Spicy Mom’s True Story Chaomo’s Postmodern Life

A few days ago, Chao Ma Yao Chen, who made her postpartum debut, attended the ‘2013 BAZAAR Star Charity Night’. She made her grand debut with a sexy and hot mom that day, sexy and pretty, but showing a happy and charming state full of motherhood because she is a mother. Nowadays, fashionable hot moms are on the rise, foreign hot moms have already grabbed the limelight, and domestic hot moms have their heads on the Kangzhuang Avenue where hot moms are passing on.

 Sexy hot mom-Yao Chen

 Today, Yao Chen is no longer the carefree Guo Furong in ‘Wu Lin Wai Zhuan’, nor Wang Cuiping, who is ignorant but dedicated to the revolution in ‘Hidden’; today Yao Chen is the ‘microblog queen’ in the social circle and is a favorite of fashion big names ‘Fashion Queen’; Yao Chen, who is now a mother, has a better reputation as ‘Fashion Hot Mom’. At the ‘2013 BAZAAR Star Charity Night’ held a few days ago, Yao Chen, who debuted for the first time after the birth, wore a small black dress with Chanel 2013 autumn and winter series, a perfume bag of the same brand, a Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet and Cartier Paris Sina The tide series ring, for the first postpartum interpretation of the flirtatious sexy hot mom.

 Yao Chen’s return after giving birth is temporarily unknown, but before she became pregnant, Yao Chen had already joined the ranks of ‘Fashion Queen’. Acted in a number of fashion-themed film and television works, became the cover girl of major fashion magazines, walked around major fashion shows to show people her fashion taste. Lafayette invited her to take promotional photos for Chanel Première watches. In front of the camera, she played a lady like a camellia; she attended the Vera Wang 2013 spring and summer fashion show, took a photo with designer Wang Weiwei in the background, and won the designer Giving away wedding dresses is so enviable to the majority of women.

 Yao Chen, who was pregnant, did not completely fade out of the public’s sight. She took pictures of pregnant women for fashion magazines. Yao Chen, who had a big belly, still had a bright smile on her mouth, but she also had a few more feelings of happiness.

Distinguished Hot Mom-Sun Yan

 A few days ago, the 41st International Emmy Awards announced the nomination list. Sun Yan was shortlisted for the best actress with ‘Harem • Zhen Huan Biography’ (‘Zhen Huan Biography’). The awards ceremony will be held in New York on November 25th. At that time, Sun Yan will compete with the British actor Sheridan Smith, Swedish actor Lotta Tejle, and Brazilian actor Ferrando Montenegro for the ‘sight behind’ crown.

 Long before being shortlisted, this fashionable hot mom has also become an idol-level figure in the ranks of hot moms. The recent hit drama ‘The True Story of Hot Moms’, the young master who played well in ‘Zhen Huan Biography’ in the past, ‘Time and Space Travel’ , Playing a fashionable white-collar worker rolling in a fashion magazine, ‘Loli’s Hot Mom Heart’ is Sun Huang’s best portrayal in the play. In real life, Sun Yan, who has long been among the ranks of hot moms, still looks beautiful and has become the spokesperson for the watch brand Movado Cerena Cerena series. A smart short hair styling attended various endorsement activities, a handsome and fresh image of the tide mom shocked the audience.

Sweet and Hot Mom-Miranda Kerr

 I believe readers are very familiar with this sweet and hot mom, but this year she did something that made all fans of Victoria’s Secret feel sad and sorry. In April this year, she confirmed her withdrawal from ‘Victoria’s Secret’. Her round apple face subverted the aesthetics of the model’s thin and pointed face. She is the most popular Victoria’s Secret Angel. She has the envy of women around the world. The fairy tale marriage of the golden boy and girl, she has angelic cute baby, she is active in major fashion shows and fashion magazines, and the sweet shape symbolizes the fashion industry.

 Recently, in addition to pulling her cute little son from time to time to cross the road, she has also become the spokesperson for Swarovski jewelry, shooting series of posters and promotional movies, showing a graceful style, and interpreting the eternal moist theme of jewelry.

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Wisdom Treasure Crosses The Sea Of ​​culture Bulgari Supports The Ricci Dictionary Promotion Association

The Bvlgari brand of the Italian jewellery family strongly supports the Ricci Dictionary Promotion Association, builds a bridge of exchanges between Eastern and Western cultures, and enriches historical and cultural prosperity with wisdom gems. Today, Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, Antoine Pin, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China and Australia, Hubert Bazin, Vice Chairman of Ricci Dictionary Promotion Association, and Chia-Lin Coispeau, Deputy Director of China National Museum Chen Lusheng Attended the Exchange Luncheon at Beijing Art 8. At the former site of the Sino-French University, which is known as the sacred place for the exchange of Chinese and French academic circles, many well-known media and cultural enthusiasts from across the country have come here to cheer the charming moment of Chinese and Western cultural exchanges.

Chen Lusheng, Deputy Director of the National Museum of China, Chia-Lin Coispeau, Vice Chairman of the Ricci Dictionary Development Association, Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bvlgari, Hubert Bazin, Vice President of the Ricci Dictionary Development Association, Director of Bulgari Greater China and Australia General manager Antoine Pin attended the exchange lunch
 Chinese and Western cultures have achieved great development in collision and blending with each other, and they have shown an unparalleled positive effect among civilizations that are geographically separated. Going back to 1601, Emperor Shenzong allowed the famous Italian Renaissance scholar Matteo Ricci to reside in Beijing. Later, he met legendary officials and scientists Xu Guangqi in a legendary acquaintance and became the most important turning point in their lives. Matteo Ricci spread Western scientific knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, geography, etc. The first six volumes of Reid’s The Original Geometry. As transmitters of culture and knowledge, they played the prelude to the cultural exchange between China and the West for the next 400 years. Today, the cooperation between Bulgari and the Ricci Dictionary Promotion Association will once again write an important piece for this cultural exchange.

