Bulgari Hotel Will Settle In Dubai

Recently, BVLGARI Bulgari Group signed a contract with Dubai real estate developer Meraas Holdings to bring the world-renowned BVLGARI Bulgari luxury hotel brand to Dubai. BVLGARI Bvlgari Dubai will be the fifth BVLGARI Bvlgari hotel in the world after 2004 Milan, 2006 Bali, London 2012 and Shanghai Hotel which is expected to open in 2015.

 The signing ceremony was held in the BVLGARI Bulgari flagship store, which was opened in the 1930s and recently reopened. Mr. Christopher Barbon, President of the BVLGARI Bulgari Group, and Abdullah Ali, President of Meraas Holdings. Habah attended the ceremony.

 The BVLGARI Bulgari Hotel will be located on Jumeirah Bay Island in Dubai, covering a total area of ​​approximately 560,000 square meters. It will stand proudly on the coastline near Jumeirah Beach Boulevard in the shape of a giant seahorse. The hotel will also launch low-rise residential villas and marinas.

 Surrounded by elaborate lush gardens, this luxurious complex will cover approximately 160,000 square meters of sea. The main building of BVLGARI Bulgari Hotel will include 100 luxurious rooms and suites, and 20 hotel villas and a full range of luxury hotel facilities will also be launched.

 BVLGARI Bulgari Dubai Hotel is carefully designed by the famous Italian construction company Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners. The BVLGARI Bvlgari Hotel will use a combination of innovation and traditional architectural styles to show a blend of classic and modern style, and harmoniously echo the design style of the surrounding area.

 Mr. Christopher Barbon, President of BVLGARI Bulgari Group, said: ‘We are very pleased with this extraordinary project. It will reflect BVLGARI’s core value of modern design, exquisite craftsmanship and artistic details. .BVLGARI Bulgari Dubai Hotel is an important step in our long-term plan to strengthen our market position in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf) region. Cooperation with the real estate leader Meraas Holdings is our pleasure and we look forward to this show BVLGARI’s brand debut in Dubai. ‘

 Regarding this exciting project, His Excellency Haba, President of Meraas Holdings, said, ‘Following the instructions of His Excellency Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the Chief Executive of Dubai, on tourism, Our cooperation with BVLGARI Bulgari Group marks a new milestone for Meraas in leading the development of tourism and hotel industry in Dubai. We are confident that the newly built BVLGARI Bulgari Hotel will become another charming scenery on Dubai’s iconic coastline. With this major cooperation, we will expand the development of the hotel service industry, a move that is very much in line with Dubai’s vision for the 2020 tourism industry. ‘

About BVLGARI Hotels and Resorts

 In a beautiful location in harmony with the surrounding environment, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners architectural company is full of contemporary design creativity and top-level service, which is the common feature of every case of BVLGARI Bulgari Hotels and Resorts. From the search for rare and precious building materials to the unique hotel facilities and personalized services for each customer, from the delicious treasures of the BVLGARI Bulgari restaurant to the exclusive service of the BVLGARI Bulgari Spa, every one of the BVLGARI Bulgari hotels The details are the best interpretation of luxury lifestyle.

About Meraas Holdings

 Meraas Holdings is a Dubai-based property development company that holds projects and assets in the United Arab Emirates and overseas. The company successfully established itself as an innovator in the real estate industry in the UAE and fulfilled its mission to strengthen Dubai’s global position. With a refreshing conceptual architectural portfolio, Meraas is committed to redefining industries across multiple sectors. Meraas also carefully builds partnerships with strategic partners. These important relationships have made Meraas’ works increasingly valuable. Meraas has projects in the tourism, retail, leisure and entertainment industries.

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Blancpain Creates Classic Legends Of Diving Watches

The mystery of the ocean has always attracted people to explore, and a diving watch is the best tool to escort you. As the originator of modern diving watches, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms has defined the industry standard of modern diving watches. The labels such as ‘world’s first’ and ‘most professional’ have long been deeply imprinted. Today, after more than 60 years of innovation and development, with its unique technology, the Fifty Fathoms watch has achieved an unshakable position in the industry in terms of movement and appearance.

