournament, ensuring accurate and excellent timing services for the world’s best water athletes.
Omega has been active in the forefront of international competitive swimming for many years.In addition to performing timekeeping tasks, it is also responsible for the development of key technologies for determining and recording the results of competitions, including the first semi-automatic swimming timer and the famous Touch Pads.

The touchpad-not affected by water forces-Athletes stop the timing by applying a pressure equal to or greater than 3 kg (6.6 pounds) to the panels at the ends of the swim lane underwater. The sprint moments of the swimming competition are still recorded by Omega’s high-speed camera, and supplementary information is provided for judging the results in the event of a dispute.
In this year’s World Tour diving competition, Omega will introduce a vivid television imaging technology to help viewers understand the less well-known aspects of the game rules. The animation shows the ideal performance of the specified diving action from the jump to the dive.

In addition, Omega will continue to use other imaging technologies, which have been part of the television broadcast of swimming competitions since 2000, including ‘the virtual record line’. Viewers can see a moving line advancing at a world record speed on the TV screen. If the champion completes the game before the ‘virtual record line’, it means that a new world record has been set.
Omega Glory has formed a unique team of celebrity ambassadors, including names that have created swimming legends, such as Michael & middot; Michael Phelps and former world champion Alexander & middot; Alexander Popov .

The FINA World Championships were founded in 1973. From 1978 to 1998, the championship was held every four years, and it was held in the double years between the Summer Olympics. Since 2001, the tournament has been held every two years, that is, every odd year.

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Going To Chongyangwanguomeng

It is difficult to imagine that as early as 150 years ago, an American, only 27 years old, was an associate director and manager of a leading American watchmaker, while the United States was in the ‘Western University During the ‘development’ period, what kind of obsession led him to give up everything in the United States to cross the Atlantic Ocean and cross the ocean to Switzerland.

   Florentine 创始人, founder of IWC Ariosto Jones (Florentine Ariosto Jones) came to Switzerland with the ambition of combining outstanding Swiss watchmaking technology with advanced American engineering technology to produce extraordinary quality watches. The first plant of IWC was built. Incorporate American avant-garde spirit, Swiss fine craftsmanship and rational German design into watchmaking in the world.

   Around 1870, IWC’s first homemade ‘Jones’ movement was born. The movement used an extended fine-tuning needle, also known as the ‘FA Jones Arrow’, which is still remembered today. It is also a watch manufacturer. An important milestone in history.
   As the so-called ‘one shot at a time’, IWC’s reputation has since become famous, confirming the precise, sturdy and practical tough style of the watch. This year, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of IWC, let’s review the six watches of IWC.

Left: IWC’s first pilot-only watch
Right: Big Pilot Big Date ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition Watch (Model: IW510504)

   In 1936, IWC introduced the first wrist watch specifically designed for pilots. After that, in 1948, the Mark 11 wristwatch was launched, and the Schaffhausen pilots have since become famous. They have been extolled to this day. The models include large pilot watches and pilot chronograph watches. This year, for the first time, IWC incorporated the big digital date display into the Pilot’s Watch, and launched a special edition of the ‘150th Anniversary’ of the Big Pilot’s Big Date. There are also white and blue dials, both limited to 150 pieces.

Left: The first Portuguese pocket watch (model: 325)
Right: Portuguese manual winding eighth day ‘150th anniversary’ special edition watch (model: IW510212)

    In 1939, two Portuguese watch importers from the watch industry visited IWC’s watchmaking factory in Schaffhausen and ordered a watch with a stainless steel case as accurate as a marine chronograph. The appearance of the Portuguese pocket watch (model 325), with its simple and classic design, was very avant-garde at the time, and also laid the foundation for the later IWC Portugal series. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of IWC this year, IWC launched a special edition of the ‘150th Anniversary’ watch with Portuguese manual winding eight-day power reserve, which continued the simple design style of the original model, with a white lacquered dial and blue hands. And equipped with IWC-made 59215 movement, providing up to 8 days of power reserve, made of red gold and stainless steel, limited to 250 and 1000 respectively.

