A.Lange & Söhne Richard Lange Watch Special Edition Wrist Observatory

Saxony’s traditional watchmaking brand Lange A. Lange & Söhne presents a special edition of Richard Lange watch in white gold and blue steel hands to Ferdinando · Adolf Lange’s eldest son pays tribute. The new watch will be available exclusively at Lange stores.

The Richard Lange watch pays tribute to Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s eldest son. As the technical director of the watch factory, he devoted his life to pursuing scientific research to improve precision watchmaking. The balance spring is one of his greatest achievements. In 1929, he discovered that the addition of beryllium to the nickel-steel alloy of the hairspring made the hairspring less susceptible to temperature changes and more flexible; the invention was patented the following year. Richard Lange’s vision brings unprecedented breakthroughs to watch precision and promotes a timepiece category where precision is paramount: the chronometer.

In 2006, Lange launched the Richard Lange watch, reviving the glorious tradition of observatory watches. In the past, they were essential tools for navigation, and precision instruments used by scientists. Now its function is to provide accurate timekeeping. Lange gave the white gold case for the first time in an exclusive version of this junior watch with a sweeping seconds hand and retained the familiar 40.5 mm diameter. The blue-steel hands on the silver-white solid silver dial of the watch make the reading very clear.
The Richard Lange watch is inspired by its historical pioneers and has a new interpretation of modern style. Watches with a white gold case and a carefully polished movement are extremely precise, catering to the times. This special edition watch is only available in Lange stores and only a few can be produced by hand each year.

The Richard Lange watch is equipped with the L041.2 movement produced by the Lange watch factory. It is manually wound, in accordance with Lange’s strictest quality standards, carefully modified and assembled by hand; five-way precision adjustment; Made of processed German silver; hand-engraved balance wheel splint, 38-hour power reserve, hour, minute and sweep seconds with stop-seconds display, white gold case, 40.5 mm in diameter, crystal glass mirror and bottom cover, handmade Sewn black alligator strap.
About Lange A. Lange & Söhne
When Ferdinand A. Lange founded his watchmaking factory in 1845, it also laid the foundation stone for Saxony’s watchmaking industry. His precision pocket watches are still sought after by collectors around the world. After the Second World War, Lange’s century-old foundation was expropriated and confiscated by the East German regime. The great-grandson of the founder, Walter Lange, seized the opportunity and began the revival of Lange in 1990. Today, Lange produces only thousands of gold or platinum watches of the highest quality each year. All are equipped with an exclusive movement carefully modified and assembled by hand. Within 20 years, Lange has developed more than 40 watch-manufactured movements, leading the world’s leading watch brand. The brand is fruitful, introducing different innovative timing tools, such as LANGE 1 with the first large calendar display in general watches, and LANGE ZEITWERK with clear, easy-to-read, accurate word skipping devices. These two watches have also become Lange’s signature models.

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These Vintage Watch Oils

PHILIPPE DUFOUR Simplicity Although I have always wanted to write, I have been unable to settle down to calm down some thoughts. Just during the annual leave period, you can take a good rest and put the ideas of the previous days into words. Some time ago, some antique watch enthusiasts chatted with me. We talked about the beauty of independent watchmaking and antique watches. Of course, all the periods discussed have stayed popular in the market in early 1990. I have shared a lot of stories with you before the early 1990s. Other brands do n’t say that many people still like Patek Philippe, Rolex, or Omega, Longines. Seriously, in fact, watches ca n’t be bought or collected. If you really want to have fun with yourself, you should find your own branded products and collect them systematically instead of shooting birds. Like me, it’s not surprising to buy anything. To be honest, I really admire the love of a friend in the circle for a brand, concentrated acquisition of collections, this is the right path, but in addition to having a budget, the most important thing is to have enthusiasm to lead you to continuously look for your collection box The watch that is always missing in it, of course, collectors of this level can’t sacrifice or trade the collection casually, usually buying too many duplicate styles, then they have the opportunity to throw it out to their friends. For the MOVADO m95 chronograph antique watch collection, most of the early complicated models were chronograph or day, month, and week calendar function watches. A few people could touch the top complication watches. In fact, this should be Taiwan’s early timepieces. However, I love people who do not know much, which leads everyone to know only a few mainstream market brands, which is a pity. In the early years, when I saw various brands from foreign watch and clock books, I was quite shocked because I knew that high-end watches are not only Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, but also Universal, Ulysse Nardin, Movado …, these brands bring more different product designs, which opened my eyes. When I put them together, I can see the power of different designs. To appreciate these watches from the beginning of the last century to 1960, the natural angle and mentality are also different. Why, the collection of antique watches emphasizes the best unpolished products? The answer is very simple. In terms of the level of collection, ‘unused items’ are the highest-ranking indicators, while the less important are the beautifully used products. The second thing is the collections that have been used for a long time. Said, it is best to maintain its appearance at that time. I once saw a Blancpain 50 噚 diving German watch in the 1970s, and the watch owner felt that the light was not shining. When he took it to the master for maintenance and washing oil, he would replenish it. Fluorescent and polished case. ROGER DUBUIS Hommage Condottieri, when he showed it to me, was quite proud of the beautiful new watch, but my heart was bleeding because he directly destroyed a classic Tibetan watch. Many people have seen the watches I wear, and I know I deliberately kept the original state. Even though this is a non-waterproof watch, I easily wear it to go out to parties on various occasions. Some people tell me that they are so beautiful The case lines are so delicious, yes, that’s what I said. Keeping the original unpolished texture, naturally tells you its beauty, isn’t it? I came into contact with independent watchmaking from around 2000. At that time, I saw the media discussing it from the Japanese miscellaneous mook that I often buy. I began to wonder who would buy such a watch? And the watchmakers who insist on ideals, why I was curious to make such a watch. For example, among the members of the AHCI Association that year, the watchmakers most sought after by the Japanese media such as Philippe Dufour, Antoine L. Preziuso, Vianney Halter, FP Journe, Svend Andersen … their works have different characteristics and patented designs. It’s fascinating. Do you know UNIVERSAL Genève Polerouter? The entry-level style of the small three-handed bracelet introduced by Philippe Dufour that year was only 2.8 million yen. Everyone here may feel cheap, but the automatic perpetual calendar launched by Roger Dubuis in the same year also sold for 2.5 million yen, so this Not a cheap watch, but gradually you find that these classic designs in the early years are more fascinating than the more complicated watchmaking now. Regardless of the amount of market capacity, senior collectors should know that It is Philippe Dufour’s simple watch. Even if it is used for second-hand transactions in the market, it can easily reach 6 million Taiwan dollars, but all this can only be said to be the result of the pursuit of the original fever. And Roger Dubuis was an independent watchmaker in his early years, and his works at that time were also the same, that is, the pursuit of the inner spirit of the watch’s texture. Before, I also wrote an introduction. What did you pursue in that era? I bought The small three-pin white porcelain dial with a bracelet is only about 100,000, because I like to wear it for a while and sell it to my colleagues. Although I lose a little money, but I have a very good impression. In the article I introduced, I also wanted to find this watch. I could n’t think of asking it. I actually remembered this memory. Suddenly, I also wanted to find a watch for collection and wearing. By the way, what I am talking about is talking about This classic taste, isn’t it?

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