Peach Blossom Fortune Three Recommended Wrist Charm Watches

Choose the right watch for you, and match it with the right service, then you are the focus of your life. A specially customized ladies watch will definitely bring out the temperament; if you are a young female artist , Then the monochrome but detailed watch must be your favorite; if you are full of vitality, then the watch with color breakout is essential. Today’s Watch House recommends three beautiful ladies’ watches for everyone, Good luck for you.

Blancpain watch series 3400-4554-58B

Watch Series: Ladies Watch Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Steel with diamonds
Strap Material: Belt
Case diameter: 34 mm
Domestic public price: 163000
Watch details: blancpain / 28310 /
Watch Comments: This watch is a special watch launched by Blancpain on Valentine’s Day in 2013, limited to 99 pieces. Whether it is the white leather strap and mother-of-pearl dial, or the diamond inlaid on it, the intention of manufacture is revealed. From the shape of this watch, we can feel that it is charming with its delicate and elegant charm. Romantic expectations are more vivid.

Cartier Blue Balloon Series WE902028

Watch Series: Blue Balloon Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 36.6 mm
Domestic public price: 124000
Watch details: cartier / 10237 /
Watch Reviews: Cartier’s classic blue balloon watch, the watch is built with a classic 18K rose gold case, with a purple alligator leather strap, which adds a lot of color to the watch. The diameter of the 36.6 mm design is worn on the wrist. . The watch is equipped with a cal.076 self-winding movement, which is precise and durable.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating Series Q3448420 Watch

Watch Series: Dating Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Steel with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 34 mm
Domestic public price: 99500
Watch details: lecoultre / 24177 /
Watch Reviews: With its generous proportions designed for pure style watches, the Jaeger-LeCoultre date collection shows women’s watches day and night, both day and night. This jewellery watch is equipped with a self-winding movement and a finely crafted silver-white dial that clearly shows the day / night display, giving the watch a unique feminine charm. From the external design to the meticulous polishing of the inside of the movement, it all reflects the Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series’ new interpretation of elegant and exquisite women’s timepieces.

Summary: These watches recommended for everyone today are very characteristic watches, beautiful but not losing style, youthful and beautiful design style is very popular. In terms of brands, they are also top-end brand watches that can be trusted.

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Bvlgari Divas’dream Series Watch Existing In The Art Of Life

To pay tribute to the world-famous ‘Sweet Life’ era in Italy, the new Diva series presents extremely rich, precious and amazing creativity.

   The bold styling design firmly and faithfully demonstrates the value deeply rooted in Roman history, and pays tribute to the women who created this magnificent city and created the art of life: the new Diva series watch reproduces the star of the Italian film ‘Sweet Life’ Glittering and brilliant, the movie stars of the time brought the eternal light of Rome to the world. The past stars have inspired more rising stars, and they have become the source of inspiration for Bulgari’s creation. Every Bulgari woman deserves something beautiful.
   Amazing, bold and precious: the new Divas’Dream series pays tribute to femininity in many different ways. This collection of watches captures the beautiful shapes of sophisticated watches and is created with precious qualities, including pavé diamond dials and fascinating choices such as the mother-of-pearl dial.
   These extremely romantic creations skillfully combine the use of colored gemstones and Bvlgari’s exquisite watchmaking technology. The new Divas’ Dream watch has the function of jumping and retrograde minutes, bringing women different reading than before Time experience.
Purely exquisite dial

  The new Diva’Dream series uses a minimalist dial with an exquisite and dynamic appearance: an hour jump window at six o’clock, and a retrograde minute hand turning above the colored gemstones. The dial design presents an open and generous surface, which can intuitively appreciate the unique texture and color of sky blue lapis in the white gold case, while the rose gold case is matched with burgundy ruby ​​ore. The retrograde minute display hour markers in both models are presented with 7 diamonds.
   The BVL 262 self-winding movement is the heart of the watch and has a 42-hour power reserve. Its single retrograde minute hand and jumping time are displayed in a circular window, which also makes the reading experience more dynamic, poetic and precious. The Divas’Dream watch case and its distinctive lugs are reminiscent of the fan-shaped mosaic pattern of the Caracalla Grand Baths in Rome, set with 79 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing more than 2 carats.
   The balanced aesthetic design is filled with a unique and beautiful modern atmosphere. These two watches combine simple and fashionable style with sophisticated clockwork and craftsmanship, echoing the long history of Rome, and subtly combined with the high-quality jewelry series from Bulgari headquarters in Rome , Complement each other.
Sexy and romantic

