Tissot Launches Skeletonized Watches, Fascinating

This Tissot (Tissot) watch is very rare, even Tissot dealers may not find it. The Sculpture Line Skeleton in the T-Gold collection has a case in 18k yellow or rose gold and is 45 mm wide. Aside, does anyone know that Tissot makes 18k gold versions of T-Touch watches? But they do produce. Not only that, Tissot also produced gold bracelets and even used platinum!

  This watch uses the Swiss ETA Unitas 6497 manual winding mechanical movement. The hollow movement allows people to see the inside, so that they can feel and appreciate the wonderful rhythm of the watch. Even the ordinary movement, after being hollowed out and engraved with artistic beauty, shows amazing charm. Tissot is very wise. The hollowed out design of the watch has a beautiful appearance but good visual readability. Since all hours and minutes are to be kept, the dial needs to be more cleverly designed. The dynamic Roman numerals sit on a black or silver dial, displaying the full minutes and 24 hours. The hollow on the dial is shaped like an inverted mushroom. Through it we can clearly see the movement without disturbing the reading time.

  Through the back of the watch (sapphire window) we can see the exquisite carving process and beautiful decorative patterns. This watch is both elegant and tasteful, making it the best in Tissot. If consumers don’t mind winding by hand, this watch can also become a daily carry.

  This watch retails for $ 7,250. It’s a bit expensive for Tissot watches, but if you consider the engraved decoration of the movement and the 18k gold case, this price is quite reasonable.

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