2012 Cartier International Polo China Challenge Beijing Staged Fiercely

Following the Royal Palace of Windsor in the UK, St. Moritz in Switzerland and Dubai in the UAE, the Cartier International Polo Challenge entered a new stop on the global journey-Beijing. On October 14, 2012, the ‘2012 Cartier International Polo China Challenge’ kicked off at the Tang Polo Equestrian Club on the Wenyu River in Beijing. On the same day, famous actors Hu Jun, Li Yapeng and famous host Chen Luyu came to help out. 2012 Cartier International Polo China Challenge Beijing staged fiercely Hu Jun Li Yapeng Chen Luyu
    As a sport event with unique royal descent, polo has always attracted the attention of celebrities, opinion leaders and elites from all over the world. Cartier, as a jeweller brand known as ‘Emperor’s Jeweler, Jeweler’s Emperor’, has been associated with polo as early as 1983 and now has a history of nearly 30 years. The match scene also showed the origin of the two through three major themes-‘the long-standing royal heritage’, ‘the king of passionate sports’ and ‘wonderful chic polo style’, The display area presents elegant top hats and gorgeous clothes specially designed by outstanding designers at home and abroad
Cartier Team Wins 2012 Cartier International Polo China Challenge
    The exciting championship battle officially unveiled in the limelight. Cartier, composed of the first Chinese polo Liu Shilai, the Argentine polo elite Juan Jose Brane, Ramiro Garcia Dana, and Swiss pro Adriano Agosti, advanced to the final with a strong posture and engaged in fierce competition with opponents. In the end, the Cartier team was superior and won the 2012 Cartier International Polo China Challenge Championship.

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