   Although the new Diva series watches are very sexy and romantic, they use a minimalist watch design to interpret the exquisite background, which can be regarded as a representative masterpiece in jewelry watches. There are two new interpretations of the jumping time and retrograde style. Its iconic acetate dial marks the innovation gene, which makes people shine. This high-tech material is composed of a mixture of natural cotton and wood fiber. After processing, it is solid and then carved into fine lines. After the surface has been carefully polished and treated, these lines create a dazzling dial with a flash of unique light. Acetate is an excellent material for creating precious jewellery watches. The time scales and graduations that make it easy for the wearer to read are diamonds, which perfectly match the taupe strap. The details of the jewellery also echo the decorative convex rose tourmaline. The Divas’Dream series also offers ultra-bright 18K white gold models with diamond-paved dials for modern and sophisticated women.
Rigorous watchmaking guidelines and superb jewelry craftsmanship


   Bvlgari once again proves the brand’s relentless pursuit of jewellery craftsmanship and strict watchmaking standards. For Bulgari, headquartered in Rome, there is no material or craft that merely reflects performance or is used only for decoration. The new Divas’Dream collection is inspired not only by the timeless beauty of this magnificent city of Rome, but also by the fan-shaped mosaic floor pattern that decorates the Caracalla Grand Baths. This pattern is now the iconic design of the Bulgari haute jewellery collection and is used in watch design to complement the round case. These completely natural and smooth lines not only highlight the design of the case, but also ensure that the strap can be seamlessly combined with the case secretly. It also gives the watch an unexpected fit, and its flowing touch ensures that Designed for comfort when worn.
   Life is an intoxicating dance. The new Divas’Dream series invites you to dream together and dance passionately together.

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What Watches Do The Two Macho Men, Boulder Johnson And Jason Stanson Love?