Left: First engineer’s watch
Right: Engineer’s Automatic Watch (Model: IW357001)

   In 1955, Albert Pellaton, then the technical director of IWC, developed the first engineer series watch. The watch case contains a soft iron inner case, which allows the movement to Normal operation under magnetic field environment interference. The appearance of the contemporary engineer series watch has always been the initial watch design, which is more optimized in details, and still outstanding in performance and anti-magnetic.

Left: First Marine Timepiece
Right: Special Edition of Darwin’s Adventure with Ocean Chronograph (Model: IW379503)

   After the advent of the Ocean Timepiece in 1967, IWC launched a series of diving watches with great success. Its water-resistant depth reaches an unprecedented 200 meters, and equipped with an exclusive built-in rotating bezel, it is an essential watch for professional divers. Today, with the continuous exploration of IWC, IWC marine watches can dive to a depth of 2,000 meters, and the brand’s unique built-in rotating bezel has become a unique beautiful landscape in diving watches.

Left: First Da Vinci watch (model: 3501)
Right: Da Vinci Automatic 150th Anniversary Special Edition (Model: IW358103)

   In 1969, IWC’s first Da Vinci watch was unveiled at the Baselworld, with its unique hexagonal gold case and its avant-garde style. Last year, the IWC Da Vinci series returned with a round case, which has once again attracted much attention. This year, a special edition of the 150th anniversary of the Da Vinci automatic watch was launched on this basis. It is made of red gold or stainless steel with different dial colors. Self-produced movement. The red gold model is limited to 250 pieces and the steel version is limited to 500 pieces.

Left: The first Portofino watch (model: 5251)
Right: Portofino Hand-wound Moon Phase Special Edition ‘150th Anniversary’ (Model: IW516401)

    IWC’s Portofino collection was launched in 1978. At that time, Günter Blümlein, the helm of IWC, personally participated in the development of the first Portofino watch. Portofino is the most elegant and elegant series of IWC watches. In 2016, IWC returned the moon phase display function to the Portofino series, and this year launched the Portofino manual winding moon phase. The special edition of the ‘150th Anniversary’ of the watch perfectly displays the moon phases, eight-day moving reserve and date display on the dial. Red gold is limited to 150 pieces and stainless steel is limited to 350 pieces.

    The 150th anniversary of IWC has been hard to imagine, but since the founder Mr. Jones, his relentless pursuit of excellent timepieces, each watch has combined this superb craftsmanship with extraordinary timeless design The concept of watchmaking is still rooted in the brand spirit of IWC. What wonderful masterpieces will this watch brand from Schaffhausen bring to us in the future? Let’s look forward to it!

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Wild Strike Tasting Hublot Big Bang Zebra Pattern Chronograph

Since ancient times, animals and humans have been inextricably linked. Elements of animals have been continuously applied to fashion design trends. Now Hublot has launched new animal print series watches. The interlacing of black and white texture reveals the coolness of the jungle exclusive to the wrist. The watch house below takes you into this extremely limited zebra chronograph watch with personality. Official model: 341.HW.7517.VR.1975

  The city doesn’t just need elegance and stability. When wildness strikes, there will be earth-shaking changes in the fashion world. Can you hold this domineering watch?

  This white zebra watch is limited to 250 pieces. It is equipped with a mechanical chronograph movement and is water-resistant to 100 meters. Hublot once again shocked the watch industry with its unique design, high-end quality and exquisite decoration.

  This watch has a 41 mm diameter dial and a black ceramic bezel. The bezel is surrounded by crystals and narrow rectangular spinels. 8 diamonds are embedded in the zebra pattern dial. This decoration makes the entire watch extremely luxurious and sparkling. Fai.

  The crown is made of stainless steel with white natural rubber inserts, like a round wheel rolling from the depths of the forest. There are two timing buttons up and down, you can easily accurately time anytime, anywhere.

