Christmas And Slim Tourbillon Tasting Breguet Slim Automatic Tourbillon Watch

Want to add a luxurious atmosphere to Christmas? An ultra-thin tourbillon watch might make a dream come true. In Christmas, the festive atmosphere may be filled with warmth in the cold air. Hand-made watches are more pervasive in high-quality life with the concept of excellence in quality. There are many ways to praise yourself. Instead of looking for complicated ways, it is better to entangle Breguet watches around your wrist, which is more luxurious and comfortable. Official model: 5377BR / 12 / 9WU

 A watch may not really make life better. Its role is for most people, but as a timer, but for those who know how to enjoy life and pursue perfect details, we hope that a watch can bring us sensory luxury and its interior. Curiosity. For many years, Breguet has always used the tourbillon with complex functions as its brand symbol. Because of this, Breguet’s tourbillon can have a world-renowned reputation and achievement.

 The watch itself has an extraordinary beauty. The tourbillon invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the founder of Breguet, not only greatly improved the accuracy of pocket watches, but also one of the most outstanding inventions in the history of watchmaking in the world. Since then, the brand has continued to create elegant watches one after another, paying tribute to the most outstanding timepieces.

 In terms of configuration, this watch is equipped with a high-grade crocodile leather strap. The dark brown texture looks coffee-like and rich, and the sense of gorgeousness is particularly prominent. The texture of the crocodile skin is different for each part, so each watch has its own attributes for the owner.

 The production of welded lugs is very complicated, and it is extremely difficult to weld in delicate parts. Breguet grasps the curvature of the lugs on both sides very smoothly, and also considers comfort. Every watch is worn on the wrist without any sense of oppression.

 From the perspective of design, asymmetrical elements are interwoven in the symmetrical lines of the dial. The case is made of 18K rose gold and has a diameter of 42 mm. 4 different hand-engraved decorative patterns, showing a beautiful harmony: Paris-studded hour and minute dial, the outer edge is engraved with wheat grain decoration, the power reserve at 8:30 shows the carved herringbone pattern, and the lace pattern is outlined Out of different functional areas. A sapphire appears in the center of the tourbillon bridge, attracting attention and intoxicating in a mesmerizing mechanical dance.

 Ultra-thin tourbillon self-winding mechanical movement. The small second hand is located on the tourbillon frame. It is engraved with an independent number and BREGUET. The movement number is Cal. 581DR. At 8:30.

 Patented ball spring barrel, with a silicon- and anti-magnetic steel direction-finding lever escapement, silicon balance spring. Vibration frequency is 4.0 Hz. 6 orientation adjustment.
 Summary: It is such a breathtaking ultra-thin watch. Based on the glittering fisheye needle, tourbillon and coin pattern, it is more integrated with top technology elements, supporting the name of luxury. It is not in appearance. The craftsmanship is countless details created by the meticulous movement. The value of craftsmanship does not lie in the eyes of the collector, but in the way you appreciate it.
Watch details: breguet / 29372 /

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Black Elf On Wrist Watch Bell & Ross Vintage Men’s Watch

Today, more and more young men are pursuing their individuality. Today, some people are more interested in low-key simplicity. In their opinion, this ordinary style that contains fashion can better reflect the charm of men. As a relatively young watch brand, Bell & Ross has always adopted the brand concept of producing watches with simple appearance and outstanding performance. It continues the style of modern watchmaking and is sought after by many young people. Today’s Watch House introduces you to a Bell & Ross VINTAGE WW1 series watch, the official model: WW1-96 GRANDE DATE.

   Bell & Ross is a watch brand founded in Switzerland in 1992. The founders of the brand Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo are very good friends. Their common hobby is watches, which prompted them to have the idea of ​​starting a watch brand. Although hard, but after unremitting efforts, Bell & Ross has become a well-known watch brand.

   Bell & Ross WW1-96 GRANDE DATEVintage WW1 (watch 1) is a classic that pays homage to the pilot’s watch of the 1920s. The watch uses a black-based design style, with a silver case, dignified and generous, mysterious and hidden power. The dial display is clear and clear, without too much decoration and rendering, it will fully express the low-key and simple performance.

   The oversized dial with a diameter of 45 mm has become one of the unique designs of this watch. Often the large dial is more attractive to men, and it also shows the masculinity of men. The watch case is made of stainless steel. At present, many watches and high-end jewelry are made of stainless steel, because this material does not fade, does not deform, has no irritation to the skin, and is comfortable to wear.

   The strap is made of black alligator leather, and the leather is exquisite, elegant and tough.

   Details are one of the important criteria for measuring the quality of a watch. Perfect polishing adds a timeless luster to the watch case. The sapphire crystal glass is clear and transparent, and is placed on the case in a circular arc shape, with natural curvature.

   The pure black dial gives a mysterious and atmospheric feel. With pure white hands, it adds some fashion elements. In today’s trend brands, this mix of black and white tones is more fresh and simple. At 3 o’clock is another unique design of this watch. The rectangular date display window can accurately display the date of the day, and at 12 o’clock is the Bell & Ross brand logo.

   The design of the watch’s crown is chic, with rounded corners and the top engraved with the Bell & Ross logo. The design of the watch’s lugs is also unique. It uses a steel ring welded to the case to link the strap and the case, adding a line of beauty to the watch.

   The watch uses a pin buckle made of stainless steel, the design style is consistent with the lugs, and in the center of the pin buckle is equipped with the Belles brand LOGO nameplate, which is enough to see Belles’ carefulness and refinement in design.

   This watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement. A watch using this movement is very convenient to wear. As long as it is wound for the first time, it will only need to wear enough time in the future. , The automatic tuo can replenish energy to the clockwork source, so that the automatic watch moves normally.

In summary: every chronograph watch of Belair strictly adheres to the four principles of clear display, excellent functions, precise standards and stable performance, which has made the brand the focus of many watch lovers. The current reference price of this watch is 33,400 yuan, and I hope to help you with your watch purchase.

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