2015 Patek Philippe Watch Art Exhibition In London Begins Countdown Phase

The large-scale exhibition of Patek Philippe watch art in London has entered the countdown phase. This exhibition will be held from May 27th to June 7th, 2015 at the Saatchi Gallery in London.
   This exhibition aims to commend Patek Philippe’s watchmaking tradition of making precise timepieces, reviewing the brand’s 175 years of history, and showing our heritage in high-end watchmaking. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about this family-owned watchmaking company in Geneva.
   Originally, the project planned to have 12 showrooms on two floors of the Saatchi Gallery, but it has now been upgraded to more than 15 themed areas. Visitors will be in close contact with more than 400 extraordinary timepiece pieces in this 2,200 square meter space.
Saatchi Gallery, London
Historical Film Studio
   The showroom will feature films that show Patek Philippe’s history.
Immersion Experience Room
   The showroom is designed to give visitors a unique and intuitive experience, immersing them in the world of Patek Philippe. An introductory video of about 10 minutes will be played in a loop.
175th Anniversary Area
   Patek Philippe often creates unique timepieces to celebrate the anniversary, and this 175th anniversary celebration is no exception. Patek Philippe set up this area to showcase the 175th Anniversary Collection launched in 2014 to celebrate yet another special 25th anniversary. This area also contains a showroom for the commemorative watch series, a masterpiece showroom for immersive experiences and masterpiece watches Showroom. The Master Chord Watches showroom will showcase Patek Philippe’s most sophisticated watches in this collection.
Super Complex Showroom
   The showroom focuses on the rarest and most sophisticated timepieces. Minute repeaters, astro tourbillons and chronographs will all be on display in this hall.
Cash series exhibition hall
   The design of the exhibition hall is like moving the Patek Philippe History Salon on Rhone Avenue in Geneva.

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