Exquisite And Dazzling Model Work 2017 Baselworld Mido Bruna Series ‘gentleman’ Men’s Watch Real Shot

Elegant and rounded shapes and pure and smooth lines create this new Swiss beauty watch Bruner series ‘Gentleman’ men’s watch, inspired by the circular shape of the Royal Albert Hall in London The glass dome, as a model of exquisite and dazzling elegance, Bruner series ‘Gentleman’ men’s watch will become the best choice for those who love timeless classic watches.

   The watch’s 42.5mm diameter PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel case exudes brilliance, and the sun is decorated on the dial. The dark blue dial is the finishing touch. The round curve design reflects the unique and timeless style. Double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirrors protect the luxurious dial, while admiring the watch’s delicately polished finish and sandblasted indexes. The date window is at 3 o’clock.

   In addition to its classic and timeless design, the new Bruner ‘Gentleman’ men’s watch is also equipped with a Cal. 80 fully automatic mechanical movement, which can store up to 80 hours of kinetic energy. The transparent back can clearly observe its carved, fully automatic mechanical movement with blue screws, and the automatic rotor with the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo engraved. Water-resistant to 50 meters, with brown calfskin rolled alligator strap. The strap and case are paired for excellent wearing comfort, and a PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel buckle is also included.

   Baselword 2017 will present us with a beautiful and unique visual feast. We look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click

   Watch House Basel Watches and Jewellery Show Live Feature:

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Gp Girard Perregaux La Esmeralda Golden Bridge Tourbillon Changed To Platinum Before Setting Off. Unique Design Thought It Was A Bracelet

In 2016, on the occasion of the 225th anniversary of GP Girard-Perregaux, the La Esmeralda tourbillon watch in rose gold was inspired by the first pocket watch with the three golden bridge tourbillons. This tourbillon watch also won the ‘Tourbillon Chronograph Award’ at the 2016 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards. By 2019, Girard Perregaux once again launches the platinum La Esmeralda tourbillon watch with a time-honored design and a more stylish appearance. It is a masterpiece of uniqueness among similar watches.

The La Esmeralda Tourbillon watch has an arrow-shaped surface that is mirror-polished, the arrow blades are manually chamfered, and the sides are polished with straight grain

The Sanjinqiao Tourbillon movement is distinguished by its unparalleled and unparalleled design. Since its introduction in 1860, the basic structure has remained unchanged, becoming the oldest movement still in production in the history of horology. The main splint is equipped with a pure gold bridge plate, a barrel, a drive train and a tourbillon, showing the subtle ingenuity that combines aesthetics, technology and symbolism. The double arrow design is entirely hand-decorated and inspired by the bridges of the famous pocket watch La Esmeralda in the past. The arrow-shaped surface is mirror-polished, the arrow blades are manually chamfered, and the sides are polished with a straight grain process.

The ruby ​​bearing at 12 o’clock is the core of the barrel, and the miniature automatic disc is hidden behind the gear under the bearing.

In order to enhance the beauty of the visual contrast and capture the light more completely, the bridge arm is manually polished by a grinder to produce fine rounded corners. In the center of the bridge arm, the diamond base is fixed by two screws. The cylinder, center wheel and tourbillon frame must be aligned on the same plane. The watch’s tourbillon frame, which consists of 80 parts, is completely polished by hand, and only skilled assemblers can do it. The perfectly balanced body features a unique hand-polished lyre shape that showcases a major feature of the brand.

The rotating tourbillon frame is beautiful and fascinating; it is equipped with a high balance moment balance wheel, which can vibrate 21,600 times per hour

The watch is equipped with the GP09400-0016 movement, with a thickness of 8.41 mm. It takes one month to assemble 310 parts. The three-part structure of the main splint is obvious. La Esmeralda Tourbillon inherits the famous timepieces that Girard-Perregaux praised for its history, and interprets the brand’s unique aesthetic style.

La Esmeralda Tourbillon

Platinum material / GP09400-0016 self-winding movement / hour, minute display / sapphire crystal, transparent case back / waterproof 39m / diameter 44mm / reference price: 1,400,000 RMB

Montblanc Timewalker Double Fly Back To Grey Titanium Chronograph

Montblanc’s products often radiate a glimpse and timeless style, which can be seen from the Nicholas Kaiser chronograph family. This creative brand can be compared with other brands. Timewalker series in recent years It also clearly shows the brand’s spirit of the times. Montblanc is going to the next city this year, introducing a new version of Timewalker Shuangfei to return to gray titanium chronograph models.