 Love from the ocean

 When diving, it is very important to control the time. People urgently need an accurate timer to measure the diving time. In the 1950s, Blancpain’s then CEO, Jean-Jacques Fiechter, who was passionate about diving, created a reliable, tough, strong, and capable machine based on his experience and needs in daily diving. A diving watch that accompanied him to explore the ocean. After research and development, the world’s first modern diving watch was born in 1952. This watch is known as the ‘Fifty Centipede’, which not only opened a new chapter in modern diving watches, but also opened a deep relationship between Blancpain and the ocean. .

     The top craftsmanship established the modern diving watch industry standard. Blancpain relied on its own outstanding patented technology in 1952 to set a set of diving watch specifications, leading the world’s diving watch development standards and trends. After 40 years, the standard of the diving watch NIHS92-11 (ISO6425) introduced in 1996 to regulate the performance of diving watches almost coincides with the standard set by Blancpain in 1953.

 In 1952, three of the standards introduced by Blancpain are its patented technology: 1) Water resistance of the crown: Blancpain is used to strengthen the water resistance of the case. Double double ‘O’ -shaped sealing ring to better protect the watch from being leak-proof under various conditions under water; 2) Water resistance of the case back: Blancpain’s special metal guide groove , Used to place the ‘O’ ring of the spiral back cover, double-layer barrier tightly waterproof; 3) safety of diving: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms has a lockable unidirectional rotation to check the diving time and remaining oxygen storage With scale bezel, accurate control and display of underwater environment data, providing reliable judgment basis for divers.

 Protecting the ocean
 After years of uncontrolled human demand, our beloved ocean has been seriously injured. As a Blancpain Blancpain who has a deep relationship with the ocean, since the 1950s, it has not only been promoted to a multinational military designated diving watch, has won the favor of many folk divers, but also has the responsibility to protect the ocean. The concept of love and respect ‘spares no effort to accompany human beings to explore the unknown mysteries of the ocean, assist in shooting marine scientific documentaries and cooperate with National Geographic to support marine scientific projects, and influence more people to join the defense force together.

 ◎ Assisted in the film ‘The Silent World’ to show the grandeur of the ocean floor. In 1956, accompanied by Blancpain Blancpain, French marine ecologist and film director Jacques Cousteau took the first panoramic record of the ocean floor in the history of the world film. An Ocean Wonders of Ecological Wonders-Silent World. For the first time, it showed the world’s ocean floor to the world and promoted the awakening of human marine ecological consciousness.

 ◎ Taking the protection of the ocean as its responsibility, supporting the marine scientific research project Blancpain Blancpain joined National Geographic’s ‘Primitive Ocean Expedition Plan’ which combines exploration, research and protection, helping more people have a glimpse into the vast and mysterious underwater universe. Under the framework of the three-year agreement, Blancpain sponsored the original marine exploration activities in three sea areas. The activities involved were: Pitcairn Islands (British Atlantic Ocean Territory), Barents Sea. Northern Francis Joseph Islands (Russia) and Winterte Islands (Chile).

 ◎ Issued the Fifty Fats Special Issue, which affected readers to join the army to protect the ocean. With a deep feeling for the underwater world, Blancpain Blancpain supported the National Scientific Geographic research project and simultaneously released the “Fifty Fifty Fats” ) To highlight the beauty of undersea science and adventure.

 ◎ Deep into the ocean and discover the wonder On April 5, 2013, Lauren Valesta, a world-renowned French diver and marine biologist, wore Blancpain Blancpain X 噚 watch (called the pinnacle of the 50 噚 series) Work), led a team to conduct a 40-day deep-sea diving scientific expedition in the coastal waters of South Africa, in pursuit of the giant marine life known as ‘living fossils’-coelacanth.

 ◎ Join hands with the World Ocean Summit to explore sustainable ocean development This year, Blancpain joined hands with the World Ocean Summit. At the second World Ocean Summit, Alain Delamuraz, global vice president and marketing director, Prince Charles of Wales, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva, US Secretary of State John Kerry, and Co-Chairman of the Global Ocean Commission Jose Maria Figueres and many other politicians and business people discuss marine governance and sustainable development.

