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Blancpain was born in 1735. It is the first registered watch manufacturer in the Swiss ‘Jura Valley’ of watches and clocks, and it is also the world’s oldest watch brand. In the first-line camp of the watch world, Blancpain is an impeccable, low-key and pragmatic member.

Le Brassus watchmaking workshop

Manufacture Blancpain

Today, Blancpain has an extremely rich and complete product line among all high-end watch brands, with more than 500 models leading the industry, covering all complex functions, as well as original features such as Carrousel, Chinese calendar and mechanical depth sounder. At the Grand Prixd’Horlogerie de Genève in the world’s high-end watch industry awards, Blancpain is a home of victories and has won the best ultra-thin watches and the best women’s wrists. Awards such as watches and best craftsmanship reflect comprehensive and outstanding capabilities. In addition, Blancpain often asks for various annual watch watches selected by international authoritative watch magazines, such as & lt; Haute Time & gt; (US version), & lt; Revolution & gt; (US version) and so on.

Blancpain Le Brassus One-Minute Coaxial Carrousel

Villeret Classic Chinese Calendar Year of the Red Rooster

X 噚 Dive Watch

‘After 281 years, we have defined what persistence is.’

Persistence is a lasting passion. In the past three centuries, persisting and rooted in Blancpain’s brand spirit is a strong and unwavering guarantee of status.

• Adhere to the tradition of origin: only mechanical watches. There is no such thing as a quartz watch called Blancpain in the world. Blancpain believed in this. During the quartz storm in the 1970s and 1980s, it focused on the development of mechanical timepieces that combined the full calendar with the moon phase, reviving the complex function of the moon phase. Watch industry, a banner highlighting the encirclement.

• Persist in development and innovation: ‘Innovation is tradition’ is the brand’s DNA. Whether in movement development or process exploration, Blancpain has always led the industry, and continues to develop practical patented technologies from the perspective of the wearer.

• Persist in integrity and autonomy: The word “JB” comes from the abbreviation of founder name Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. And ‘MANUFACTURE’ (watchmaking) is not any watch brand that can be used in the brand logo. It is used to describe a factory that can make watches completely independently, including all links from design, research and development, production, assembly and sales. In addition, in the large and complex watchmaking workshops in the Jura Valley, Blancpain has a brand-owned art master studio that is hard to reach in the industry. It can independently complete all traditional and complicated craftsmanship including gold carving, enamel, and gem setting. , And the use of unique Damascus gold, copper and other unique process innovations applied to watches.
Blancpain’s top watchmaking workshops

• Stick to top quality: Top is not only positioning, but also standard. Blancpain only created a timepiece. It is also outstanding in places that are ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’.
• Persist in the long-term perspective: The market is turbulent, Blancpain adheres to its due price policy, does not sacrifice quality and lower prices, and does not raise prices to improve and optimize the basic standards of watches. At the same time, Blancpain has always adhered to its corporate responsibility, the “Marine Concern” global marine public welfare undertaking, which was officially launched in 2014. In the past two years, Blancpain has supported ten major expeditionary exploration projects, which has increased the total area of ​​marine protected areas worldwide. Doubled (an increase of 3 million square kilometers), and presented many award-winning documentaries, underwater exhibitions and publications to the world. In addition, Blancpain participated in the Only One charity auction in 2001 as the first watch brand. Currently, Only One has developed into the watch event, Only Watch, bringing together global high-end watch brands to jointly target Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Funding for medical research. From beginning to end, Blancpain was never absent.

‘Reaching Out’ by Masa Ushioda on Hawaii Island in 2003.
Published in the 2009 “Fifty Fat Issue”

Unmanned movement speed and quality

Since 2006, Blancpain has launched no less than 35 new movements, which no one else can reach. The powerful Blancpain movement factory, in addition to its own use, also provides movements for other high-end brands, such as the chronograph cal. 1185, known as the world’s top brand mercenary.

