Golden Watch And Jade Carving Of The World’s Only Tiger Watch

Juvenia’s market in Hong Kong is not a big hit, but it has a long history dating back to the past, and it has also left a glorious page on the watch altar. The founder of the brand, Jacques Didisheim, is a French watchmaker. As early as 1860, he set up his own watch factory in Switzerland, started to set up his own brand, and used finely crafted jewellery as a setting. Unique style of the brand. What shines this year is the production of only one Shaduli-Mere des Tigres in the world.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Juvenia was already well-known in both watchmaking and jewelry setting, and Bermard Didisheim, the son of the second generation Jacques, believed that he must have the ability to produce his own movement, so he opened a watch factory exclusively for The brand produces ultra-thin pocket watch movements. At the Swiss National Exhibition in Switzerland in 1914, the world’s finest single-layer mechanical movement was exhibited, measuring only 9.5 mm in diameter and 2.5 mm thick. In the 1970s, Juvenia faced the same fate as other Swiss brands, and was threatened by the Japanese electronics watch market. Until 1988, the current president Martial Leuba decided to regain the glorious history of the brand. He first moved the factory to La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and then introduced high-quality mechanical watches.
The gold case is surrounded by a total of 76 diamonds of 1.88 calories.
Until 2002, the Collector’s Item became a collector’s item. Juvenia brings together the enamel gold carving art used in the past, and has collaborated with Swiss handmade gold carving masters Kurt Schaffo and Christophe Schaffo to create a variety of enamel gold carvings that combine complex functions and hollowing technology, and successfully established Juvenia on the market. Characteristics and personality. Shudali-Mere des Tigres is the latest in this year’s collectors collection. Shudali is the ancient Sanskrit language of India, and is the ancestor of the feline in the ancient Indian legend, that is, the mother of the tiger. Inspired by this mythical tiger, the sculptor carved an 18K yellow gold case with a mother tiger and two little tigers playing in the wilderness, which is full of life.
The Hunter Case design of the watch is also very interesting. After opening the case, a hollow movement is in front of you, and the delicate bridges are covered with delicately carved patterns, showing another layer of precious craftsmanship. . The design of the two-layer case of the watch is because the inner case can be detached, and it is set in a gold case also set with a diamond outer ring to become another pocket watch. Different classical crafts. Shudali-Mere des Tigres is the only one in the world, and its rarity is beyond doubt. The movement belongs to the Peseux 7001 hand-wound movement. The balance has a frequency of 21600 vibrations per hour and can store 42 hours of power. In addition to the techniques of engraving, watchmaking and hollowing out, we can also find gem-set stilts on it. The outer gold case with a diameter of 44.5 millimeters and a thickness of 6.39 millimeters is inlaid with 76 diamonds with a total weight of 1.88 cards. The gold inner case with the hollow movement is also set with 48 diamonds with a total weight of 0.31 cards. Hour scale. After opening the case, a hollow movement is in front of you. The bottom of the watch is engraved with ancient Indian Sanskrit, and it is finely carved. The inner case can be removed and put inside the case to become another pocket watch. The scene of the mother tiger and the little tiger playing is very breathable.

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Athens Launches Monaco Nautical Diving Watch

At the 6th year, Athens Watch of Switzerland became the official sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Show, and sincerely launched the Monaco Sailing Limited Watch. 19th century Swiss Athenian watch. To help mankind conquer unknown seas, protect marine astronomical clocks from seawater erosion, and overcome technical challenges caused by its gravity and fluctuations while moving, it has invested in timepieces since then. The adventurous spirit and treasures of the brand have lasted for hundreds of years. Today, the Athenian Switzerland watch, which has been the official sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Show for six consecutive years, further highlights the brand’s enthusiasm for the marine world through the Monaco Nautical Diving Limited Watch, and pays tribute to all the previous unique and creative works to celebrate the enduring legend.

