Casio’s Eye-catching New Product: F1 Champion Signature Watch

In November 2008, the new Casio watch was released, and once again attracted great attention with its cutting-edge technology and stylish styling. Among them, the EDIFICE series continues to promote CASIO’s original high-end radio wave technology and continues the previous EDIFICE series’ business and sports combination characteristics. The most notable is the limited edition EQW700DCY signed by the world famous F1 racer David Coulthard. The cool temperament of motorsport can drive the speed in pursuit of precision in the free and exciting stimulus. EQW700DCY black appearance immediately gives a calm atmosphere in the shape. The entire dial is IP-coated. In a vacuum environment, a special technology is used to add a special black ion coating to the stainless steel watch case, which instantly strengthens the watch’s toughness and abrasion resistance, while alleviating the allergies of metal. , More comfortable to wear.
Solar Radio Watch
    Casio’s original solar drive system can convert even a faint light source into electrical energy, and at the same time ensure that the various functional modules installed in the watch are operating normally. This also fully reflects the energy saving and environmental protection concept that CASIO radio watch products adhere to while pursuing high-end skills. It can receive the Chinese standard time signal transmitted by radio waves through the built-in high-sensitivity receiver of the watch, and automatically calibrate the watch’s travel time. Synchronize the watch’s display time with Chinese standard time accurately to truly achieve high-precision timekeeping.
Business style
    The EQW700DCY has a powerful eye-catching appearance. Excellent metal texture, emitting eye-catching metallic luster, precise timing, 3D dial, making the digital scale more clearly displayed on the dial, super visibility, so that you can be very good in any business occasion Get the most out of your time. As a sporty watch, EQW700DCY naturally reflects the atmosphere of sport in every detail. The digital scale engraved on the black dial is clear and bright, and has good visibility. These engraved numbers are used to estimate the speed value, allowing you to move and control the speed anytime, anywhere. And other features like solid stainless steel strap, fully automatic light-emitting diode lighting, 100 meters waterproof, off-site time, stopwatch (accurate to 1/100 second), buzzer alarm, luminous low battery warning, automatic calendar and other functions, Everything, everything is for you.
Signed by David Coulthard
    As the image ambassador of the Casio EDIFICE series, as a Red Bull racing driver, David Coulthard has the most experienced racing experience in Formula 1, and has won a total of thirteen Grand Prix championships in his racing career, which undoubtedly makes Consistent with the sports characteristics of Casio EDIFICE, David’s graceful temperament and temperament are in line with the EDIFICE business gentleman’s shape. EQW700DCY, the back of the watch is engraved with the autograph of David Coulthard.

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Unique Beauty Focus On Nivrel Hollow Watch

The Baselworld 2014 is in full swing. The new German watch brand Nifre, which is represented by the German Beide Group, has attracted much attention. The hollowed-out dial is very creative. The yellow giant Dragon dance has a classic charm. Next, let’s enjoy the unique beauty of the new watch along with the real shots sent back by the mission team.

  The above is the 2014 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, please pay attention to it. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

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Hermes Brand Family Legend

In Paris in the 1830s, active elements kept jumping in the air. Here, after three bourgeois revolutions and the proletarian uprising of the Paris Commune, the words ‘change’ were rightly saturated. Outside the desolate Palace of Versailles, quietly blossomed little golden flowers. In 1837, King Philip of France ordered the repair of the Palace of Versailles to be changed to the French Museum of History, displaying many fine arts, sculptures and other artworks. The art of Paris bloomed with beautiful modern flowers, and fashion began to modernize.

At this time, on the continental United States, a man named Charles Lewis Tiffany came to Broadway in New York and opened a humble shop. No one knows how many girls will look at the brilliant jewelry through the window in the future. In France, a 16-year-old named Louis Vuitton also took his dream to Paris. That same year, a shop specializing in saddles and saddlery supplies had already appeared in Paris, then known as the ‘Big Commercial District’. The owner was called Thierry Hermès. Outside the shop, horses were heard.

This harness workshop named after Hermes made a variety of exquisite accessories for the carriage. Hermès harness can be seen on the most beautiful four-wheel carriage in Paris at the time. Mr. Hermès has welcomed the recognition of a large number of aristocratic guests with his meticulous handwork. He has always had a principle: the pursuit of perfection. In 1867, the World Exposition was held in Paris, and Hermès won the first-class honorary award for his exquisite craftsmanship.

This is a beautiful age
末 The end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century was a very important time period for France. France, especially the Paris region, had a period of stability and prosperity. It was historically called La BELLE Epoque (beautiful age). At that time, France had recovered from several wars, and the economic development brought about by the Industrial Revolution also prospered society. Paris successively hosted the World Expo, and the Eiffel Tower became the supreme symbol of Paris. The Parisian who pays attention to fashion has upgraded his love of fashion luxury to a new level.