Blancpain chronograph cal. 1185

Blancpain’s unique craftsmanship

Blancpain, Damascus gold inlay, metal carving, enamel, and orbital gem inlay are incorporated into Blancpain’s complex watchmaking workshop. Among them, copper from East China and Damascus gold from Syria are exclusive to Blancpain.

Complete art concepts, comprehensive art techniques, and inspiration from all over the world (landscapes, legends, totems, etc.) make Blancpain’s craft watches become true “masters of art”.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Collection Watch

The secret of Blancpain’s complexity lies in the art of overlay and layout. The superposition of functions and functions, for example, the Carrousel Tourbillon watch, presents two speed-regulating devices on one dial, which is extremely tense. The superposition of craftsmanship and craftsmanship, such as the Ganesha-themed orphan watch, combines three complicated craftsmanship of Damascus gold setting, metal carving and red copper. The superposition of functions and craftsmanship, for example, the Chinese calendar black enamel dial watch, contains both the industry’s first movement and the most difficult pure-color enamel craftsmanship.

Blancpain Villeret classic series copper craft watch: Ganesha

Sincere, for the wearer

Blancpain is a sincere brand. Taking Changdong Power as an example, Blancpain has always regarded it as a ‘basic complication’ and integrated it into more than 80% of the brand’s watches. At present, the best manifestation of its long-power production strength is the tourbillon movement that achieves a 12-day power reserve with a single barrel. In addition, while the complexity of the watch has increased, Blancpain can still keep the watch at a thickness that is comfortable for the wearer. The patented design of hidden adjustment device, movement safety protection device, etc., all solve the problems that actually occur during the wearing process.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Series 12 Day Long Power Tourbillon

Most popular full-calendar moon phases

The first Blancpain watch that fans most want to own is the Blancpain moon phase. Blancpain combines the phases of the moon with the three calendars (month, day, and week) to reflect a complete, classic concept of time. In the quartz storm of the 1970s and 1980s, Blancpain focused on the development of products combining full calendar and moon phases. It was considered by later generations to be a banner that guided the traditional mechanical watchmaking industry and highlighted the encirclement. Therefore, the six personalized and memorable ‘phases of the moon’, like Blancpain’s second logo, are found on Blancpain’s six major products.

Today, Blancpain has more than 60 watch models with moon phase function. Blancpain’s full moon phase is not only time-conscious, but also contains industry sentiment. At the same time, it has a strong and rich family support. It is the most classic moon phase watch. It contains the brand’s signature aesthetic elements, both a classic moon phase and a classic Blancpain.

Blancpain’s classic moon phase emoji

The well-known fifty

Fifty Fathoms Fifty Fathoms series, adhere to the status of pioneer and luxury equipment. Unlike other diving watches, the Fifty Fathoms is unique in its ritual sense and highlights professionalism. This is due to the fact that since its birth in 1952, it has become the designated equipment of multinational naval forces, and it is the only ‘Iron Blood’ diving watch that has been tested in actual combat.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Tourbillon

Blancpain signature aesthetics

The Villeret classic series adheres to Blancpain’s signature classic aesthetics. Its signature elements include: round double-layer bezel, lancet needles, snake-shaped blue steel hands, embossed Roman numerals, lugs and crown. Elegant, harmonious, classic, ‘one point is too fat, one point is thin’ is the most commonly used description of Villeret by table friends, is the generalization of Blancpain’s aesthetics, only a gentleman can be interpreted.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Full Moon Phase Watch

Blancpain’s ‘Da Na’ style

Le Brassus series of giants, insisting on leading the industry’s big complexity, can best show Blancpain’s ‘dana’ style. The eccentric floating tourbillon pioneered by Blancpain, the one-minute coaxial car Russell developed, the upgraded three questions with a one-turn semi-reed spring, and the exquisite and elegant time equations are all from this series.

A pioneering collection for men

L-evolution pioneered the series, insisting on visual breakthrough and material exploration, which best reflects Blancpain’s modern sense. This series are all men’s watches, with dynamic appearance and advanced materials. In this series, the most famous model is the Super Trofeo dual flyback chronograph watch jointly created by Blancpain and Lamborghini.

