Women’s Unique Large Dials Two Oversized Watches Women’s Watches Recommended

Ms. Are relatively thinner, and many women choose pocket watches with round or barrel-shaped dials when they choose a watch. In fact, when a woman wears a large-diameter watch, the effect is also very good. The large watch diameter is in sharp contrast with the thin wrists and thin body, which sets off the petite beauty of women, and also shapes the style of the atmosphere virtually! Today Xiaobian brings you two large watch ladies watches.
  Le Méridien Bentao PT6318-SS001-330 watch

  When it comes to Amy, you will think of two of its most popular series: ingenuity and Ben Tao. This eccentric moon phase watch from the Bentao series is full of manliness, and the 42mm oversized dial will not make people think that this is a female watch. The eccentric dial design of this watch brings a bit of fun and an alternative harmony of beauty. The sun and moon turntable at the bottom right corner has both the sun and the moon. The haze and bright sapphire crystals are used to separate the day and night conditions.
  For detailed reference of the watch: Da Vinci Automatic IW452314
  In the late 1960s, inspired by Da Vinci’s pioneering mindset, IWC launched a new model developed in the name of Da Vinci. The 35.6 x 42.5 mm tonneau-shaped case with a large, clear date display. The stainless steel version with a blue strap and red gold-plated hands exudes elegance with a silver-plated dial. The Da Vinci automatic watch is equipped with a caliber 30130, making it the perfect companion for your wrist wherever you go.
  Watch details reference: Summary: These two are large-diameter ladies’ watches, petite girls can try to match them, and they will definitely receive surprising results. If there is a large picture frame on a very small face, it really makes people look brighter. Of course, full-bodied women are also suitable, and they are more dynamic!

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