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Brand Features Three Recommended Watches With Brand Dominant Dna Features

Each brand has its own unique DNA characteristics, some are dominant and some are recessive. Some of these dominant DNA characteristics are mostly known to people, which are some unique designs of watches, notes Panerai’s bridge, Rolex’s dog ring, Omega constellation’s claws, these are the brand’s dominant DNA. Today’s Watch House recommends three models with branded dominant DNA watches.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 Collection PAM00580

Watch series: LUMINOR 1950 series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Ceramic
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: 103900
Watch details: The Bleu blue balloon watch adds elegance to the cuffs and wrists of men and women. The Roman numerals are off-track under the guidance of the deep blue crown. Convex curved case, guilloché dial, sword-shaped hands, and polished or frosted link bracelet. In Cartier watchmaking world, Ballon Bleu blue balloon watch is known for its delicate style and elegant style. The sapphire crown of the watch is its unique night.

Omega 35 mm coaxial watch series watch

Watch Series: Constellation
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K yellow gold / stainless steel
Case diameter: 35 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 59000
Watch details: omega / 6684 /
Watch review: This watch features a champagne dial with diamond hour markers, a calendar window at 3 o’clock, and a wear-resistant sapphire crystal. The 35mm stainless steel case features an 18K yellow gold bezel engraved with Roman numerals and an 18K yellow gold steel bracelet. This timepiece is equipped with a 2500 coaxial movement, the movement of which is clearly visible through the sapphire case back.

Summary: There are still many watch brands with dominant DNA. As long as you see this design, you know which brand it is, and these designs can ensure that everyone can accept it, because what cannot be accepted by everyone has disappeared. In the long history of history, in addition to the dominant DNA, some brands have some recessive DNA, which are not what we need to know today.

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2014 Basel Watch Fair Focuses On Frederique Constant Watches

The annual watch top feast-The 42nd Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show is about to open. The show time is: March 27-April 3. The watch exhibition continues to bring together many watch brands from the world, including new products from many brands including Switzerland and Germany. At that time, we will bring to you the analysis of many new watches of the famous Swiss watch brand Frederique Constant.

 Frederique Constant’s new silicon watch

 Heartbeat’s own movement watch and silicon escape wheel are members of Frederique Constant’s own movement series. The balance of the heartbeat’s own movement is placed in front of the movement. The silicon escape wheel can be admired from the hollow hollow jumping window on the dial. The careful design will definitely attract everyone’s attention. The new heartbeat silicon movement watch has a stainless steel case with a diameter of 42mm. The sapphire crystal case back of the watch is exquisite and pleasing to the eye. This is the first Frederique Constant watch with silicon escapement. The 18K gold case and stainless steel case are produced in limited editions of 188 and 1888 respectively.

 Watch real shot appreciation: Frederique Constant elegant world time zone watch

 Frederique Constant’s own world time zone watch with excellent technology. The most outstanding feature of this watch is that it is extremely easy to operate. It can be easily adjusted through the crown without additional buttons. Smoothness after perfect sanding. Hours, minutes, and seconds are displayed on the dial. The date window is set at 6 o’clock. A 24-hour dial and a day and night display are provided on the outer circle of the dial. In 24 major cities around the world, Universal Time is in your wrist.

 Watch real shot details reference: Frederique Constant World Heart Organization Hollow Hollow Memorial Watch

 This is a new heart-shaped hollow watch released by Frederique Constant in support of the World Heart Organization’s defense against heart disease, and it was presented to the Heart of the World with $ 75,000. This dial is designed with 8 diamond hour markers, and the bezel is set with diamonds all week, which is extremely luxurious.

 Watch real shot reference: Frederique Constant World Heart Big Calendar Diamond Watch

 Like the previous heart-shaped skeleton watch, this watch is a newly released model to support resistance to heart disease. The only difference is that the heart-shaped skeleton is missing at 12 o’clock on the dial, but it is more at 6 o’clock. A large calendar display function.

 Watch real reference: At the same time, the special report team of the Watch House has also rushed to the exhibition site to bring you the most comprehensive and timely watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2014, please pay attention to our special report page.

2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

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