Blancpain L-evolution series large date double-tracking flyback chronograph

Women’s watch, start a lifelong dialogue with noble women

Women’s series, adhere to full machinery. Every inch from the movement is born only for women. It pays great attention to the balance between the fine movement and the elegant appearance. It never emphasizes one too much, and always strives for the perfect fusion of the two, and guarantees that each reaches the highest level. The beauty of the shape, the essence of the core, is designed for women who have higher pursuits. For example, the ladybird Ladybird, when it was born, was the smallest circular mechanical watch in the world, and once led the trend of small watch women’s watches. Sixty years later, the Lady Bird watch is still popular, and its new Cal. 6150 movement is still one of the smallest self-winding movements in the world.

Blancpain 60th Anniversary Edition Lady’s Bird Watch

Kingly Leader Series

The Léman leader series insists on combining the elegance of the king and the temperament of sports to highlight the strong unique personality. The round double bezel design reproduces the brand’s classic elements, while the dial and strap are modern. This series has introduced many complication watches, such as the perpetual calendar flyback chronograph. At the same time take a personalized route, to provide world travelers with a variety of practical functions, such as GMT alarm clock. The Léman series watch is very popular with the manly ‘tough guy president’ Putin. The limited edition ‘Scuba’ big calendar watch is often on his wrist.

Putin wears Blancpain Léman watch

Fans of Blancpain

Celebrities who like Blancpain include cultural celebrity Liang Wendao, financial writer Wu Xiaobo, performance artist Feng Yuanzheng, actor Wu Xiubo, singer Li Jian, Russian President Putin, Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt, and ‘Godfather’ director Coppola. In history, Hollywood superstar Garbo and Monroe were once fans of Blancpain women’s watches.

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How About Oris Watches? How About Oris?