In 1880, Thierry’s son Charles-Emile Hermès expanded the family business. He not only moved the Hermès head office to No. 24, the famous Beaubourg Boulevard in Paris, was adjacent to the Presidential Palace, closer to the local nobles, but also allowed Hermès to step out. Paris, heading to European countries, North America, Russia, America and Asia. The high-end harnesses made by Hermes were well-loved by European aristocrats at that time, and its brand became a typical representative of French-style luxury consumption. Under the name Hermes Frères, the company is managed by the third generation of the family. Hermès has created a glorious beginning for the twentieth century and continues to actively develop the high-end harness business.

Emile-Maurice, who is based in the United States, deeply understands that mass production and the development of various transportation technologies will definitely make the demand for travel leather products more vigorous. When he returned home, he was very excited. Another reason was that he found a zipper that was not yet known to Europeans. He managed to obtain an exclusive patent for this discovery, not only using the zipper on leather products, but also introducing it to fashion, and he became the first person to introduce zipper to France. People in the war are fascinated by practical and stylish design, and he has achieved great success. Emile-Maurice Hermès leads Hermes alone, leading the company to a new way of life. He applied the saddle stitch method to other leather products. In addition to the inherent products, he created a series of leather bags, luggage and travel goods, sports and auto accessories, scarves, belts, gloves, jewelry and watches. — It does not explain Hermès’ pursuit of perfect quality.

Adventure in America!

After the war, the economies of European countries began to decline, and the United States became a new economic center. As the father of four daughters, Emile Hermès soon had three sons-in-law: Robert Dumas, Jean-René Guerrand, and Francis Puech, who cultivated them as effective and complementary partners. The company then opened branches in major French resorts and opened in the United States in 1924. Tourists from all over the world must visit Hermès when they come to France. Customers in any country can feel its absolutely modernist architectural design style in the Hermès store, which is harmonious and bright, and interprets the spirit of a saddle manufacturer: both pursuit of tradition and modernity. Hermès’ development in the field of luggage, clothing and accessories has subtly catered to the pursuit of elites who are keen on global travel: refinement, speed, sports and adventure. Since 1927, Annie Beaumel has been the window designer of Hermès, and has made Hermès windows an international symbol. Each season is different, full of creativity, and surprising: either unique or poetic.

10 On October 29, 1929, on this day called ‘Black Tuesday’, everyone on the New York Stock Exchange was caught in a vortex of stock-selling. This was the darkest day in the history of American securities. Since then, the United States and the world have entered a decade of economic depression. On August 1, 1930, Hermès opened its first independent specialty store at No. 53 East East, New York. However, the global economic recession forced the store to close at the end of 1931. In response to the Great Recession, Hermès launched several classic series in the 1930s: leather bags, leather notebooks, Sac à dépêches briefcases (1935), Chaine d ‘ancre bracelets (1938) and cavalière saddlery and jackets for women are on the Hermes list. The silk fabric originally used as the material of the knight top inspired the creation of the silk scarf, and was officially launched in 1937.

Make legends that cannot be copied

In 1937, Hermes ushered in his centennial birthday. Emile Hermes’ personal hobby contributed to the birth of an art collection series, which was collected by future generations to make it richer. Whether it is paintings, books or art objects, they have become the objects of inspiration for designers. The inspiration for Hermès’ trademark design is also derived from a work by his collection ‘Four Wheels and Horseboys’ painted by Alfred Dole. The picture is a two-seater wagon, driven by the owner himself, with the horse boy on his side, while the owner’s seat is empty. The meaning is that although Hermès offers first-class products, how to show the characteristics of the products requires consumers’ own understanding and control.

In 1954, a beautiful woman stood on the stage of the Oscar. She is the most expensive woman in film history-Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. In 1957, Grace, who was pregnant with Rokko, used the Hermes handbag to hide the slightly convex abdomen to avoid the media lens. The design of the saddle bag was named ‘Kelly Bag’ and became a classic of the brand. The Duke of Windsor, Komori Davis, Ingrid Bergman, Roland Bauco, Humphrey Bogart, Kennedy and other emerging superstars at the time, such as Romer Snyder and Katherine Danafu, all loved Hermes Yes, the Hermès brand has since become a legend.

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Silk scarf
It is said that the world sells a Hermès scarf every 38 seconds. In 1937, the first silk scarf called ‘Ladies and Buses’ inspired by the jockey jacket was born. Since then, Hermès has introduced 12 designs every year, and more than 100 styles of scarves have been presented to the world. Many classic designs, such as ‘Ex-Libris’ and ‘BridesdeGala’, are still popular after re-coloring and enduring. It takes 18 months for each silk scarf to pass through the checkpoints. In recent years, Hermes loves the theme design, letting a small silk scarf tell a vivid story of the world, creating another legend of Hermes.

In 1986, the fifth president let Louis Dumas meet French actress Jane Birkin, and launched this classic design for her. The form is more casual than the Kelly bag, and the range of materials and colors is also wider. In the autumn and winter of 2004, Gortier extended the design of the Birkin bag to a new scale: the horizontally rectangular Birkin backpack with shoulder straps.

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