The First Lucerne Store Of Carl F.Bucherer Was Unveiled, And Li Bingbing, The Global Spokesperson, Attended The Opening Ceremony

Back in 1888, Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened the first watch and jewelry store in Lucerne. 130 years later, the first store of CARL F. BUCHERER in Lucerne was unveiled to pay tribute to the birthplace of the brand. After more than a century of baptism, Bucherer is now an internationally renowned luxury watch brand. The stunning image of the store and the presence of Li Bingbing, the first global brand spokesperson, are all to witness the brand’s legendary new milestone in 130 years.

Bucherer’s first store in Lucerne

Lucerne, August 25, 2017-Bucherer is one of the few family-run watchmaking factories in Switzerland with a worldwide distribution network. Following the Shanghai store, the first Bucherer store in Lucerne was unveiled. It has witnessed the development of the brand across the century. Entering the store, you will experience a unique world of Bucherer. The interior decoration style reveals low-key luxury, accentuating the golden elements in the brand’s new logo released last year, incorporating the brand image of Bucherer, which does not follow the trend. The brand’s new image will also reveal the city of Lucerne, the birthplace of the brand, as always, with the goal of promoting the style of Lucerne.
2017: New Milestones
Jörg G. Bucherer, the third generation of the Bucherer family and the company’s helm, said at the opening ceremony of the new store: ‘I am very pleased and able to carry forward the watchmaking tradition of the Bucherer family around the world and the birthplace of the brand. Proud. ‘Sascha Moeri, global CEO, is extremely excited about the opening of the new store:’ Bucherer is a traditional Swiss watchmaking brand and has a deep affinity with Lucerne. It is of great significance to open a specialty store here. ‘
Brand spokesperson Li Bingbing went to Lucerne to attend the opening ceremony of the new store, visited the city of Lucerne and its surrounding areas, visited the Bucherer watch factory, visited the old city center, the famous historical landmark Chapel Bridge, and boarded The boat cruises the scenic Lake Lucerne. Bucherer has recently become the partner of the world’s most steep Pilatus Cog Railway. One of the mountaineering trains is dressed in Bucherer’s iconic gold and will take passengers for a mountaineering journey in the next three years; Li Bingbing in Lucerne During this time, I made a special trip to take the golden train to climb the mountain, and took the lead in trying out the experience that many passengers longed for.
Li Bingbing concluded his trip to Lucerne and said, ‘I am honored to learn more about the brand history of Bucherer and to be its spokesperson.’

Li Bingbing attends the opening ceremony of the Lucerne store

New store opening
Li Bingbing went to Lucerne to add gorgeous starlight to the opening ceremony of the new store. The specialty store is located in a historic building. The new store turned into a vertical stage that evening, and the building was covered with a golden curtain. At the beginning of the ceremony, a group of musicians hiding behind the curtain began to play classical music on the terrace. Slowly opened, the store was unveiled in front of the guests; Jörg G. Bucherer, the owner of Bucherer, Sascha Moeri, the global chief executive, and Li Bingbing, the global brand spokesperson, presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony and announced the official opening of the store. Li Bingbing said: ‘It is very moving and meaningful to witness the historical moment together with the Bucherer family.’

Limited timepieces celebrate new store opening
Bucherer launched the Manero Peripheral Boutique Edition, a limited edition of 188 pieces. This limited edition timepiece is equipped with the brand’s homemade CFB A2050 self-winding movement, which contains the essence of traditional craftsmanship and promotes the brand’s family watchmaking tradition. Through the back of the sapphire crystal glass, you can see the exquisite craftsmanship of the rotor and the movement. The blue outer edge of the rotor is eye-catching, echoing the blue electroplated dial. The bright ray texture on the dial is reminiscent of the sun. The sparkling waves of Mori Lake.

Marley Longyuan Power Watch Store Limited Edition

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