Since the release of ‘Fast and Furious: Special Operation’, we have seen two macho giants Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham appear brightly in their heads. Office. Although the movie was rejected by the rabbit fans, the two dramas were crazy about each other, and they have nothing special to do with ‘Speed ​​and Passion’ (belonging to Fanwai), but this does not prevent us from observing their wrists. Rolex and Panerai have clearly gained attention again. The clearest picture of the whole show shows the watch brands worn by two people. Juishi Johnson is very clearly wearing Panerai. If you look closely, the model is like PAMA00243. This watch also takes a lot of effort from the rabbit. If you look closely, you will find that the plate is a three-row logo (not the 305, 305 transmitted by the Internet) Non-numeric scales are excluded first.) However, because of the angle of the wrist of Jason Stanson, only the strap and a small part of the dial can be seen. At first, everyone initially thought that it was a Rolex water ghost. Later, we found another picture with a positive perspective. Although it is not clear enough, it can basically be judged that it is an antique Rolex Water Ghost 5513. The probability is relatively large, and it may be a model of the 1970s and 1980s. Specifically about this watch, rabbits do not intend to expand it. It is nothing more than the old version of Rolex Water Ghost. It should be discontinued in 1989. The output of 5513 is not small. The current market price is also around 100,000. It depends. Again, look at the excitement, newcomers enter the antique watch market cautiously, it is still good step by step, do not pay tuition fees. This movie is nothing more than a reason to make watch fans lively again. We obviously care more about the wrist. Look at Boulder Johnson first. It’s too familiar. As a rugby and wrestler transformation actor, he is a very successful example. With his own body characteristics, it is most suitable to play a macho. However, all my impressions of him originated from a movie ‘The Return of the Mummy’ (2001) I watched countless times. Although the king of the scorpion is not the main character, it is impressive. After that, he starred in ‘Scorpion King’, and there was also emotional drama in the play. But what’s more interesting is that Jushi Johnson now feels like an actor who doesn’t need to match emotional drama at all. He fights hard and speaks with his fist. The image of a macho is his own, and his preferences have always been so insistent. It is said that he loved Rolex at first and tried to save money to buy it, but after his fame, Panerai appeared in many movies. Love. For example, in Speed ​​and Passion 8, he is said to be wearing a Panerai PAM00616. Except for the shell type and the strap, all others could not be confirmed, but the rabbit could not find a clear front view, so if it could not be confirmed, it would not be transmitted. In the movie ‘Speed ​​and Passion 5’, he wears more like Panerai PAM00025 (may also be 24). This watch appeared in the movie more than once, showing that the degree of love is not ordinary. Let’s take a look at the table length. Many people also say that this piece is PAM00305. According to the rabbit’s hard inspection, the 12 o’clock is a digital scale, more like PAM00024 or PAM00025. The faces of the two dials are different, but the picture is too vague, and the rabbit is not sure which one he has worn. He also wore a full ceramic PAM00438. In addition, PAM00305 is indeed a watch model of Boulder Johnson, such as the one he wore in The Doomsday, which is more like it. In fact, the specific model is not important anymore, the point is that he has a lot of Panerai. Saying that the rabbit watched Panerai one night, and felt that he was playing the game of ‘Let’s find the difference’, his eyes were almost blind, and now he can finally take a look at other watches with relief. In ‘Speed ​​and Furious 6’, he is wearing an Oris Olympia Pro Diver professional diving calendar watch, 49 mm titanium case, 1000 meters waterproof. In addition to wearing a Montblanc watch, Jushi Johnson should be a watch-loving person, because Rabbit found that he has been buying new watches, only this year’s new model has been found at least two. The first is a large-scale Spitfire pilot’s perpetual calendar watch of this year. A new limited edition watch released in Geneva in January. This photo was taken in May. There is another watch that Rabbit has recommended countless times. When shooting the fifth season of ‘The Players’, he wore an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frost Gold Purple Disc Chronograph. A trailer was issued for the play on July 29, and the new watch was awesome. As you can imagine, there should be more models that have not been dug up. Then let’s take a look at Jason Stanson’s performance. First of all, Jason Stanson is indeed an antique Rolex enthusiast. In addition to this antique hand ghost in the play, he was also found to have an antique explorer II, which was shot at the premiere of ‘Death Squad 3’. This old Explorer II, called Orange Needle 1655, is also a product of the 70s and 80s of the last century. It was almost discontinued in the 1980s. The current market price ranges from more than 100,000 to 200,000. This is the physical table picture I asked Rabbit Fan to come. My cousin took a picture and changed the leather strap but he also had a few Panerai. The more famous piece is the PAM00389 he wore in ‘Death Squad 3’. PAM00389 has more chances of appearance, 47mm size titanium case, antimagnetic features and titanium bezel. In addition, Jason Steinson was found wearing a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980. IWC has also appeared. In fact, we will find that the preferences of the two macho men are a little close, but they are not the same. First of all, Panerai is a common hobby, the reason is simple, the shape is more individual, and the watch is very large, which is very important. It is said that Boulder Johnson generally chooses Panerai to have a diameter of 47 mm, and some are about 44 mm. This is indeed more suitable for his size, and Rolex I think is slightly smaller for him. The same is true of IWC, including Oris, which are all big watches-big watches that are difficult to control in our Asian eyes. On the contrary, the so-called hot market explosions appear infrequently, which is exactly a meaningful phenomenon. In the long run, being suitable for you is more valuable than being hot, which is easy for most people. Some people buy a watch and become a business. When they play, they fall into a pit and go black on the road of value preservation. But our aesthetics are good, self-knowledge, and at the same time can make you ‘saving money’, most of them are repressed by nature to give up personality. Are you sure you want this life? I remember a reader told me yesterday that after reading Jason Stanson’s antique labor, I wanted to get into the pit, but my proposal is always to understand yourself without impulsiveness-you can only really understand what you can do if you look at all the ways Not following suit. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

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Double Subtlety Of Hollow And Mystery Real Shot 2017 Sihh Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Mysterious Hour Hollow Watch