  All the details of the Monaco Nautical Diving Limited Watch can create the fantasy of a Swiss master watchmaker in the deep sea. At 2 o’clock, the anchor symbol of the Athenian Swiss watch is clearly displayed; the blue dial is decorated with a sailing pattern, and the chronograph outer ring is waved. A sturdy caseback is engraved with a ship engraved with the words ‘Conquer the ocean’ and ‘Monaco’ (Conquering the Ocean and Monaco). The specially designed new case, with the tight and smooth lines of the lugs, this watch is undoubtedly an excellent choice for adventurers who dare to challenge the limit.

  The Monaco Nautical Diving Limited Watch is equipped with a UN-26 automatic movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. In terms of performance, the watch is equipped with a screw-in crown and case back, which is water-resistant to 300 meters; a one-way reverse diving chronograph bezel to prevent accidental adjustment of the diving time. For the same reason, the Monaco Marine Diving Limited Watch has been redesigned in other aspects to make it easier for the wearer to read the accurate display: 44 mm in diameter, the large hour markers and hands are displayed with white luminous and red lines, making The meter is clear and easy to read; the 6 o’clock position has an oversized second hand, which can signal the watch in operation even in the dark and deep sea, giving a sense of extreme security. In addition, the claw-shaped rubber bump on the crown makes it easy for the wearer to hold and adjust. In addition to the timekeeping function, there is also a calendar window at 6 o’clock and a power reserve display at 12 o’clock.
  The Monaco Marine Diving Limited Watch is limited to 100 pieces worldwide. Each watch is individually engraved with a unique collection value. The classic case with a blue and red rubber strap is a high-quality sports timepiece and accurate The stylish and smooth design of diving tools is also suitable for wearing on many occasions.

Limited to 100 pieces worldwide
Model 263-10-3 / 93_MON
Movement UN-26
Power reserve approx. 42 hours
Winding method Automatic winding
Function Power reserve display at 12 o’clock, small seconds at 6 o’clock and round date window
Case: stainless steel
Dial: The sailboat is decorated with ‘Monaco 2014’ on the dial
Diameter: 44 mm
Bezel: one-way reverse diving chronograph bezel
Crown: screw-in crown
Water resistance: 300 meters
Surface: anti-glare and anti-wear sapphire crystal glass
Case back: Carved with a sailboat and ‘Monaco’
Chain strap: unique rubber strap with titanium component with folding buckle

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Classic Heart-shaped Hollow Zenith Witness Love Watch Tasting

The development of Zenith watches originated from the war period, which has always made it necessary for watches to be produced faster, reasonably priced, accurate and simple, because the army had a greater demand for watches. Now that the war is gone, Zenith has begun to build its brand at the height of the United States. This has its brand purpose: to combine the precision and beauty of mechanical watches with bold creativity. Today, I will bring you a super-looking, super artistic cut-out ladies watch.
 Zenith 16.1230.4021 / 01.C538

 This watch is a member of Zenith’s open star collection. Under the Zenith Open Star series is the heartbeat of love, derived from the legendary El Primero chronograph movement. The three new colors of crimson, black, and pearly gray show the women’s restrained heart more boldly. The rounded dial of this watch accentuates subtle qualities, and the wavy spikes and heart-shaped arcs of the dial add vitality. The red patent leather strap makes the watch more gorgeous and shining.
 This watch is also very particular about the mix, when it comes to sexy, naturally red elements are indispensable. The elegant black and white with red heels and red watch embellishment is quite eye-catching. The same hollow white vest and heart-shaped hollow dial are naturally the best match.

 Applicable people: ladies
 Movement type: mechanical
 Case material: Diamond
 Dial shape: round
 Dial color: silver white
 Dial size: 37.5mm
 Strap Material: Leather
 Function: waterproof
 Summary: This watch is the comprehensive expression of the Zenith brand’s purpose. The combination of bold heart-shaped cutout creativity and super beautiful visual experience presents a poetic picture of love.
 Watch details reference: zenith / 856 /

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