At First Sight: Earl Presents Valentine’s Day Romantic Love Ceremony

Affectionate or affectionate, scorching like fire or tenderness like water, unexpected or logical, love always arrives with thousands of very different looks. However, no matter what her exclusive relationship with him looks like, Piaget’s watches and jewelry will present a unique romantic surprise for this wonderful love.

时刻 Moment of true love: Talk about love with classic timepieces

The elegant and charming LimelightGala watch has rounded and smooth lines. Bright cut diamonds are spread on the bezel along the exquisite curves of the bezel, which outlines the feminine charm of the feminine, showing the charming charm. A pair of slim asymmetric lugs extends from the round case, embodying Piaget’s unique aesthetics. The modern silver dial is simple and atmospheric. The rose gold Roman numerals and white silk straps complement each other, and the pin buckle with diamonds adds a touch of elegance to her (G0A42151).

鲜 The distinctive Piaget Polo S watch is full of unwavering sincerity, awakening the courage and authenticity in the flow of love. This watch is based on Piaget’s classic and ingenious ‘measurable’ design. The pillow-shaped blue horizontal check dial and the 42 mm round stainless steel case are uniquely integrated. Through the sapphire crystal case, the Piaget 1110P calibre engraved with the Piaget family emblem is displayed at a glance (G0A41002), interpreting the subtle mechanical aesthetics.

Altiplano Ultimate Automatic breaks the watchmaking limit of Piaget ultra-thin watches with a thickness of only 4.3 mm. The movement is integrated with the case. The rose gold case acts as the main plate of the movement, holding 219 thin and sophisticated parts, which become an inseparable whole. It showcases Piaget’s superb watchmaking skills to the fullest. The hours and minutes are eccentrically displayed on the dial, and the 22K gold black PVD-coated oscillating weight (G0A43120) shows the watch’s low-key and elegant design. His unwavering heart for love.

魅力 The attractive Tradition gold watch combines Piaget’s exquisite jewellery design and extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship, making it a favorite choice for lovers to exchange love. The watch is equipped with Piaget’s own ultra-thin mechanical movement. The silver dial is decorated with shiny diamond hour markers. The rose gold case is set with multiple brilliant-cut diamonds to reflect the brilliant light of love. It is available in two sizes. For lovers to choose. The flexible bracelet is refined with Piaget’s traditional metalworking techniques. The intertwined gold clasps are exquisitely crafted to make this gift even more precious and to express sincere love (G0A37042 & G0A37046).


Age Piaget Rose: Love that blooms forever in gold and diamonds

Rose is an unparalleled symbol of love, and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the count. Excellent gem setting technology and superb gold crafting technology transform the blooming roses that never wither, and the beauty of love condenses into eternity.

Piaget Rose rose gold ring 缱 绻 blooms, slowly revealing the dazzling central diamond, this is the most touching expression of ‘I love you’. The sunlight pours through the hollow petals, pouring out the dazzling brilliance, reflecting the soft skin under the hollow rose ring, adding a little grace to her (G34UV600). The Piaget Rose white gold ring draws inspiration from the flamboyant roses that were first picked in the garden. The sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds outline the rose petals like lace, as if the dewdrops on the petals loop back and forth, telling her desire Still off. (G34UV700)

Piaget Rose openwork necklace symbolizes sweetness and affection, like a fragrant and seductive rose. Complex lace petals add a feminine glow to the delicate female skin, exuding a natural beauty (G33U0970). A diamond-studded white gold twine wrapped around her elegant pink neck, showing her charm and beauty. Many beautiful diamonds turned into a timeless gorgeous rose, revealing the beauty of love (G33U0980).

Rose gold earrings are inspired by the stance of climbing wild vines. The delicate chain is embellished with white diamonds (G38U0077) as clear as white dew, writing love and regret in love.

Love has thousands of different looks. Earl presents a unique and exclusive gift to the lovers and spends romantic Valentine’s Day with the lovers.

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