Matteo Ricci and Xu Guangqi
 As a representative brand in Italy, Bulgari has always been an important driving force behind world-renowned cultural institutions, tirelessly promoting dialogue and understanding between different cultures. Since its establishment in 1884, Bulgari has been committed to the promotion of Italian aesthetics. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was inextricably bound up with Chinese culture and applied the elements of Chinese jade to jewelry design. Since entering the Chinese market, brand designers have continued to interpret oriental culture and Chinese elements. Jewelry and watches represented by Diva, Giardini, Octo and other series have been inspired by Chinese culture. The profound accomplishments of Bvlgari artists and master craftsmen have reproduced the dazzling cultural essence behind oriental civilization in the jewellery. Bulgari actively participates in the protection of various material cultures, and strongly supports the renovation of the Roman Baths of Caracalla and the Spanish Steps. Bulgari has also collaborated with many well-known Chinese and foreign artists and has presented unparalleled performances.

Bvlgari founder Sotirio Bulgari

Bulgari Rome’s Condotti Global Flagship Store
 The seven volumes of the Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law condenses the crystallization of cultural exchanges between China and the West for more than 400 years. As the owner of the dictionary, the Ricci Dictionary Promotion Association inherits the tradition of Chinese and Western cultural communication initiated by Matteo and Xu Guangqi. At the same time as expanding this unique knowledge storehouse, it also shoulders the mission of promoting ‘dialogue and understanding between different cultures.’

Seven volumes of Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law
 The seven volumes of the ‘Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law’ compiled by more than half a century have become collectors’ dictionaries of Sinology research institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and the University of Paris. In China, libraries such as the Shanghai Library Xujiahui Bookstore, Peking University, Fudan University School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Jiaotong University-Paris High-tech Distinguished Engineers College and other libraries have also collected this dictionary. The seven-volume ‘Lee’s Chinese Dictionary’ covers all aspects of ancient Chinese worldview, universe view, Yijing, Confucianism, etc., and reflects the depth and breadth of Chinese culture. This is the contribution and innovation to the dictionary. The Ricci Dictionary Promotion Association will also launch the Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law and the Ricci Golden Dictionary in Chinese, French, and English, the Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Medicine in Chinese and French, and its extraordinary value The Ricci dictionary database is updated.

Mr. Lei Huanzhang and the preparation of ‘Ricci’s Golden Dictionary’
 Bvlgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin said, ‘For many years, Bvlgari has made unremitting efforts to present cultural projects that promote the exchange and development of Chinese and Western cultures and innovations. Western countries like the long history of Chinese civilization. Can cooperate with the world-renowned Ricci Dictionary Promotion Association and unveil a new prelude to cultural exchanges. Bulgari hopes to build such a bridge, integrate Chinese and Western cultures, and bring more great Chinese culture to Bulgari. In the design of its products, more people around the world can see the wonderfulness of Chinese civilization. ‘

Bvlgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin
 Mr. Claude Haberer, Chairman of the Paris Ricci Dictionary Promotion Association, thanked Bvlgari for supporting Ricci’s Chinese dictionary from the office of the Association. He said: ‘The Ricci Dictionary Promotion Association is committed to Sinology research and dictionary compilation, The realization is inseparable from the sponsors and companies who love Chinese culture and are willing to donate generously, because they are convinced that the cultural exchange between China and the West should be like a pioneer of the Ricci dictionary, said Mr. Yves Raguin, ‘Be patient and understand humanity The hidden inner world of China. ”The promotion of the’ Rich Chinese Dictionary ‘coincided with the time, not only showing the rich connotation of Chinese culture, but also promoting the cultural exchange between China and the West, and promoting dialogue and understanding between different cultures.’
 More than 400 years ago, as a forerunner, Matteo came to China with enthusiasm and respect for Chinese culture. His exchanges with Xu Guangqi created a great origin for the exchange between Chinese and Western intellectual elites. Today, many years later, Bvlgari continues to build a bridge between Chinese and Western culture and arts, and promotes the classics to resplendent with their own power. It inspires and inspires greater wisdom to resonate with the vitality of cultural heritage, and strives to exchange Chinese and Western culture Pushed to a higher level.

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Van Cleef & Arpels Unveils The Legendary Prom Watch Of High Jewelry Series

In 2011, Van Cleef & Arpels launched the high-end jewelry series ‘Bals de Légende’, inspired by five extraordinary dances of the 20th century, they are 1903 ‘Hermitage Ball’ held in St. Peter on February 11, 1991, ‘Century Ball’ in Venice on September 3, 1951, ‘Black and White Ball’ in New York on November 28, 1966, December 1969 The ‘Oriental Ball’ held in Paris on the 5th and the ‘Proust Ball’ held in Ferrier on December 2, 1971. Recently, Van Cleef & Arpels once again inspired the 20th century legendary ball, and launched a new high-end watch series called ‘Bals de Légende’ consisting of 4 rare watches. Each watch condenses an unforgettable night-the splendor of the Winter Palace, the lights and lights of Paris, the romantic elegance of Venice, and the unrestrained freedom of New York.
     Following the fine jewelry collection, Van Cleef & Arpels, the top jewellery brand, once again inspired the 20th century legendary ball, and launched a new fine watch series Bals de Légende composed of 4 rare watches. Each watch embodies the golden splendor of the Hermitage for an unforgettable night, the lights and lights of Paris, the romantic elegance of Venice, and the unrestrained freedom of New York …

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