Zero-g Tourbillon Watch

Zenith has invented a tourbillon frame like a gyroscope and a horizontal constant escapement, which makes the Zero-G tourbillon device truly achieve the purpose of overcoming the influence of gravity for the first time: it can eliminate any gravity The impact on the movement announced the advent of the ‘gravity-free’ era. Zero-G Tourbillon
    No one can deny that Defy Classic Zero-G is a ‘hierarchical’ watch. Each partition on the dial is not on the same horizontal plane. This layered design dial is impressively stacked with 4 anti-reflective sapphire glass surfaces on it. The hollow tourbillon window at 5 o’clock is dazzlingly gorgeous, but you can’t stare all the time, you will be hypnotized. It’s just that the dial that displays the time at 11 o’clock is mini-sized, and people with poor eyes can really focus on it. Of course, the most commendable part of the Defy Classic Zero-G is its zero-gravity system, which contains an escapement mechanism mounted on the universal joint, similar to the process of a marine gyro instrument. This type of instrument is very sensitive to position changes and always maintains a horizontal position to ensure the best amplitude of the spiral balance.

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