About Oris
  Oris, a Swiss watch brand. In the early twentieth century, Cattin and Christian established the Oris watch factory. During World War II, Oris designed a large crown watch for the US Air Force and its pilots, thus becoming a well-known brand. Since 1904, Oris has insisted on creating truly perfect mechanical watches with traditional Swiss craftsmanship, which is loved by the younger generation. Most Oris watches are priced between $ 400 and $ 800, and many can afford them. Oris’ mechanical timepiece series are equipped with a variety of special designs to meet the needs of different people, such as pointer calendar indicator, small three hands and alarm clock.
  1904 Early 20th century, Paul
Cattin and Georges Christian, the two set up the Oris watch factory in Hölstein, Switzerland. In 1925, Oris opened its own electroplating factory. In 1938, the production of the legendary pointer calendar began a new milestone in the history of Oris. Since then, the pointer calendar has been one of the Oris series. In 1949 Oris created high-quality alarm clocks. The first alarm clock that requires a clockwork every eight days. Today, such alarm clocks are still used. In 1952, the first automatic movement with power reserve, cal.
601.1966 World-renowned, reliable and durable Oris
Automatic movement cal with 25 stone lever escapement.
The 645 is officially launched. In 1968, Oris’s cal cal.
652 won the Observatory Certificate issued by the Neuchâtel Observatory, representing one of the finest and most accurate timepieces. 1970 Oris and Dubois
The Depraz factory cooperated to develop and produce the first chronograph watch. In 1988, Oris launched the first limited-edition mechanical alarm watch. The last movement of this series was originally A.
Manufactured by Schild company, modified by Oris, assembled in elegant case. In 1989, 51 years after the advent of the first analog calendar, Oris introduced a new style of automatic calendar calendar. Players is a watch that can count and count. This combination of watch and counting function is based on a patent owned by Ferdinand Surdez, which was developed by Oris and produced in limited production. In 1991, Oris launched the first watch. Affordable complication automatic watch. In addition to displaying the hours, minutes and seconds, you can also see the moon phase profit and loss, the date, the day of the week and the time in the second time zone on the watch. As a result, it went on sale worldwide as soon as it went on sale. In 1993, Oris successfully developed and launched a new cal.
640, this movement is characterized by a small second dial at 9 o’clock, with an analog calendar. In 1994 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of Oris factory, a special limited edition of 90 18K rose gold commemorative watches was launched, each The watches are individually numbered. In 1995, cal.
Based on the 640 movement, Oris introduced the multi-type correction watch, which is the first wristwatch to display the hours, minutes, and second hands on the same horizontal line. 1996 is a new milestone in Oris’ marketing strategy because Oris participated in a major sponsorship event for the first time: Oris London Jazz Festival. At the same time, Oris and Jazz’s inseparable long-term relationship was opened.In 1997 Oris launched the cal cal.
690 world time zone table, it is the first time in the world to display different times with two faceplates, combined with time adjustment buttons. In the same year, Jules, the world time zone watch with an observatory movement, is launched
Verne limited to 250 pieces. In 1998, Oris launched an all-steel series mechanical watch. This rough design watch features a large number of stainless steel cases and bracelets. 1999 Oris BC3-Large Crown Series , A newly designed flight watch, first listed.
  When the Oris XXL column was launched in 2000, it created excellent results in the market. As its name suggests, this model is seen in an oversized size. Oris launched its new models in three different sizes and movements for the first time. In 2001, the accompanying large crown TT1 was launched, adding new power to the Oris series. Stainless steel with black rubber upper ring embossed by Formula One tires. In 2002, the new Miles series was launched. Limited to 750, Oris sets a new paradigm for Kuya. Oris is also working with Formula One driver Allan
McNish cooperation. In 2003, Oris signed an exclusive watch partner contract with Formula One BMW Williams. And launched 2003’s success-limited edition WilliamsF1
Team CHRONOGRAPH.Artelier artist series models, unique case design with a completely different movement. In 2004, Oris launched the 1904 anniversary limited edition to celebrate the 100th anniversary, including the art plus stainless steel strap in the world time zone. Schumacher becomes Oris at BMW
The new spokesperson for WilliamsF1 Team and launched a small Schumacher limited chronograph. 2005 Oris extended with WilliamsF1
Team contract and launched 2 new limited edition watches, Oris
WilliamsF1 Team left crown limited watch and Oris Mark Weber limited chronograph. Oris designed a great artist Frank Sinatra series watch. This design is inspired by the classic series. The design of the radial structure dial and the unique collection of Broadway-style numbers evokes the spirit of the 60 years.
How about Oris watches
  Netizen evaluation one: Oris is a traditional Swiss brand and one of the main second-tier brands. In my opinion, it is still okay, especially if you can buy a good floor watch for 10,000 yuan. It is still very cost-effective. In fact, Swiss There are so many watch brands, and many professional connoisseurs may not know it.
  Comments from netizens 2: The red automatic disk symbolizing high-quality and high-precision mechanical movements. Open your Oris watch, and you can immediately see that Oris is the leader in mechanical watch brands. From the case back, you can clearly see the mechanical movement that has been running in the center for more than a century. Oris is rooted in the Swiss watchmaking tradition. We have produced our own movements in the Hostein factory for more than a century. During this time, watchmakers refined their skills and developed several new and successful movements. Therefore, Oris not only infused the field of mechanical watches with faith, but also will lead the trend in the future. Among the current popular models of Oris, they are equipped with a mechanical automatic movement based on an original concept, achieving superb watches with both quality and art.
  Netizen evaluation 3: Swiss century-old watchmaking brand ORIS has always maintained close cooperation with various professional fields. In addition to continuous design of innovative performance watches, it has a passion for pure craftsmanship and provides consumers with better services. With quality as its purpose, it has cultivated major markets for many years and established the image of mechanical watch experts in the hearts of consumers, which is widely loved by consumers.
  Netizen evaluation 4: ORIS Oris is a Swiss mid-to-low-end brand. It is still relatively expensive to sell in China. I remember that a shop clerk told me when selling watches that when Chinese national leaders visited Switzerland, they sent It was Oris, but the watch I looked at was just average, using ETA movement.
  Netizen’s evaluation five: The movement is not polished. It is accurate when travelling. Thanks to ETA, Oris has a good appearance. If you really like the look, you think the price is not worth it.
  Netizen evaluation 6: I can’t accept the small watch and small core, but I still don’t understand
  Comments from netizens 7: Oris watches belong to three types of products: cheap products with ETA basic core, but the quality is guaranteed, authentic manufacturer brands, the price is mostly less than 10,000 yuan, for playing watches …
Oris Popular Watches Recommended
Oris Oris
Classic Series 01
733 7594 4091-07 5 20 11

