Jacques Dro Debuts New Petite Heure Minute 35mm Watch

According to the Watch House, the watch brand Jacques Dro from Switzerland recently launched the latest watch of the hour and minute dial series, which is named Shiny. It is not difficult to see from the appearance. The origin of the watch’s name is its diamonds, which shine endlessly.

 The dial design of the Petite Heure Minute watch freely moves between materials, minerals, complex functions, and decorative arts, opening up new creative spaces with outstanding craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

 This shiny Shiny watch uses a 35mm dial, which is also extremely elegant in material. It uses the top mother-of-pearl dial and is set with 1272 diamonds, with a total weight of 4.14 carats. Jacques D’Oro watches always combine design, materials and expertise with their sophisticated horological machinery. Just like the brand’s acclaimed purpose-to push the art of watchmaking to the extreme, in order to bring you more enjoyment.

     Of course, while we advocate perfect dials, we also pay more attention to their connotations. The movement of this watch is based on Jacques Dro Model 2653, an automatic winding movement. Double barrels and a 22K white gold oscillating weight are important factors for a luxury movement. 28 jewel bearings shine in movements you can’t see. The vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour. The guarantee of power enables you to remain calm and confident in any occasion.

 Over the centuries, the Jaquet-Dro Petite Heure Minute 35mm watch has received countless praises for its exquisite and elegant design concept. Since its inception, Jaquet Droz has always adhered to its faith and is committed to creating rich artistic beauty and long-lasting new Timepiece. In its view, the watch is not only a mechanical device, but also represents an emotional and warm heart.

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