The Cartier Mysterious Clock equipped with a mysterious movement was first born in 1912 and has more than 100 years of history. Later, Cartier successfully applied this ingenious mechanism to the watch. The mystery of Cartier’s mysterious movement is that the hands are not directly connected to the movement, but are fixed on a pair of sapphire crystal wafer disks equipped with outer gears. The movement drives the disc. The disc drives the pointer to rotate. One disc rotates once per minute and the other disc rotates once per hour. At this SIHH, Cartier cleverly merged the two iconic crafts of hollow aesthetics and the mysterious movement, and created the extraordinary masterpiece of Cartier’s iconic movement, the Rotonde de Cartier mysterious hour skeleton watch, writing a new chapter.

   The Rotonde de Cartier watch has a simple and round shape, and its proportions are harmonious. It is an excellent choice for combining two iconic watchmaking techniques. The case of the watch is made of palladium. The diameter of the case is 42 mm and the thickness is 11.9 mm. The dial uses a hollowing process to transform the Roman numerals into a hollowed bridge. Steel hands.

   A palladium bead-shaped crown with a convex round sapphire on top of the crown is the finishing touch of the entire watch.

   Cartier’s pursuit of sensory aesthetics is reflected in every detail. The black crocodile leather strap combines the soft texture with the elegant style of crocodile leather. The 18K white gold folding buckle is comfortable to wear.

   This watch is equipped with a Cartier 9983 MC workshop manual winding refined movement. The movement diameter is 33.64 mm and the thickness is 6.12 mm. It consists of 192 parts and can provide about 48 hours of power reserve. It has both superb technology and unique aesthetics. . This 9983 MC-type movement uses asymmetrical three-dimensional design, showing the dual aesthetics of hollow and mysterious, the Cartier classic style blending with the real world is vividly interpreted. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters.

Summary: Cartier’s watchmaking masters cleverly conceived on the refined movement of Cartier’s 9983 MC workshop, revealing the delicate mechanism of the mysterious movement, showing the secrets of the universe that are usually hidden under the dial. Every detail of the complex movement is clear at the same time, while retaining the mysterious beauty of the movement.
   For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

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Blancpain Classic Hollow Watch

For centuries, watchmakers have carefully crafted and carefully cut the components of the movement in order to perfectly show the source of the power of the timepiece. These painstaking works are given a new aesthetic, through openwork or engraving, highlighting cutting-edge creativity and technological innovation in mechanical watchmaking. Blancpain Glory presents this extraordinary timepiece with both superb craftsmanship and gorgeous appearance, paying tribute to the bold and innovative senior watchmakers. Blancpain classic skeleton watch
    Calibre1333SQ movement is made by hand polishing. This series of movements has always been known for its sturdiness, stability and precision. The movement is equipped with a titanium balance wheel, a winding spring (or Breguet hairspring) and three barrels connected in series, ensuring a power reserve of up to eight days. The 38 mm diameter case is made of white gold with a built-in hollow movement, exquisite decoration and exquisite carving. It is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal mirror and the case back, as if dancing in the air.
    The watchmaker will use the three techniques of hollowing, chamfering (also known as beveling), and engraving to create a harmonious layout and transparent aesthetics inside the movement. In the process of hollowing out, watchmakers have always been adhering to the spirit of exploration, striving to achieve the perfect balance of solid shape and smooth operation. In order to achieve pleasing visual effects, the masters need to use different traditional watchmaking tools, after dozens of hours of uninterrupted filing and chamfering, to polish the movement into an extremely thin and long shape. The arched structure of the forming movement highlights the meticulousness and rigor of this process, revealing the delicate and complicated internal corner carving process. Finally, the sculptor followed the glorious tradition of fine watchmaking, decorating the bridge and the main splint with scroll patterns, perfectly highlighting the arc curves of the barrel, case and bridge, giving the finishing touch to the harmonious beauty of the movement. The entire surface of the movement, and even the thinnest small parts, are carefully carved by hand to show the cutting-edge craftsmanship.
    This watch is extraordinary and dazzling. It perfectly blends openwork, fine decoration and precise timekeeping, which not only enriches the Blancpain Villaleret collection, but also highlights the brand’s fine watchmaking tradition.

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