Preferred Oval Three Popular Oval Case Watches Recommended

The shape of the watch is mostly round and square, followed by oval and wine barrel-shaped watches. The oval has smooth edges and symmetrical shapes. Although the oval watch is not a special-shaped watch, the oblong shape does have a different aesthetic. Today’s Watch House recommends three popular oval case watches for everyone to appreciate their beauty together.
Amy Long Pearl Series 06.3881.L. Watch

Watch model number: 06.3881.L.
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel / 18K rose gold with 56 diamonds
Strap Material: Stainless Steel / 18K Rose Gold with Diamonds
Case diameter: 34.5 * 28.5 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 31,000
Watch details: TOUCH Isa touch series R53092902 watch

Watch model: R53092902
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: wear-resistant high-tech ceramic
Strap material: wear-resistant high-tech ceramic
Case diameter: 33 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 32,300
Watch details: DECO Bright Art Series FC-200MPW2V6B watch

Watch model: FC-200MPW2V6B
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 30x 25 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 9,180
Watch details: 25 mm, oval-shaped stainless steel case with a thickness of 6.8 mm, with a quartz movement inside. The white dial is embossed with black Roman numerals as the hour marker and covered with a sapphire crystal. The watch uses a stainless steel chain strap and folding buckle, and is water resistant to 30 meters.

Summary: The three oval watches recommended by Watch House today are made of precious metals or ceramics, with elegant and fashionable appearance. The three watches have different appearances. The unique lugs of Emilon, the strange bezel of Radar, and the chain strap of Frederique Constant, can be said to have their own characteristics. You can choose according to your preference .

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Will Da Vinci Be The Next ‘explosion’ After The Red 60?

It is not too late to get to the topic. IWC’s most popular and largest watches in the domestic watch circle are the following: the third and third hands of Portofino, Mark, Portuguese meter (Portuguese timepiece), Portuguese 7 (Portugal 7th chain), and Dafei. In addition to these watches, there are also some nations like engineers, engineers AMG, Da Vinci, Aquatimer, and yacht elite, but the popularity of quantity theory is often lower than the previous ones. And the hottest among the IWC hotspots is the Iowa Big Three Pinto Fino.

Portofino, Red 60, is one of the most popular models among domestic watch fans. Pay attention to the red 60 scale at 12 o’clock.
Why does Portofino Red 60 flourish?

   In the eyes of many friends, many watches of IWC are very hot. Why do I have to say that the hottest is Portofino? In fact, IWC watches, including Mark and Portugal, have indeed poisoned many watch fans, but in terms of circulation, they are still worse than Portofino. The reason is very simple. Watches such as the Portuguese 7th chain and Dafei are definitely the best combination of IWC’s exclusive technology (woodpecker, long power) and pure blood, but the problem is one word, expensive. This restricts many watch fans who enter and leave the gates of the IWC. Mark is one of the most cost-effective watches in the world. There are two reasons for this. One is that the bloodline is extremely pure and noble, and it has an orthodox bloodline that lasts for decades. The other is that the price is very good. Because IWC put Mark in the entry position, the price is relatively low. Little Prince Special Edition, the price is the same, very conscience in the industry. Although a universal movement is used, it does not matter (this is also to reduce the price), don’t forget that Mark still has a magnetically shielded inner case. If the only small problem (not the problem) is the appearance of the Mark flight watch, some people may feel that it lacks a sense of formality, and the solution to this last small problem is the big three pin Portofino .

The new IWC Mark 18 watch, this TOP GUN version is one of the most beautiful versions of the Mark 18.
   The big three-handed Portofino is red because of its 60-point scale at 12 o’clock, so people call this watch a red 60. The Red 60 is just like Mark’s entry position for all nations, and the biggest advantage of the Red 60 is that ‘everything is static.’ There are two types of red 60, black and white. There are two types of straps and metal braided straps. The range of choice is relatively large. More importantly, the shape of the three pins of the red 60 is almost enough for all Chinese to wear watches Needs and preferences. Like Mark, the Red 60 also uses a universal movement (IWC version 2892), which further reduces its price, so many IWC fans’ first IWC watches are Red 60. The people who made the red 60 and bought the red 60 were also one after another. To be honest, the price of more than 30,000 yuan makes this watch have few rivals at this price. Many people who are entangled between Omega and IWC have turned to IWC to improve their rank. The biggest model of red 60 is the black / white belt model, because once the very delicate metal braided bracelet is replaced, the price of this watch goes up to a new level. Whether in the primary or secondary market, this watch has very friendly and stable prices. After all, Mark is a tool watch. Although the Bo Tao Red 60 and Mark are at the same price, the case, hands and time scale of the Red 60 look more luxurious.