 The timewalker series’ simple and neat style is based on the modern glass and steel architectural design. The double-sided anti-glare crystal glass has a wide perspective and a simple layout. It is equipped with a narrow bezel and hollow lugs. The minimalist aesthetic brushstrokes are full.

 Last year, the Montblanc TimeWalker Dual Flight Chronograph debuted and caused a reverberation in the altar: Once upon a time, chronograph models equipped with a central chronograph second hand and a minute hand were quite popular. Later, this excellent chronograph variety was stark and silent, which is why Montblanc Bringing the central timing function back to the stage again naturally caused a thousand waves. Last year’s stainless steel version and titanium limited series achieved outstanding results. This year, the brand launched its second limited edition, GreyTech gray titanium model, which combines technical innovation, innovative materials and unique designs, with a limit of 888 pieces.

 In today’s world, TVs, billboards, shop windows, and magazines are all full of colorful decorations to show off. It is even more nostalgic for the past black and white solid color world: black and white movies, black and white photos, although only different shades of black and white, can be seen. Touching emotional charm; for example, the night black or silver-gray tone commonly used by high-end car brands, although the color is ridiculous, it is really appreciated; in the interior design country, metal, glass and black leather furniture design has countless people for decades; The simple color tone makes eyes free from excessive natural or artificial color stimulation, which makes it rare and comfortable. The new GreyTech gray titanium model also has this pure visual beauty.

 Timewalker Shuangfei returns to the gray titanium chronograph with a sense of technology: the silver gray matte titanium case has a satin finish and sandblasting, showing a pleasing texture contrast; the large dial has different shades of gray, and seven display functions Clear distribution: Includes a wide-open gray dial, anthracite hollowed-out hour and minute hands, large Arabic numerals, etc .; a gray movement with the same perspective on the back of the crystal glass. Main key: dark gray rhodium-plated bottom plate parts, with gold gears and blue screws It is in sharp contrast with ruby ​​bearings; technology-based design ideas, sturdy and lightweight case materials and precision micro-mechanical parts are returned one by one, clearly announcing to watch users, even in the era when smart phones are ubiquitous, they have a subtle, low-key aesthetics. And the precise and practical timepiece function is still fearless of the baptism of time, the value is always the same.

 Calibre MB LL100 self-winding chronograph movement, designed, manufactured, fine-tuned and assembled by Montblanc Manufacture in Reno, Switzerland. Montblanc is a leader in writing tools, and it is also second to none in the development of ‘writing time’ chronographs; in recent years, the development momentum of the Montblanc brand has been as strong as ever, and it is logical to embark on the road of developing self-made chronograph movements. The Calibre MB LL100 chronograph movement is equipped with a column wheel timing system and an advanced clutch disc structure, which not only consumes less power, but also improves the power transmission efficiency from the four wheels to the chronograph wheel. The teeth of the transmission gear train are re-improved and calculated, which can also greatly improve the power Delivery efficiency.

 But the most eye-catching is always its timing function: especially after the flyback chronograph is started, the center chronograph second hand and the slightly shorter chronograph minute hand automatically reset to zero instantly, and a new timing program is automatically launched in real time. This is ‘TwinFly’ )origin of name. The 60-second time scale is located at the edge of the dial, the 60-minute timer is located at the center of the dial, the date window is at 9 o’clock, and the second time zone is displayed at 12 o’clock (24-hour format). Another technical feature is the dual barrel Provides a power reserve of nearly 72 hours-its strong power effectively offsets the balance swing error caused by the chronograph function switch, and guarantees the watch’s various functions and the accuracy and stability of the time.

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2014 Baselworld Baselworld – Breguet Classique 3797 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Watch

Although the Classique series already includes several perpetual calendar products, Breguet watchmakers have decided to create a new style, the Classique 3797 tourbillon perpetual calendar watch. In this new product, they pay special attention to the natural display of the scale to ensure that it sets off the appeal of the watch.

