Gorgeous Summer Breeze Tissot Series Watch

Tissot has always been very good at drawing classic elements from nature as a source of inspiration for design. With its simple style, the Tissot Porsche series models give people a hazy summer atmosphere. The following watches are designed with dynamic colors and interchangeable straps in different colors, so that each wearer can feel the summer romance and exotic style.

Tissot Blue Series
   The simple and elegant dial of the blue version of the Lugano watch draws inspiration from the sea soul shirt, complementing the blue and white straps, vividly showing the unique style of Lake Lugano in Switzerland, and revealed in the fresh breath of youth Gives a touch of elegant mature charm. This watch is especially equipped with three high-quality NATO straps with white background on blue, blue background on white, and pure blue. It can be matched freely, imagine freely, blue sky, white clouds, lake … The urge to travel.

Tissot Green Series
  This stylish and minimalist green Quickster Nato series is also equipped with three Nato straps in different colors, which are colored stripes, dark green and pure black. The wearer can change it according to different needs. The color matching shows the charm of fashion and simplicity, adding fun to this summer.

Tissot Pink Series
   The pink version of the Porsche series is more suitable for women. The bright colors are more dynamic and dynamic. It is the best wrist accessory for sports and leisure. This watch is also equipped with three NATO straps of different colors, which can be changed at will, that is, pink stripes on black background, pink, and pure black. The bright colors add romance and unrestrained feelings to the hot summer.

Summary: Fresh white, steady green, vibrant pink, no matter which color of the Porsche series watches can give people a unique feeling, while the precise timepiece function is the highlight of the watch . These watches are currently sold in domestic counters. The white Lugano model is priced at 2,500 yuan, and the green version is priced at 3,000 yuan.

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Wonderful Surprise: Le Méridien Masterpiece Power Of Love Watch

[2015 Basel] Maurice Lacroix continues to show ingenuity, providing reliable timepieces that interpret time in different ways. The Masterpiece Square Wheel from this advanced watch brand uses a clover and square wheel to indicate seconds. Le Méridien has once again created a unique watch: Masterpiece Power of Love. This watch with a new complex function device will take the brand’s top women’s watch products to the next level.
   The Masterpiece Power of Love watch is a delightful combination of three hearts on the dial-these three hearts will embrace each other romantically and rotate in a fascinating trajectory; on the other hand, the Emmy watch’s 14th homemade movement The ML256 self-winding movement contains solemn Swiss watchmaking expertise. Masterpiece Power of Love brings surprises and joy to Le Méridien’s rich product range-just like love!
Fun and charming
   With the launch of the Masterpiece Power of Love, Le Méridien highlights the importance of love. This delicate timepiece captures the beauty of love with an elegant white lacquered dial and rich sparkling details. The rhodium-plated hour and minute hands indicate the time in a modern and dazzling manner. Each curve shines brightly and makes time easy to read. Round diamond hour markers are set at every hour to make the wearer shine.

   Masterpiece Power of Love watch, stainless steel case, diameter 43 mm, ML256 self-made movement, white lacquered dial, rhodium-plated hands, nickel-phosphorus heart-shaped gears, seconds indicating love-shaped gears constitute ‘LOVE’ once per minute, Genuine red alligator strap with folding buckle, limited to 88 pieces.
   However, this is not a traditional female watch. The white lacquered dial is actually the bottom layer of the board, that is, the chassis of the watch. The three heart-shaped gears rotate and come into contact with each other, sending a powerful message. Each heart-shaped gear is carefully calculated, so it can perfectly connect adjacent heart-shaped gears without wasting any power.
   As the saying goes, two hearts beat together, but Le Méridien is brave and different. The interaction of the three heart-shaped gears spells out a clear and magical red word: ‘LOVE’. The meaning of this word is clear, and the engineering technology is superb. This unique design language is interesting on the one hand, but on the other hand the expertise required to achieve this design clearly demonstrates Le Méridien’s outstanding engineering expertise. These gears are shaped by LIGA technology (the German abbreviation ‘Lithographie, Galvanoformung, Abformung’, meaning ‘optical lithography, electroplating and molding’). This advanced process creates parts that cannot be manufactured with traditional embossing or lathe technology.
   The result of this advanced engineering technology is three wonderful and charming gears-their captivating movements are full of charm and create a distinctive dial design.
Loving power reserve instructions
   The Masterpiece Power of Love has a power reserve indicator on the crown. This indicator shows how much power the barrel has with a diamond-shaped curved scale. When the ML256 movement is fully wound, the hands will point to a ruby. The ‘POWER OF LOVE’ 储存 lettering below the power reserve instruction is a metaphor for the love we feel in our hearts.

   Masterpiece Power of Love watch, stainless steel case, diameter 43 mm, ML256 self-made movement, white lacquered dial, rhodium-plated hands, nickel-phosphorus heart-shaped gears, seconds indicating love-shaped gears constitute ‘LOVE’ every minute.
   The Masterpiece Power of Love watch has a polished stainless steel case with a diameter of 43 mm. The bezel of this watch is decorated with 72 VS grade diamonds, exuding a sense of confidence. The authentic red alligator leather strap with folding buckle and the dial “LOVE” 镌 lettering use the same vivid colors, making this female timepiece more beautiful.
   However, in addition to its attractive appearance, the Masterpiece Power of Love watch integrates Swiss watchmaking expertise. The wide sapphire crystal on the screw-down case back allows the wearer to appreciate the heart of this timepiece: every part is carefully decorated with the ML256 movement. Rhodium-plated bridges and automatic discs with large snail-like patterns. This stunning specification is a testament to Le Méridien’s superior craftsmanship and the brand’s commitment to meeting the needs of the most discerning customers.

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