  The small precision steel pipes on both sides of the watch, while connecting the case and the case back, further protect the crown, making it more stable, and the subtleties are more seen in Hublot’s pursuit of exquisiteness.

  Presumably the chronograph function of this watch is the focus of attention. There is a small second hand at 3 o’clock, and 12 hours and 30 minutes at 6 and 9 o’clock. In addition, an irregular quadrangular calendar display window is embedded at 4:30.

  Zebra-print calf leather strap lined with white natural rubber and sewn with white velvet. It is comfortable to wear and highlights the fashionable style, showing unfettered personality.

  The buckle of this watch is a folding buckle, which consists of a buckle surface and a chassis. One end of the buckle surface and the chassis is connected to the strap. This type of buckle is also more common, easy to wear and beautiful and elegant. Gives wrist comfort.

  The back and bottom of the case are engraved with the brand and model. The HUB4300 automatic chronograph mechanical movement has a power reserve of about 42 hours. Through the bottom of the watch, we can clearly see the beautifully polished gears.

To sum up: The dazzling and uniform fashion products in the city must have made you feel common. At this time, new visual elements are needed to impact the eyes of consumers, and bring wild wild fashion trends to the city. The long-awaited heart aroused. This Hublot BigBangZebra zebra print limited edition watch combines comfort and dexterity, which will surely make fashionistas surging. Official model: 341.HW.7517.VR.1975; reference price: 314,500 yuan (picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
More watch details: hublot / 31071 /

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What Do You Need To Know On Your Wrist?

Breguet classique 18k yellow gold watch (from Hengli watch line)
A classic Breguet watch will keep you from being too public and without losing your identity. Precise travel time, clear display and elegant lines are the salient features of this series of watches. Self-winding movement with retrograde small seconds and power reserve display, eccentric digital ring, silver-plated gold dial, hand-engraved pattern, sapphire case back, 30 meters waterproof, 39 mm diameter.
¥ 177,000
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon 39
Since 1907, Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced the LeCoultre 145 movement, which is only 1.38 mm thick, so ultra-thin watches must be the ultimate craftsmanship of the brand. This watch movement consists of a total of 246 parts, but the thickness can be maintained below 4.90 mm.
39 39 mm diameter, 18K rose gold case, curved sapphire crystal, hardness 9 grade. Case back in transparent sapphire crystal. Jaeger-LeCoultre 925 self-winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of 43 hours, hours, minutes and seconds display, water resistance to 50 meters, dagger-shaped rhodium-plated or gold-plated hour markers.
¥ 145,000
Piaget Dancer Collection
Ultra-thin case and soft bracelet, although extremely simple, combine classic and elegant elegance. I am afraid that no one does not love this watch.
Earlier 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, 18K rose gold case, diameter 38mm, sapphire crystal case back, silver dial, 2.1mm thickness.
Price shop contact
1. The luxury on the wrist is looming. Although it is covered by the cuffs, gold, rose gold or starry diamond watches can still focus on the scene.
2. A stylish watch. At the party, the two most taboo words are ‘over the season’, and for men, only a watch with a story, even a second watch given to you by your father, will become the talk of the party.
3. A luxury watch. You need a luxury watch to show your identity. This is what the top watch brand culture gives you. Of course, don’t show the LOGO everywhere, because those classic styles have long been popular.
4. Formal and jewelry watches are more suitable. Although in the name of social and leisure, how many people come only for the purpose of entertainment and relaxation?

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As A Talented Person, I Must Have Three Watches

What is ‘talent’? Only talented, wealthy and handsome can be called ‘talent’? Actually not, everyone’s standards are different. In my opinion, the three talents, wealth and looks in ‘talent’ can be called as long as they have one. After all, all three are pursued and worked by the world. Today, as a talented person, Watch House recommends several watches for daily wear.