Perpetual calendar models require more information on the dial, which can sometimes be confusing, so Breguet has creatively added a three-dimensional design and improved the scale display of the hour and minute hands. This setting makes it easier to read time At the same time, you can see other information on the dial at a glance. The non-transparent Roman numeral hour-marker scale circle, combined with the Breguet blue-steel hands with a hollow ‘moon-shaped’ needle point, can clearly and quickly display the time. Below the sapphire disc is a dial with Paris studs and a semicircle retrograde calendar display.
The one-minute tourbillon at six o’clock is cleverly combined with the hour sign circle. Such a delicate structure is extremely difficult to create in terms of craftsmanship, its bridge is also exquisitely chamfered, and a small three-pin second hand is set on the shaft. The day of the week is at 9 o’clock, decorated with wavy patterns, and the scroll cam built into the movement helps the week to jump instantly. The month display is indicated by a blue steel hand, which is located at 3 o’clock on the dial and decorated with solar radiation patterns. The ‘blue sun’ in the center of the display dial is for leap year display.
Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can see the inner world of the watch. The transparent design makes the tourbillon jump in front of you. Breguet watchmakers’ sophisticated retouching skills give new life to the sculptural ornamentation, and the meticulous carving process seems to be writing a new rotation rhythm for the tourbillon ballet steps.

Although the 3797 is already recognized as a masterpiece of timepieces, Breguet’s watchmakers still strive for excellence to create a more outstanding watch: 3795. The invisible dial creates a subtle skeleton model, showing the complex structure of the movement like a perspective view. The 3795 watch can be regarded as a true ‘high-order customization’ in the field of micro-mechanics.
In addition to technical and design achievements, the Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel 3797 and 3795 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar watches have all the features of a Breguet masterpiece. The case is made of rose gold or platinum, with delicate coin accents on the sides, and the independently welded lugs are secured with screws. The hand-engraved engraved dial, individually numbered, blued-steel hands, and concealed signatures are all signs of Breguet.

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Qiaoduo Tiangong Tasting Jaeger-lecoultre’s Outstanding Traditional Eight-day Power Reserve Display Master Calendar Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre shined at last year’s second edition of the Asia’s High-end Watch Fair “Clocks and Miracles” and created superb watches with superb technology. Today, the Watch House brings you a superb traditional 8-day power reserve display perpetual calendar master watch exhibited by Jaeger-LeCoultre at the watch exhibition. The official model of the watch is: 50635SQ.

  This Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking masterpiece with perpetual calendar cutouts uses hollowing out, engraving and enamel techniques, highlighting Jaeger-LeCoultre’s unique skills in scarce craftsmanship. This watch is one of the most attractive complication watches in the Rugens Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory. It is a rare collection.

Outstanding traditional eight-day power reserve display perpetual calendar master
  The skeleton movement in this watch is entirely carved and decorated by hand. The 42 mm platinum dial is surrounded by guilloche technology and covered with blue translucent enamel. This exceptional timepiece is also the only perpetual calendar watch with an eight-day power reserve. All perpetual calendar functions can be activated via a single adjustment device.

18k white gold screw-in crown
  18k white gold screw-in crown with fine workmanship and excellent feel. The polished crown is engraved with the Jaeger-LeCoultre logo.

Black alligator strap
  Black crocodile leather strap, hand-stitched black silk thread, clear lines and even regularity. With an 18k white gold pin buckle, ordering is simple and convenient.

11.6 mm case
  The 11.6-mm-thick case has brushed metal on the sides for a more textured look. At 7 o’clock, there is a perpetual calendar adjustment device.

Lugs are naturally curved
  The lugs are naturally curved, the front is polished and the sides are brushed to look more layered. It is also very comfortable to wear.

Dial and caseback in white gold enamel
  Dial and caseback in white gold enamel. First, these delicate parts are carefully hand chiseled, and then decorated with the ‘filled’ enamel process of large fire. Finally, it is baked in the kiln repeatedly until the desired blue color appears. It took two days to create an enamel ring around the dial and movement.

The design of the dial is ingenious
  The design of the dial is ingenious. In addition to the day / night display, the dial also has a number of calendar display functions: date, week, month, four-digit year display and month age. The power reserve with red safety zone and day / night display make the calendar display more eye-catching and provide a wealth of time information.

Power reserve display and day / night display
  All display functions on the dial are cleverly designed, and the layout is arranged according to their functions. Comprehensive time information can be seen at a glance for the wearer. The power reserve display and the day / night display are harmoniously distributed symmetrically above the dial.

Enlarged display of time, day, date and month
  The day of the week and date display are parallel to the time display, and the enlarged display is clearly legible. The day of the week display is accompanied by the age of the month. The four-digit year display and the month display are at the bottom of the dial.

