Three Epson Style Watches, Do You Get It? And Listen To How Mr.Q Says

On December 2nd, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. held an innovation conference and autumn media day conference to launch the RUNSENSE series sports watches, Smart Canvas time series theme watches, Oriental Double Lions mechanical wrist Watch three series of watches, announced that Epson officially entered the Chinese wearable market.

   Maybe you are surprised that Epson, a printer, enters the wearable market. Is it reliable?
   In fact, Epson’s development is inextricably linked to time:
   To print time, Epson created printers;
   In order to display time, Epson developed LCD technology;
   For development time, Epson has component technology;
   In order to make time, Epson made robots ahead of the curve.
   The famous radio host Mr.Q, who is also racing against time, said that he has a famous saying: no matter what activities, as soon as the opening, time is not enough. This time, we changed roles and started talking with the famous radio host Mr. Q.

   Epson: Watches are more than just a timing tool for us, and sometimes they reflect our identity. So what kind of watch will move you?
   Mr.Q: The development of watches has become all-encompassing and categorized today, but at this time, being able to achieve refinement and refinement in a certain field can actually impress people who wear it.

   Epson: We generally talk about the commemorative and anniversary models of products. The first reaction is that it gives a grand meaning. What do you think? Will it be collected?
   Mr.Q: I think the opposite is true. As soon as you hear how many anniversary models, you will have a classic retro feel and choose to collect.
   Epson: Tell us about your impression of the 65th Anniversary of the Oriental Double Lions Oriental Star.
   Mr.Q: In the design of this watch, some arcs and cutouts are added at 2 and 9 o’clock to form an irregular smiley face. You will find this brand and this product. There is no commemorative model that sounds old-fashioned. It is a way of expressing gratitude for your support along the way. Secondly, it also makes you feel particularly good when you see it every day, because wearing a watch is a very intimate thing to contact with him every day. When you see this smiley face, you will feel that it reflects the gentleman’s sense of style and style, but also feels like-minded with this product. I think it understands the hearts of consumers.

   Epson: We all know that you also love sports when you are not working. Some friends with Wang Yiliang often play tennis. Do you have any choices for sports equipment?
   Mr.Q: In addition to the items we usually need, I think it is easy for everyone to overlook an usually important piece of equipment-sports watches. We need healthy exercise, we need to understand our real-time exercise heart rate, and understand the state of the entire exercise. Even as a host, I may want to know whether exercise consumes fat, etc. In fact, the heart rate sports watch should also become a piece of equipment that everyone attaches importance to.
   Epson: Do you have any requirements for the choice of sports watches?
   Mr.Q: I think the choice is mainly two aspects: one is convenience. After wearing, I want to know the state of my whole movement at the first time, and see the relevant data very quickly. The other is precision.

   Epson: Does it help to wear Epson RUNSENSE professional sports watch?
   Mr.Q: RUNSENSE’s high-precision photoelectric heart rate monitoring function provides me with real-time heart rate data very professionally. You can also measure sleep, mood and other data by heart rate. You can choose the data you prefer to set on the homepage, which makes it clear and convenient. When the heart rate is high, the watch will vibrate and will remind you to pay attention to healthy exercise.
   Epson: Did the sleep data mentioned earlier change your life?
   Mr.Q: Many people have worn smart bracelets, which can monitor the quality of your sleep. One thing that I do n’t understand is that I have to plug my bracelet into my computer every day or connect it with the mobile phone’s Bluetooth to see it. I slept well last night. To be honest, at this time, I might as well sleep for a while. So it’s completely meaningless because no one will really spend so much time doing these things. Therefore, the RUNSENSE sleep measurement function can be accurately and quickly reflected.
   With the improvement of living standards and the development of technology, watches are no longer as simple as a timing tool. Products of various styles and functions are emerging endlessly. Wear different watches on different occasions, different identities, and different times. . Epson born of watch, with the attitude of innovation and challenge, launched the RUNSENSE series of professional sports watches, Smart Canvas time theme series watches, Oriental Shuangshi mechanical watches three series of watches, have you got it?

RUNSENSE professional sports watch

Smart Canvas Time Theme Theme Watch

Oriental Double Lion Mechanical Watch

   In the future, Epson will continue to innovate and challenge in four major fields, including the wearable field, deeply explore the needs of Chinese users, leverage its accumulated experience in watch manufacturing, and continuously improve the timing and sensing accuracy to provide users with full personality And stylish products!

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