The Beauty Of Neutrality, The Beauty Of Squareness, A Unique Touch Of Scenery In The Nomos Family

NOMOS ‘simple and extreme design has attracted many watch lovers. But people who like the charm of the Tetra series in the NOMOS family seem to see less than other series. I personally think that this series is still very unique: a rare neutral, square beauty.
     If Tangente is the logo series of NOMOS, it is very popular in the market and has become an enduring best-selling model. Then, the Tetra series is the most unique series-it is the only square watch series in the NOMOS brand. The standard square matches the meaning of ‘law’ and ‘normative’ that the brand name symbolizes in Greek. To clean and concise German style tablemates who are deeply poisoned, but tired of the same round watch with one hand, the Tetra series will definitely help you to create a unique, full-featured feeling.
     This watch catches the eye with the simplest dial design! The blue-steel hands and the black dial on a white background complement each other. The soft horse leather strap adds texture, and the backside design allows for a refined look at the inside ~ Tetra’s slightly neutral design, with sharp edges and corners, and uses a more partial The small dial, even the design of the lugs, is even more delicate. According to the brand, the original intention of the Tetra series was created exclusively for women, but after the launch, it was consulted by many men. So the Tetra series has two sizes. Both men and women can wear it. Time passes, and NOMOS watches present the art of time between square inches. Even after the baptism of time, NOMOS’s white-faced blue needle seems to be a timeless classic, deeply rooted in people’s hearts and memorable. In the Tetra series, this watch is decorated with an elegantly decorated 18k yellow gold case, which is very suitable for successful men! This is the legendary Tetra Square series named after the 16 types of flowers or plants in German. The Tetra Square series is created purely for women. Each one has its own unique name, and the color of the dial is the color of this plant or flower. Take a picture and share it ~ Each is so beautiful, the visual department can’t hold it! The Bauhaus minimalist style and German-style elegance that are distributed by NOMOS watches, plus the affordable price, really make me want to stop ~ The Tetra series is the most unique of the NOMOS family, and is contributed by NOMOS watchmakers A masterpiece for watch fans with unique taste and neutral beauty! Which one do you guys like? Sunbath!

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