IWC Pilot’s Watch IW377725

Product model: IW377725
Domestic public price: ¥ 40500
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Case thickness: 15.2 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 79320
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 60 meters
Watch details: 670 SK
Case material: brushed titanium
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: DUE series PAM00906 watch

Product model: PAM00906
Domestic public price: 47100
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 10.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: OP XXXIV
Case material: AISI 316L stainless steel (strongly resistant steel alloy), polished
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: panerai / 59885 /
Recommended reason: Many people’s impression of Panerai stays on the “tough guy style”, but they don’t know that others have quietly made changes to introduce smaller diameter and softer designs that are more suitable for the Asian market. This blue strap white Panerai design looks more fresh and suitable for younger groups. And the diameter of the 42 mm case is also very moderate, and a date display window is also provided at 3 o’clock to meet people’s daily needs.

Summary: The prices of the several watches introduced above are around 50,000 yuan. In fact, aside from the topic of ‘talent’, these watches are also very suitable for our daily selection and wearing. Interested friends can call or go to the store to choose and try on.

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Hermès Clock Making And Training

‘Hermès produces high-quality objects. Our brand is elegant and sophisticated, providing quality assurance. We are not luxury,’ Hermès watch president Luc Perramond told Worldtempus at the Basel 2011. When the word luxury had been abused and became a concept for everyone to share, he quoted Emile Hermès to define luxury, ‘True luxury is something you can repair, something that can last forever.’
Hermes Time Suspended is available in black or silver opal. The black surface appears only in the stainless steel version. © Worldtempus / Kristian Haagen
    A Birkin bag or a 15-year-old leather saddle can be repaired naturally, as can Hermès clocks. They turned to a mechanical movement rather than a solo of a quartz movement. The amount has increased significantly to consume a quarter of the Swiss movement maker Vacucher’s product, which supplies the movement to both Richard Mille and Parmigiani. The latter also happens to use a leather strap made by Hermès. Mr. Perramond was asked if he also provided a leather strap to Patek Philippe: ‘We are not currently providing a leather strap to Patek Philippe, but we are very willing.’
Prominent genealogy
    ‘We are developing our own movement and hope that it will be available in 2012,’ Mr. Perramond said as he flipped through the catalog of the French auction house. The auction house held the theme auction ‘Un Siècle D’Horlogerie Hermés’ in 2007, which showcased Hermes’ timepieces from the 1920s to the 1940s.
    The watches on the auction catalogue are equipped with movements from Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, Tavannes, CYMA, Audemars Piguet, Baume & Mercier and Universal. That distinguished history of fine watchmaking proves the direction of this French family brand in developing mechanical watchmaking.
The three pointers together provide a unique flyback function, and the two center pointers provide 360 ​​° flyback. © Worldtempus / Kristian Haagen

Poetic watch
    One of the most eye-catching watches this year is the poetic Arceau Time Suspended. It’s an incredible timepiece. It interprets time in a completely different way. Press the button on the left side of the case, and the flyback calendar pointer magically disappears, and the hour and minute hands jump into the unknown time zone. However, time flies, the mechanical movement continues to run, which means that the next time you press the button, the exact current time will appear again. The instantaneous stop and real-time transition depend on its double star wheel structure.
Press the left button, the center pointer will focus on the 12 o’clock recessed area and the date indicator disappears mysteriously. © Worldtempus / Kristian Haagen
    ‘When the time and calendar hands stop, you have a good dinner with your friends, and you enjoy the holidays, you don’t have to bear the pressure of time passing,’ Mr. Perramond said with a smile when introducing the extraordinary features of this work.
100% Swiss Made
    ‘This is really quality time,’ Mr Perramond said, holding the 43 mm caliber, a 100% Swiss-made timepiece. Arceau Hermès Time Suspended, which carries the Hermes classic hinged shoulder design, contains three flyback functions: one on the three hands, and the other two are the center hands for 360 ° flyback-Agenhor’s flyback watchmaking experts have achieved this World number one.
    Hermès Arceau Time Suspended is available in stainless steel and a gold case limited to 174 pieces, the latter celebrating the company’s 174th anniversary.