Number: 01
733 7594 4091-07 5 20 11
Series: Culture
Style: Automatic, 42 mm
Material: stainless steel, multi-piece stainless steel case
RMB: ¥
Movement model: Cal.733
Number of gems: 26
Power reserve: 38 hours
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Material: Belt
Back penetration: back penetration
Water resistance: 50 meters
Function: Date display

Oris Flight Series 01
581 7566 4061-07 5 19 53

Number: 01
581 7566 4061-07 5 19 53
Series: Flight
Style: Automatic, 38 mm
Material: stainless steel, multi-piece stainless steel case
RMB: ¥
Movement model: Cal.581
Number of gems: 17
Power reserve: 38 hours
Appearance correction
Table mirror material: plastic table mirror
Strap Material: Belt
Back penetration: back penetration
Water resistance: 50 meters
Function: date display, day of the week display, moon phase, dual time zone
Further reading: More Oris watch information query
Oris Price
Air Racing Silver Lake Limited Watch
Team Skeleton Engine Calendar


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All Functions Of Audemars Piguet Watch Movement

More than 120 years ago, Audemars Piguet has begun to produce complex clock devices. Today, Audemars Piguet is one of the few watch factories in Switzerland that still manufactures its own movements. Today, I will introduce to you the movements of Audemars Piguet perpetual calendar, moon phases, dual time zones and other functional watches.
Audemars Piguet Sunrise & Sunset Movement

 The Audemars Piguet Calibre 2120/2808 model is the world’s first watch movement to display sunrise and sunset in consideration of both latitude and longitude. It is calibrated according to the location chosen by the wearer. The sunrise and sunset times are the times when the sun actually rises and falls at sea level, and conforms to the general concept of winter time.
Audemars Piguet Camera Core

 The Audemars Piguet astronomical moon phase display allows the wearer to appreciate the change in profit and loss of the Earth’s satellite. The watch will continue to run without any further manual adjustments over a period of 122 years and 44 days.
Audemars Piguet Time Equation Movement

 The time interval for the Sun to cross the meridian of the same location twice in a year is not the same. Only four times a year is exactly 24 hours. Other time intervals are longer or shorter than 24 hours. Based on the latitude and longitude of the wearer’s specified location, the time equation represents the difference between the mean solar time and the apparent solar time (true solar time).
Audemars Piguet dual time zone movement

 In 1990, Audemars Piguet created the first watch driven by a single self-winding caliber calibre 2229/2845, which displays the time in the second time zone.
Audemars Piguet & Date Movement

The simplest complication on a watch is the date display. Day of the week & date dual display adds the display of the day to the complication of the date display.
Audemars Piguet Perpetual Calendar Movement

 The design and production of the perpetual calendar watch was a cornerstone of the founding partnership between Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet in 1875. This type of timepiece is a major feature of the brand’s current work. The perpetual calendar is undoubtedly one of the main complications of Audemars Piguet’s mastery. It can display the day of the week, month, and year, while taking into account the length of different days of the month and leap years. This means that the wearer does not need to make any manual adjustments before March 1, 2100.
 It is these well-made and exquisitely crafted movements that have created the quality of Audemars Piguet watches.