Jaeger-LeCoultre 876 manual winding skeletonized mechanical movement
  The exquisite Jaeger-LeCoultre 876 manual winding skeleton mechanical movement is composed of 262 parts, including 37 rubies, but only 6.6 mm thick. While not affecting the quality of the movement, it is necessary to eliminate its ‘excess’ as much as possible, which really requires superb craftsmanship. The sun ripple decoration on the movement, all parts are manually chamfered, polished and engraved. The balance wheel is not equipped with a regulator and its vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour. After the mainspring is wound up, its power reserve allows the mechanical movement to run for 8 days.

  Summary: This watch draws inspiration from the super complicated antique pocket watch produced in 1928. Today, 87 years later, through the hands of masters of hollowing, engraving and enamel craftsmanship, it has created a master of the essence of contemporary fine watchmaking Make. The limited edition of 200 pieces, each of which is unique, because engraving and enamel masters cannot make two identical watches. It can be described as highly collectible. The current price of this watch is 895,000 RMB.

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Parmigiani Jazz Music Week 悠扬 上海

PARMIGIANI officially announced that the 2014 Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Music Week will be held in major star hotel lounges, jazz bars and outdoor venues in Shanghai from September 22nd to October 4th. Staged. The main venue from October 2nd to October 4th will be located in Shanghai Pudong Riverside Financial Plaza. The invited world-class music masters will present an outdoor jazz concert and sing along the Pujiang River. This is the 10th year that Shanghai Jazz Week has been named in the Asia Pacific region since Parmigiani joined hands with the world-renowned Swiss Montreux Jazz Festival in 2007. In the last two weeks of jazz time, I hope that jazz lovers and watch enthusiasts will listen to the ticking of beautiful musical instruments and high-end watches.

2014 Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Week announced the meeting of Mr. Xu Yong, the representative of Shanghai World Expo Development Group, Ms. Shan Wei, the chief executive of Parmichnia Pacific Region, Mr. Wu Hui, executive vice president of Shanghai Magic Mountain Advertising & Communication Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Magic Mountain Advertising Biography (left to right)

As a completely independent fine watch brand in Switzerland, Parmigiani has grown from restoring antique clocks and mechanical collections. It was established in the central district of Rival de Travel in 1996 and has developed a complete Independent manufacturing capabilities have become one of the very few 100% independent watchmaking brands in Switzerland today. Learning from previous generation’s creativity and craftsmanship, and integrating into the creation of today’s products, Parmigiani has become a unique watch brand with both classical traditional values ​​and contemporary creativity.
Parmigiani has an inextricable connection with music, especially jazz. Parmigiani has been involved in Switzerland’s most prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival since 2007, allowing music to convey the beauty of culture; by supporting the Montreux Jazz Artist Foundation, he is actively working with the festival organizers to discover new talents Talent, training young talents. This Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Week is the first time Parmigiani has extended its relationship with music to the Asia-Pacific region and brought it to China, so that more watch lovers and jazz enthusiasts can appreciate the charm of the machine and the sound of music together. wonderful. Tasting Swiss haute horlogerie and appreciation of jazz are two beautiful attitudes to life. The marriage of the two is also a blend of rationality and sensuality. There will be Dee Dee Bridgewater, the contemporary queen of contemporary jazz, the godfather of rock and roll, Cui Jian and the British jazz superstar, pianist. Famous artisans such as Anthony Strong joined the 2014 Parmigiani Jazz Week.

Speech by Ms. Shan Wei, Chief Executive Officer, Parmigiani Pacific, Shanghai Jazz Music Week 2014

‘Since the Montreux Jazz Festival, Parmigiani’s relationship with jazz has extended from Europe to Asia today,’ said Ms. Shan Wei, Chief Executive Officer of Parmigiani Pacific Region. ‘Shanghai Jazz Week is the earliest jazz in China. This week’s cultural event has brought another jazz trend to this modern metropolis for ten years in a row. Parmigiani is holding Shanghai Jazz Music Week this time, and is willing to bring the charm of high-end watches and jazz, and strive to bring beauty to everyone Life experience. ‘

2014 Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Week will be joined by celebrities such as Dee Dee Bridgewater, contemporary jazz leader, rock godfather Cui Jian and British jazz superstar, pianist Anthony Strong

Just as no style or genre has ever ruled the jazz world for a long time, the tolerance and diversity of jazz music seems to sprout an innovative light from the tradition, shining on the corner of this colorful world; similarly, it originated in antique clocks and machinery The restoration of the collection, Parmigiani continuously draws traditional inspiration from the restoration, and has developed into one of the very few fine watch brands in Switzerland that are completely independent. Because of this, Parmigiani is willing to be with the music lovers to create a public space for artistic expression, and to feel the sound of the golden autumn music in Jazz Music Week.

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