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Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Escale Blue Time Rotary Watch

Louis Vuitton LOUIS VUITTON launched the new Escale blue time spinning watch, redefining the concept of modern watchmaking aesthetics. In the center of the watch’s uniquely designed dial and on the movement developed exclusively by the brand, three different shades of cyan blue make the time display style more contemporary and modern. This watch incorporates the brand’s unique Time Scroll movement into the Escale case, and the charming time reading method is intoxicating. The soft metallic blue luster of the dial perfectly reflects the extraordinary craftsmanship of the dial craftsmen in the La Fabrique du Temps watchmaking workshop of Louis Vuitton. In the center of the sapphire glass, a disc is divided vertically and horizontally by smooth and concise lines, and is engraved with the inscription ‘Louis VuittonSpin Time’. It is shaped like a unique earth, describing the eternal global travel spirit of Louis Vuitton.

Fun and innovative ways of showing time
In 2010, Louis Vuitton launched the Tambur Spin Time GMT timepiece. The movement inside the watch (LV 119) powers 12 rotating cubes, revolutionizing the traditional time jump display function to form a brand-new full of fun and Innovative showtime system.
In 2014, Louis Vuitton continued its pace of innovation, drawing inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s iconic classic suitcases, launching a new case design and naming it the Escale watch series. In addition to the world’s time display function, the first Escale series watch also uses colorful ribbons, hand-drawn initials, flags and coats of arms on Louis Vuitton’s custom-made suitcases as inspiration to present a colorful dial design. From Escale world time watches to Escale time zone watches, this design inspiration has been continued, and Escale time spinning watch also uniquely interprets this design theme.
In this watch, 12 blocks with support rods are rotated simultaneously in groups of two to display the hours. Each square is displayed on four sides: two sides correspond to the day and night hours, and two sides display geometric flags. The pattern design is inspired by Louis Vuitton’s custom suitcases. The minutes are displayed in the traditional hands.

Uniquely shaped dual-material case
Like a pocket suitcase with mechanical treasures, the case of this Escale Blue Time Scroller transforms the iconic corner design of the Louis Vuitton suitcase into lugs, protecting the body from the elegance Attacked by time.
The diameter is 41 mm and the thickness is 11.2 mm. The satin-finished titanium case is equipped with an 18K white gold bezel, lugs and crown. The delicate bezel perfectly accentuates the dial, making time easy to read and enjoying the beautiful rotation of the moment. On the other side, through the sapphire case back, the center of the movement plate and the rotating pendulum is decorated with the large LV letter logo.
This Escale blue time-spinning watch with a navy blue alligator strap, yellow rubber calf leather lining, and an 18K white gold pin buckle makes it a unique classic.
LV 77 movement: a self-winding movement developed and manufactured by the Louis Vuitton La Fabrique du Temps
Function: Hours and Minutes
35.2 mm diameter
7.2 mm thick
42-hour power reserve
28,800 vibrations / hour (4Hz)
27 ruby ​​bearings
Titanium case, 18K white or rose gold bezel, lugs and crown
41 mm diameter
11.2 mm thick
Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Twelve unique four-sided display cubes are hand-painted by the pad printing process at the La Fabrique du Temps workshop in Louis Vuitton. Two sides display the day and night hours, and the other two display the flag shape. Also has three gradient blue shades.
Sewn from navy blue alligator leather with yellow rubber calf leather lining
18K White Gold Pin Buckle

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Brisk And Dynamic Oris Assists Williams Team And Launches Limited Edition Bottas Watch

On April 17, 2016, the F1 China Grand Prix ended successfully after 56 exciting laps. As the official timepiece of the Williams team, Swiss independent mechanical watch brand Oris assisted it, making Williams team fourth in the total ranking of the train team after the F1 China Grand Prix. At the same time, Oris used a lightweight and high-strength carbon fiber material this year to create a limited edition watch for the talented Finnish racer Walter Bottas of the Williams team.

