The 60th Anniversary Of Blancpain’s 60th Anniversary China Tour Exhibition Hangzhou Station Opens

Blancpain Fifty Yuan Hangzhou Outdoor Exhibition Hall Exterior

Industry leader

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is the founder and founder of modern diving watches. Since its birth, it has both safety, reliability, robustness, readability, anti-magnetic and aesthetics. And many other leading advantages, and the many patents and product characteristics it has created and owned so far are regarded as the highest standards and the ultimate pursuit of the modern diving watch industry, which has steadily established its pioneering position in the diving watch industry. Leading innovation and technology and glorious historical achievements in the industry have given Blancpain the Fifty Fathoms series of responsibilities for modern diving watches-standardizing and unifying the diving watch industry standards.

Blancpain relied on its own outstanding patented technology in 1953 to set a set of diving watch specifications, leading the world’s diving watch development standards and trends: 1) lockable to check dive time and remaining oxygen storage Unidirectional rotating bezel with scale; 2) double O-ring seal on the crown to enhance the waterproofness of the case; 3) reduce the number of manual winding crowns and reduce the waterproof system of the crown Worn auto-winding and more. After 40 years of this set of specifications, the diving watch NIHS 92-11 (ISO 6425) standard was formally introduced in 1996, and its content almost coincided with the standard set by Blancpain in 1953. This fully reflects Blancpain’s strong influence and far-reaching leadership in the modern diving watch industry.

 1953 model fifty yuan

In the diving watch industry, Blancpain Fifty 噚 has cooperated with the military of many countries and is the only modern diving watch that has truly experienced actual combat tests. In 1952, Fifty Fathoms defined the industry standard for modern diving watches: 1) Water resistance of the crown: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms has a double ‘O’ ring waterproof crown, sealed for a long time without leakage, apply for and obtain Patent; 2) Water resistance of the case back: Blancpain’s special metal guide groove for placing the spiral back cover ‘O’ ring, double-layer barrier tightly waterproof, apply for and obtain patent; 3) diving Security: Blancpain’s one-way rotating bezel lock system, which accurately displays the underwater environment data, provides reliable judgment basis for divers. This technology has also applied for and obtained patents; 4) readability of the dial : Easy access to dial data is essential for divers. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms uses a dial with a black background and white scales, fluorescent hands and scales, a triangular or diamond-shaped ‘zero’ scale on the rotating bezel; 5) Automatic winding movement: This standard is set because of its It can minimize the wear of the crown and its sealing device by manual winding; 6) Anti-magnetic: Blancpain Fifty Yard uses a soft iron inner case to protect the movement from the influence of residual magnetism; 7) Water resistance: waterproof The depth must reach 100 meters.

 Blancpain Fifty-Nine Hangzhou Outdoor Exhibition Hall Interior

Exquisite exhibits, rich content, romantic stories, and a 5-day exhibition will not only allow you to learn about diving watches in fun, but also make you feel the passion of humans and the ocean, which will definitely bring you You’re refreshed. Whether you are a watch collector, diving watch enthusiast, or an early life pursuit seeker, Blancpain’s 60th anniversary tour of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series is an option not to be missed. Looking forward to your visit!

60th Anniversary of the 60th Anniversary of Blancpain’s China Tour Hangzhou Station

Time: September 11, 2013 to September 15, 2013

Location: Blancpain Hall, Front Plaza, Tower A, Hangzhou Building;

宝 Blancpain watch store on the first floor of Hangzhou Building A

Address: 21 Wulin Square, Hangzhou

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Breitling Transocean Chronograph Introduction

Latest Transocean: A First Class Takeoff

Since the 1950s and 1960s, Breitling has provided the best timepiece tools for conquering the sky.

In 1958, in order to show its most professional level, Breitling released a watch named ‘Transocean’, which was specially made for flight crew.

This high-performance shock-resistant, antimagnetic and super-watertight model was also distinguished by its extremely precise chronometer-certified selfwinding movement. Endowed with an understated and refined design, it soon became a great success and proudly accompanied the boom in transatlantic travel, in an era when the famous Boeing 707, DC-8 and Caravelle aircraft & ndash; three symbols of speed, comfort and security & ndash; were bringing continents closer together than ever.

Limited to 2000 pieces in steel and 2000 pieces in rose gold.

With silver and black dials. With a crocodile leather strap, the female model has a steel strap.

The sapphire glass back makes the Caliber 01 movement stand out.

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