130th Anniversary Model Of Seiko Diving Watch

The new SEIKO PROSPEX 1000 M saturation diving watch ‘Blue Whale’ is launched as SEIKO’s 130th anniversary model. SEIKO PROSPEX diving watch has developed an integrated case and exclusive patented L-shaped gasket since 1975 to achieve the world’s most air-tight and water-tight grade. With its unique helium-free characteristics, SEIKO stands in professional sports. The leading position of the watch. The PROSPEX 1000 M saturation diving watch released this time symbolizes the ‘blue whale’ wading in the sea with a blue ceramic protective ring full of ocean atmosphere, and dominates the ocean with the king. The high-brightness Lumibrite luminous paint and the exclusive patented snake-belt strap are designed to meet the needs of deep-sea engineering diving, creating stylish diving watches that are trusted by professionals. There are only 400 watches in the world and 30 in Taiwan. Limited back engraved serial number, is the first choice to combine fashion and professional collections.

Many exclusive patented technologies ‧Create the world’s most fashionable professional diving watch

SEIKO has produced its own diving watches in Japan since 1965. Based on the actual conditions of professional diving, it has created a consistent and practical watch performance. It has developed a series of unique global exclusive technologies, and has obtained a high level of professional diving professionals around the world. trust. In 1975, SEIKO exclusively developed a one-piece case and a patented L-shaped gasket, which effectively blocked helium from entering. While ordinary diving watches emphasized that it can automatically and manually discharge helium, SEIKO has achieved perfect performance without helium.


The SEIKO PROSPEX 130th Anniversary Model “Blue Whale” introduced this time is an integrated case made of hardened titanium and an exclusive patented L-shaped washer, which effectively achieves the lightness, corrosion resistance, durability and highest performance of diving watches. Grade airtight and watertight. Exclusive snake belly strap, which can be automatically scaled by 2 cm under pressure in the sea, providing maximum comfort. Therefore, the named blue patented anti-collision outer ring, with high-hardness ceramic material, not only shows an extraordinary sense of fashion, but also provides a high degree of security against impact. Combining professional and fashionable watch designs, showing SEIKO’s intentions and continuous innovation in this professional field, the unique design emphasizes the uniqueness of commemorative watches, and it is expected to attract the attention of watch lovers again.

Professional integration of fashion ‧The global limited edition is booming again

SEIKO PROSPEX 130th Anniversary Model ‘Blue Whale’ creates a new fashion trend with a professional diving watch. The ocean-like blue anti-collision ceramic outer ring not only provides perfect protection for the watch, but also its bright colors can attract the public. Eyes. Original face plate design provides easy-to-read oversized hands. Decompression diving measurement time is the most important ‘0-20 minutes’, with high brightness Lumibrite environmentally friendly luminous paint provides high visibility. The patented snake-belt strap is printed with ‘Professional He-GAS DIVER & rsquo; S 1000m’, demonstrating its amazing ability to dive 1,000 meters deep. Limited to 400 pieces worldwide and 30 pieces to Taiwan, each with a back-engraved limited number and an exclusive watch box, providing the most memorable collection value, which is bound to set off a wave of collection for watch lovers.

            PROSPEX 1000M Diving Watch (SEIKO 130th Anniversary Model) / Model SBBN021J / Price NT $ 85,000 / 7C46 Quartz Movement / 1000M Diving Exclusive / Titanium Case (IP) / Blue Ceramic Case Protection Ring / Sapphire Crystal / All-in-one case / lockable faucet / SEIKO original snake belly strap / anti-reverse bezel magnetic resistance / LUMIBRITE hands and time / limited to 30 Taiwan

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Bruner Series Appreciation Mido Couple Watch Appreciation

Mido has an obvious architectural style, making its watches very tough and dynamic. The Bruner series continues the Mido architectural style, so today I will introduce a pair of Bruner series lovers watches, which were launched in 2012, men’s M001.431.36.291.12, women’s M001.230.36. 291.12; the price is 9300 RMB and 7000 RMB respectively, let’s take this female model as an example to introduce it in detail.

 The Mido Bruner series also uses architecture as a creative carrier. Its design is inspired by the Chrysler Building in New York. It combines simplicity and boldness through a combination of natural curves and tough elements.
 This watch uses a very classic rose gold case and brown strap to match the appearance. The double calendar (day + date) window at the 3 o’clock position of the watch reveals a little strength and elegance in the entire watch. Shang feels mature and noble.

 This watch is one of the more representative watches in the Mido architectural style. Like the New York Chrysler Building, it looks very modern in appearance. The movement uses the ETA2678 movement, which is commonly used by Mido, which is very reliable. Overall, the design, movement and waterproof features are pretty good. For the price of 7000 yuan, it is a good dress choice, and there is also a 40mm men’s model to match. Choice, friends who like architectural style watches can think about it.
 Watch details: mido / 26723 /

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