01 674 7725 8784

   Since 2003, Oris and Williams have entered a fourteenth year of cooperation. As one of the longest sponsors with Williams, Oris has witnessed the speed and glory of its hard work. With the deepening of the cooperation between the two parties, Oris has launched a new Williams model this year, the Oris Williams Bottas Limited Edition watch, since the Williams Team Series was launched last year. At the F1 China Grand Prix competition, Oris presented Botas limited edition watches with a limited edition of 770 pieces to Botas in order to encourage his outstanding achievements in several seasons.

F1 China Grand Prix Williams Team Workshop

Bottas recommends Oris Bottas limited edition watches to fans

   The carbon fiber of the Oris Bottas Limited Edition watch is inspired by the manufacturing concept of F1 racing cars. The manufacturing materials of F1 racing cars need to have the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. The core components such as the outer frame and steering wheel of the racing car are made of carbon fiber. It is twice as strong, but weighs only one-fifth of it. The case of the limited edition Bottas watch is also made of carbon fiber and weighs only 7.2 grams, which means more agile speed and explosive power in a lightweight body.

Oris Senior David Weber (left) presents Bottas Limited Edition Watch to Bottas (right)

   At the same time, Oris Bottas Limited Edition watches have outstanding performance. The carbon fiber textile sheet is placed in a separate mold and is integrally formed after two hardenings at 130 degrees Celsius; independent rigidity and waterproofness ensure the solidity and tightness of the case material. Oris innovative technology improves the extremely high cost performance that is not specific to traditional carbon fiber watches, and reduces the later processing and time-consuming of the case.

Oris Senior David Weber (left) and Bottas (right) presenting Bottas limited edition watches

Through Oris patented technology, the carbon fiber textile sheet becomes a light and strong case middle frame

   As Bottas said, everything in the F1 race is about time. Whether it is in qualifying or the race, every lap is a race against time, and the timer is closely related to the car. The Oris Bottas Limited Edition features 30-minute, 12-hour and small seconds. The chronograph hands and chronograph dial use Williams’s classic blue, which is matched with the main color of black to make the watch more dynamic and attractive. Extreme speed.

   In Bottas’ view, the dashboard of F1 makes people feel a strong sense of science and technology, and compared to the world of electronic components, Oris’s pure pursuit of machinery is even more admirable. As he said, Oris will adhere to the constant insistence on mechanical watchmaking, renew the official timer of the F1 Williams team, deepen the research and development and cooperation with the Williams team, and contribute new friends to the car and watch friends. Watch works and create future racing stories.
product features

Oris Williams Waltley Bottas Limited Edition
Product code: 674 7725 8784, Table diameter: 44.00mm
Limited to 770 pieces worldwide
• Oris674 automatic mechanical movement, chronograph function, 6 o’clock calendar display
• Carbon fiber case middle frame, waterproof 100 meters
• Titanium crown and chronograph button, black DLC (diamond-like) coating
• Titanium bezel, black DLC coating
• Sapphire mirror, anti-reflective coating on the inside
• Titanium alloy back cover, black DLC coating, engraved with Waltery Bottas name and car number, and limited number carbon fiber dial inlaid with digital scales; black hour and minute hands, coated with Super-LumiNova® luminous material; blue meter Hour hand
• Black rubber strap with black DLC-plated titanium folding clasp
• Watch with black rubber strap
• Suggested retail price RMB 30,500

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Your Choice Omega Constellation Men’s Watch

In 1982, Omega released a new watch, showing avant-garde and timeless design concept, this is the Constellation Manhattan Watch. The ‘claw’ design known today is one of the most recognizable watches in the world.

