Constant Frédérique Constant Ten Years Achieved ‘silicon’ Improvement

Since the launch of Frederique Constant’s first heartbeat movement in 2004, the brand has added new members to the collection every year. The features of this series of watches still remain, such as the signature cut-out window on the dial, which is perfectly placed at 6 o’clock in the center of the dial. Every year, FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT adds new design concepts to the series and repeats them. The FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT heartbeat series will continue to strive for excellence in technology and design, and strive to make breakthroughs.

High-tech silicon escape wheel with good friction performance to meet the highest efficiency requirements of the escapement process

In 2014, FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT launched the new FC-945 heartbeat movement, which improved the stability and technical performance of the watch. For the past two years, the brand’s technology development department has been designing, developing and enhancing the 126 components included in the new Heartbeat homemade movement watch. This year, FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT is pleased to introduce the FC-945 Silicium Heart Beat Manufacture, a watch made with the most technologically advanced materials available today.
Technology improvement
The accuracy of any mechanical watch depends on the accuracy of the chronograph, which consists of a balance wheel, balance spring and escapement wheel. The balance wheel swings back and forth at a frequency of 4Hz, which is the key to affecting the accuracy of the watch. The escapement wheel is mainly responsible for swinging and stopping the spring of the spring, which has caused considerable friction in the history of watchmaking. The power of the gear mainly comes from the mainspring. Before the tooth pattern is tightened, it actually slides along the ratchet teeth. This is the friction of starting the anchor wheel. In other words, it needs proper lubrication balance, that is, oiling.

The new work of the heartbeat homemade movement watch series FC-945 silicon movement is more technologically breakthrough

The ticking sound of the FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT watch is derived from the sound of the balance spring and the escapement teeth. In fact, all the teeth of the ratchet are made of hard and smooth stone, even if it is highly rigid. And the degree of polishing, the process of oiling the watch is also necessary. Oiling protects the escape wheel from damage caused by component friction. But as the lubricant fades and dries, the degree of friction increases, and it fails to deliver enough energy to the critical balance wheel. Unless the escape wheel can be properly oiled, it will be damaged to some extent and metal parts will need to be replaced. Now the reliability of the watch is improved, mainly because the escapement is lubricated with a better oil. To maintain the best function of a mechanical watch, it is generally necessary to clean and re-oil the watch every 4 years.
Components made of silicon
Silicon is a chemical element. In the periodic table, its chemical symbol is Si and its atomic number is 14. Silicon is a tetravalent metalloid. Its properties are similar to carbon, but its chemical properties are relatively stable. Silicon is mainly found in rocks, gravel, dust, and so on. It can also be found in silicates (minerals containing silicon, oxygen, etc.), such as feldspar. Silicon is the main material of semiconductor devices and can be used to make glass, ceramics, concrete, etc. Silicon is widely used as a semiconductor material. Compared with Germanium, which is also a semiconductor, the temperature is higher, and the natural oxides that are easier to form silicon in the furnace tube are better than most other materials semiconductor. Crystalline silicon is dark gray, shining like a glass, but harder than glass.
Silicon escapement
The production of a silicon escape wheel requires a new technology with extremely high accuracy-Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE). First, the image of the escape wheel is projected onto a silicon wafer (diameter 100mm in diameter and only 0.5mm thick). The size of the silicon wafer is generally from 1 inch (25.4mm) to 11.8 inches (300mm), and the thickness is 0.5mm. . Silicon wafers are usually cut from semiconductor boules using a diamond saw or diamond cable saw, and then polished on one or both sides. A 100mm silicon wafer can produce about 250 escapement wheels.

The most advanced watchmaking technology combined with classic watch design allows FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT’s new work FC-945 to be both inside and outside

The image of the silicon escape wheel is projected onto the wafer, and then the exposed enamel layer is removed, leaving the unexposed part of the wafer, and then the unexposed enamel layer will be etched by plasma to the isolation layer. The escapement wheel made of silicon is completed from an isotropic etching process. After finishing, you only need to clean the surface of the gear a little, all the finished products are exactly the same, no balancing, concentration and polishing are needed. Therefore, the wafer is very important for the FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT silicon escape wheel to produce friction.
High-tech silicon escape wheel, with the same three-dimensional structure as diamond, light weight, high hardness, and corrosion resistance, so it is not necessary to use lubricating oil on the meshing surface of the gear; at the same time, it has good friction performance and reduces friction , The optimal box replaces the existing metal material to achieve the highest efficiency of the escape process.

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Designated Timing For The 14th Fina World Championships

The Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, the venue of this World Tournament, has just been completed and is adjacent to the Huangpu River. It has indoor and outdoor swimming pools that can accommodate 5,000 spectators.

Omega applies its long-time accumulated experience in timing and data processing to this World Tournament, ensuring accurate and excellent timing services for the world’s best water athletes.
Omega has been active in the forefront of international competitive swimming for many years.In addition to performing timekeeping tasks, it is also responsible for the development of key technologies for determining and recording the results of competitions, including the first semi-automatic swimming timer and the famous Touch Pads.

The touchpad-not affected by water forces-Athletes stop the timing by applying a pressure equal to or greater than 3 kg (6.6 pounds) to the panels at the ends of the swim lane underwater. The sprint moments of the swimming competition are still recorded by Omega’s high-speed camera, and supplementary information is provided for judging the results in the event of a dispute.
In this year’s World Tour diving competition, Omega will introduce a vivid television imaging technology to help viewers understand the less well-known aspects of the game rules. The animation shows the ideal performance of the specified diving action from the jump to the dive.

In addition, Omega will continue to use other imaging technologies, which have been part of the television broadcast of swimming competitions since 2000, including ‘the virtual record line’. Viewers can see a moving line advancing at a world record speed on the TV screen. If the champion completes the game before the ‘virtual record line’, it means that a new world record has been set.
Omega Glory has formed a unique team of celebrity ambassadors, including names that have created swimming legends, such as Michael & middot; Michael Phelps and former world champion Alexander & middot; Alexander Popov .

The FINA World Championships were founded in 1973. From 1978 to 1998, the championship was held every four years, and it was held in the double years between the Summer Olympics. Since 2001, the tournament has been held every two years, that is, every odd year.

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