The early Da Vinci perpetual calendar of the IWC shows the iconic hinged lugs of the early Da Vinci and the iconic 4-character year perpetual calendar.
Can Da Vinci become a ‘Big Money’?

   At the Geneva watch fair this year, IWC introduced Davissi, a 2017 remodel. Restoring Da Vinci to a regular round case, the new Da Vinci looks similar to earlier Da Vinci in history. Da Vinci has been shaped like a barrel for a long time. It is because this shape is so special that Da Vinci has not been as hot as Portugal, Bai Tao, and Mark. To be honest, even the domestic watch manufacturers have more Aquatimer and AMG engineers than Da Vinci Many, Da Vinci of the wine barrel type is rare, and even gold watches are difficult to buy. The hexagonal Da Vinci price I saw recently using a IWC-made Woodpecker movement is similar to the Mark 17, which shows that the problem is that people still lack confidence in this watch.

The hexagonal barrel case of the previous generation of Vincenzo was very special.
   When Da Vinci first came out, it was actually a round watch, but it was later changed into a barrel, and now it is back again. The style of Da Vinci and other watches of IWC has always been different. In the early days, the most different thing between Da Vinci and other IWCs was the lugs. Earlier Da Vinci used a hinged lug, but the new Da Vinci turned this lug into a movable lug. Because the watch exhibition was not long ago, everyone can know that the most different thing about this watch is the active lug. I will tell you a story as before.

IWC’s new Da Vinci shows very delicate movable lugs.
   I used to like Franck Muller watches for a while. Mainly because Franck Muller was very hot for some time at that time, known as ‘the doorstep of high society.’ This statement is very poisonous. In addition, Franck Muller’s watch has a very high degree of recognition. The huge barrel-shaped case is very eye-catching. It happens that a watchmaker is selling a Franck Muller. The price is good. The door of society. ‘ But when I went to try this watch, Franck Muller’s huge barrel-shaped case was very long, worn on thin hands, and the strap couldn’t hold the wrist. I cannot wear this watch. It is because the case and the lugs are too long. And the new universal lugs of Vincenzo are designed to solve this problem. If your wrist is thin, this movable lug can be bent down directly, hold the wrist, so that the size of the watch does not affect the hands. If Franck Muller’s lugs were so clever, maybe I would really switch to Franck Muller’s arms. IWC’s new Da Vinci is from 36mm to 43mm. With this movable lug, the size is not a problem at all. The 43 mm chronograph perpetual calendar will not be too big to wear even if it is worn on the girl.

The gold needle version is very beautiful.
   IWC also put the steel three-pin model of the new Da Vinci in the same position as the entry of IWC. The 40mm model will most likely become the next ‘explosion model’ of IWC in the domestic table. Obviously, from the dial alone, it is not difficult to see that the new Da Vinci is more luxurious than the current Portofino Red 60. Especially the gold needle white plate, the gold needle plus the three-dimensional digital gold label, the grade obviously surpasses the nail of Bo Tao Red 60, which has the charm of Portugal. The three-pin version of the new Da Vinci uses the SW300 movement, which is actually the sellite version of the 2892, which means that it is no different from the entry-level movement that has been used by IWC before. The new Da Vinci luxury clever movable lugs have greatly increased the grade of this watch, although I understand that the current price of this watch’s belt version is US $ 5,400 and the steel chain version is US $ 6,400. This price is equivalent to RMB. The Bo Tao Red 60 is not much different, but it is no secret that the configuration of the new version of Da Vinci has far exceeded that of the Red 60.

The three-dimensional gold characters are very poisonous, and because the IWC version 2892 movement is used, the case is relatively thin.
   Counting the new Da Vinci, Wan Guo has three kings of cost performance. They are New Da Vinci, Portofino Red 60 and Mark 18. These three watches exist like ‘gods’ in the price range of more than 30,000 yuan. We can think about it. For more than 30,000 yuan, we can’t even buy an omega sold at the price. This price is often high-end. Tudor, high-end Tiger Heuer range, but you can buy a IWC, think of it as ‘magic’, but this is the fact. I used to buy Red 60 and now I will add a Da Vinci in front of Red 60.

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