Co-branded Omega Ultraman Speedmaster Chronograph

In July 2018, OMEGA released the Instagram version of Speedmaster ‘Super Manpower King’ on the official online store and caused a commotion in the watch industry. For watch fans, this is a Only fantasy models, whether they are original antique watches or reprinted modern versions, are also hard to find, and for the entire watch market, this is an unprecedented successful case of high-end watch online marketing-watches have been exposed, sold It took less than half a day to complete the sale, and it only took 1 hour, 53 minutes, and 17 seconds to open the sale. This is a big incentive for the watch industry that is eager to develop e-commerce in recent years.

There is no black line in the center of the original orange pin. This should be an additional detail of the replica. The 3 o’clock chronograph minute dial marks the first three minutes in red. Here is a tribute to the setting of the Super Human Overlord’s transformation time of only 3 minutes.

Feature 1: Solve the mystery of Ultraman’s life experience
There have been many discussions about this marketing method in the past six months, this time we want to talk more about the watch itself. The so-called Ultraman is a special version of Superman that appeared in the late 1960s. Its base is the fourth-generation Superman Ref. 145.012, but an orange-red central chronograph second hand has been replaced. Early in the market, there were doubts about the authenticity of this type, because it was neither found in the OMEGA catalogue, nor was it official that it existed. Therefore, at one time, some people suspected that it was a finished product modified by a third party. However, the special Japanese TV drama ‘The Return of Supermanpower Overlord’, which was screened in 1971, proved to some extent the authenticity of this special edition. Superhuman Overlord, or Hong Kong’s early translation of salted egg Superman used to be used in the past, is one of Japan’s most representative subculture Icons. ‘Superhuman Overlord’ is a sequel to its series broadcast in 1971-72. In this work, the monster attack team \\ ‘MAT \\’ appeared. The watch worn by the team members is the fourth-generation Supermaster of this orange needle. Among them, there is a close-up of the watch in the eighth episode, which can be clearly seen. Confirmation is that this section is correct, and its existence has since been confirmed, and players have begun to call this special version ‘Ultraman \\’.

At 9 o’clock, there is a silhouette of the head of Super Human Overlord in the small seconds dial. The silhouette will emit red light when placed in the dark. In addition, the small second hand itself is thicker than the standard, and there is a black arrow pattern on it. This is imitating. Transformer Beta Capsule

Feature 2: The original version dates back to the 1960s
In recent years, OMEGA officials have finally acknowledged the existence of this model, and conducted a survey of the warp and weft that were originally produced, but the facts we can grasp at this stage are still quite limited. I only know that this model should be produced in 1967 and released in 1968. Orange The color pointer is not a modified version of the standard four generations, but a new special. In addition, there were several different surface treatments on the Speedmaster’s faceplate at the time. This method uses a metallic luster.

The hexagonal shape of the watch box is also from the TV series. In addition, the purple light and the detachable needle underneath are the shape of the Beta Capsule, which is the same as the small seconds. appear

Feature 3: The overall design and packaging are echoing the joint theme
The above is almost everything we know about Supermanpower Overlord, and the 2018 reprint is basically based on these characteristics to recreate the details of the watch, except for the orange pointer, and the two straps that match The same color elements have been added. The belt uses orange stitching, while the NATO belt has orange strips on a black background. In addition, the new version also adds a few eggs on the faceplate to the TV series that echoes the original, and even the watch box follows the attached The tapping needles also use the shape of the props in the play, no matter from the perspective of the watch or the special film, the tribute is broken.

OMEGA Speedmaster #SpeedTuesday “Ultraman”

Stainless steel material / 1861 manual winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, screw-in case back / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 42mm / limited 2,012 / reference price: 46,000 RMB

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