Omega New Constellation 2009 Men’s Watch-Platinum
The unique design not only enhanced the extraordinary beauty of the watch’s appearance, but also reflected the extremely high functionality in that era: the claws firmly fixed the sapphire crystal glass and washer on the case, thereby ensuring the watch’s water resistance characteristic.
The earliest ‘claw support’ design introduced for functional considerations played an important role in the widespread popularity of constellation watches with its distinctive style, and its significance exceeded people’s imagination-‘claw support’ has become the definition The logo of this watch series.
Constellation series 1995: ‘My Choice’

Omega New Constellation 2009 Men’s Watch-Red Gold with Steel
1995 is another important milestone year for the Constellation series. This year, Omega began working with its celebrity ambassadors. As an important member, supermodel Cindy Crawford and Omega watch experts participated in the design selection work, and the constellation series has thus become the well-known ‘Cindy Crawford’s choice’.
The constellation series launched in 1995 has become one of the most loved watches by Omega fans around the world since its release.

Omega New Constellation 2009 Men’s Watch-Gold
Over time, Cindy Crawford’s ad for the Constellation series eventually developed into an Omega “My Choice” themed campaign: the image of the world-famous Omega Celebrity Ambassador is on a brand poster or print ad, next to An image of the Omega Constellation. The only words were the name of the celebrity ambassador and the words ‘my choice’.

Omega New Constellation 2009 Men’s Watch-Stainless Steel
The next stage of development of the highly popular and recognizable Omega Constellation series watches is the re-engineering of the entire collection, which has become one of the most anticipated global new product launch events in 2009.

Omega New Constellation 2009 Men’s Watch-Stainless Steel
Why change a successful watch?
A popular English proverb says: “If it ai n’t broke, do n’t fix it” (if it is not damaged, you do n’t have to fix it). In other words, if something works well, we have no reason to change it. Why is Omega updating and updating this world’s most popular and iconic watch series?
That’s a good question.
First of all, Omega released the first movement equipped with a coaxial escapement system in 1999, and in 2007 released a revolutionary 8500/8501 coaxial movement completely developed by itself. When the early constellation series came out, this new pioneering technology had not yet been perfectly formed.
Today, Omega is equipping all of its watch collections with this coaxial movement that has brought changes to the watch industry.
With this opportunity, Omega not only configured the patented coaxial technology on the new constellation series, but also further perfected every detail. Famous claws still appear on every constellation watch, but their design is subtly refined and upgraded. The bracelet still has the familiar horizontal links, but this new ‘Mono Rang’ bracelet with butterfly buckle has been redesigned to further improve wearing comfort.
The evolution of a symbol
The dials of the new Constellation watches are available in a variety of colors, including silver, champagne, brown and black. Some of the dials are polished with sun rays that radiate from the star emblem. The triangular arched hands are either rhodium-plated or 18K red gold or yellow gold with a luminous coating.
表 All models of the new Constellation series are water-resistant to 100 meters.
乎 Almost unlimited choices
The release scale of the new constellation series is unprecedented. Functionality and design are further enhanced, and dials and diamonds offer more options. This new watch series is bound to attract a wider target group-everyone can find at least one new constellation watch suitable for their own wear.
As with all Constellation watches, the new Constellation watches are both stylish and elegant. The newly designed constellation men’s watches are available in 35 mm and 38 mm sizes.
Coaxial technology-the core power of the new constellation
机械 All mechanical models of the new Constellation series will be equipped with Omega’s pioneering coaxial escapement. In simple terms, the escapement is the heart of a mechanical watch, which allows the watch’s adjustment device, the balance wheel, to continue to swing. Omega’s coaxial escapement, released in 1999, is the first practical new escapement in more than two centuries. It reduces the friction between the components that transfer energy to other components, basically eliminates the need for maintenance of the movement, and most importantly, ensures that the accuracy of the watch remains extremely stable for a long time.
The 38 mm model is equipped with an Omega 8500/8501 coaxial movement. This Omega in-house movement represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of mechanical watchmaking. Each of the 202 parts has been developed by Omega since its inception.
The 35mm model is equipped with a 2500 coaxial movement, which is exactly this classic movement that announced the launch of the coaxial escapement device.

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