Pioneer Material Leads Watch Fashion Swiss Radar Lands On Tmall Double Eleven Global Trends Ceremony

(Shanghai, China-October 2018) Pioneering watch brand RADO Swiss Radar succeeded in opening the official online flagship store in collaboration with Tmall, a shopping platform owned by Alibaba Group, last year, setting off luxury watch online consumption After the new trend, it will land on the Tmall Double Eleven Global Trends Festival for the first time, and usher in a brand-new chapter in the field of e-commerce with pioneering and innovative spirit.

  The Tmall Double Eleven Global Trends Festival is the most popular offline annual event of Tmall. It includes many first-class fashion and lifestyle brands at home and abroad. It integrates shows, performances and exhibitions to interpret the trend of life in an interactive fashion show. trend. From October 20th to 21st, 2018, the RADO Swiss radar watch, which debuted at the Tmall Double Eleven Global Trends Festival, will bring a new visual interactive journey in Beijing Water Cube, presenting the art of fusion of materials and design in In front of the audience. On the afternoon of October 20th, RADO Swiss Rado will be live broadcast in the exhibition hall to introduce consumers to RADO’s watch masterpieces, watch maintenance knowledge and matching secrets; then consumers can also click through the live broadcast platform to enter RADO Swiss Rado watches official flagship store, timely access to RADO Swiss Rado double eleven explosion models list, and enjoy shopping while watching.
  This time it appeared at the Rado Swiss Radar exhibition hall on Tmall’s Double Eleven Global Trends Festival. The design is sophisticated and the style is outstanding. From it to the development of the brand and the fascination of many award-winning timepiece masterpieces, you can also deepen the exploration and understanding of the brand’s characteristics through a lively and interesting interactive experience: here, you will learn about many unknown high-tech ceramic Excellent characteristics and complex and delicate quenching process. The newly launched CERAMOSTM cermet watch fully demonstrates the brand’s excellent control of high-tech ceramics. This amazing material developed by RADO is composed of about 90% high-tech ceramics and about 10% metal alloys. It not only has the outstanding characteristics of high-tech ceramics’ lightness and wear resistance, but also shines luxurious metallic luster. In the RADO showroom, you can enjoy the extraordinary beauty of this masterpiece of material and the latest Diamond PA series CERAMOSTM metal ceramic automatic mechanical watch.

  Mr. Matthias Breschan, Global CEO of Rado Swiss Rado, said, ‘Tmall is an important strategic partner of Rado Swiss Rado. Through active dialogue, we have reached an agreement and will continue to develop in-depth cooperation. Good start. Through the brand’s distinctive style of display and interactive experience, we hope to bring a unique brand experience to Chinese consumers, and pass on RADO’s pioneering and innovative spirit and brand advantages in materials and design to consumers. ‘

  Over the years, RADO has been focusing on the unremitting innovation and pursuit of materials and design. With its excellent control, it has created one masterpiece after another. So far, it has won more than 40 international design awards. With the active promotion of diversified platforms, RADO hopes to work with Tmall to bring a new shopping experience to the new generation of domestic consumers.

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