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Jacques Dross Moon Phase Watch Sharing The Romance And Mystery Of The Moonlit Night

The bright and bright moon in the vast night sky has been chanted by countless people, whether it is the ‘calling a white jade plate’ in the mouth of Lixian Li or the ‘solitary moon ring in the bright air’ by Zhang Ruoxu, the dance steps reveal The silence, romance and mystery of the moon and sky give infinite reverie. Jaquet Droz invites the bright moon again this fall, bringing the mother-of-pearl moon phase watch and the ivory large open flame enamel watch. The round face of the watch is like the most poetic dream, and the most elegant interpretation of the moon The quality is exposed, and the person is shocked.

  As a veritable pioneering work in the horological industry, Jacques Dro Moon Phase Watches, in addition to displaying the date, month, and year, are also equipped with moon phase profit and loss display for all astronomers, explorers and artists. On the dial, a moon inspired by a nineteenth-century engraving print appears behind the disc with a smiley face. Day after day, the moon phase indicator shows the latest moon phase in the early morning hours, guarding this remarkable timepiece in its unique form. With outstanding mechanical properties and pleasing visual enjoyment, the watch shows its extremely pure and extreme beauty. Eight glittering stars embellish it, and its design is inspired by the lucky numbers of the watch factory, but also by Jacques Dro’s precious star logo.

  The Eclipse Mother-of-Pearl watch also presents complex timepiece functions in new dimensions. This iconic watch has been redesigned with a 39mm diameter to meet the expectations of brand followers.
  In addition to the time, date, day of the week, and month display, the golden moon round at six o’clock with the opening and closing of white mother-of-pearl reveals the moon. The moon appears or disappears, and the light and shade overlap until it disappears completely. The entire dial is dotted with a beautiful view of the sky with 8 stars (8 is the lucky number of the brand).
  The light of diamonds inlaid in the white gold case and the exquisite dial pattern of this new moon phase watch complement each other and sparkle, giving the fans of poetic watches an elegant charm that has been washed through the chain.
  Mother-of-pearl moon phase watch technical parameters
  Number: J012614570
  Dial: White mother-of-pearl dial
  Case: 18K white gold case set with 248 diamonds (1.68 carats)
  Diameter: 39 mm
  Movement: 39 mm self-winding movement
  Power reserve: 68 hours
  Functions: Central hour and minute hands and date display, date and month window at 12 o’clock, moon phase display at 6 o’clock
  Strap: Grey hand-rolled satin strap

  The Eclipse Ivory Enamel watch is a tribute to Jacques Droda’s pinnacle of high-end watches and craftsmanship in a pure and acute aesthetic perspective, in the shock of classicist patterns and patterns. The first is the ‘Grand Feu’ dial. The brand’s know-how born in time and night requires the craftsmen’s extreme focus and precise control of the weather, which are essential for casting this dial, which is unique in color and texture. On this beautiful ‘white paper’, 8 stars and a bright moon are engraved in red gold. Design inspiration from the 18th century exemplifies the origin of the brand and its preference for decorative arts since the Enlightenment. The beautiful stars in the night are faintly visible behind a white onyx carved hairspring adjuster, bringing the intricate poetry to every transformation of the moon phase display.
  This visual feast of Seiko’s complex timepieces comes with endless luxury. The day and month display windows are located on the upper part of the dial, while an elegant snake-shaped hand with a crescent on top indicates the date along a circle of red gold case. The slender hour and minute hands also rotate in the same path, and the sharp contours and classic lines highlight the outstanding harmony of this watch.
  Technical parameters of the big ivory enamel watch
  Number: J012633203
  Dial: White Grande Feu large enamel dial
  Case: 18K red gold case and inlay
  Diameter: 39 mm
  Movement: automatic winding movement
  Power reserve: 68 hours
  Functions: Central hour and minute hands and date display, date and month window at 12 o’clock, moon phase display at 6 o’clock
  Strap: black hand-rolled crocodile leather strap

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