Rolex And Omega ‘hit Their Faces’ …

It is not too late to get to the topic. Rolex and Omega are a pair of ‘rivals’, each of which is famous for each other. Rolex has a water ghost, Omega has a hippocampus; Rolex has Daytona, Omega has a superpower; Rolex has DD, and Omega has a constellation. Rolex and Omega are incompatible. Until one day, Rolex and Omega also ‘hit their faces.’ ‘Crashing’ is the enamel watch of Rolex and Omega. The dial of the Rolex watch is exactly the same as the dial of the Omega watch. Yes, except the ‘crown’ and ‘resistance’ on the disk are different, everything else is the same.
   This is the case. In history, since both Rolex and Omega had ordered dials from the same enamel artist, there was a case of ‘hitting the face’ on the dials of Rolex and Omega watches. The enamel artist painted the same patterns for both Omega and Rolex. Coincidentally, both Rolex enamel watches and Omega enamel watches with the same pattern were taken to the auction house for auction. The same pattern, different brands, the results are completely different.

Rolex Poseidon enamel watch (top) and Omega Poseidon enamel watch (bottom), we can see that the two watches are the same.
   The enamel watches with the same pattern are Rolex 8382 and Omega 2767-6 SC. Both watches are patterned by enamel artist Nelly Richard (sold by Stern). The dials of the two watches are painted with a filigree enamel and a seahorse motif. The pattern is taken from Greek mythology. The sea god on the pattern is Neptune in Greek mythology. He holds a trident and controls two sea horses. He is the protector of sea sailors, protects them from storms at sea and blesses them to catch enough fish to return. It is very interesting that when Nelly Richard painted the same filigree enamel dial for Rolex and Omega, the price charged was different. It is understood that Nelly Richard, the Omega’s Poseidon dial, charged 86 Swiss francs (finally Stern sold it to Omega at 155 Swiss francs). This omega filigree enamel dial was the most expensive because it was charged to the Rolex dial. For 68 Swiss francs, Patek Philippe’s dial was charged 60 Swiss francs. Nelly Richard worked for Stern from the 1940s to the 1950s, and unfortunately, the jealous and talented man died at a young age.

Rolex Eurasian enamel watch detail.
   The two watches were auctioned at different auction companies. Rolex was filmed at Riche, Omega was filmed at Antigoron. Rolex’s valuation was 300,000 to 600,000 Swiss francs, which was finally sold at 394,000 Swiss francs, about 2.76 million yuan; Omega’s valuation was 25,000 to 45,000 Swiss francs, and finally sold at 97,350 Swiss francs Out, about RMB 680,000.

Omega Poseidon enamel watch detail.
   The transaction prices of both watches are relatively high, but Rolex is obviously higher. On the one hand, I think that Rolex produces less on enamel watches than Omega. Another important reason is that this Rolex was produced in about 1953. There is an ‘unusual’ 37 mm caliber. The same pattern of Omega produced in 1952, the size of the mainstream 34 mm at the time. 36mm is a watershed. Men’s watches of 36mm and above can now be shot. Some performances below 36 can’t be shot (see personal preference). Of course, the different results of Omega and Rolex also reflect the different levels of acceptance of Rolex and Omega.
   Since the number of Rolex and Omega enamel watches is relatively small, at the end, I will show you a few more Rolex and Omega history enamel watches.
First is Omega:

Then Rolex:

   the above.

Brazil Launches ‘br 01 10th Anniversary’ Limited Edition To Celebrate The Tenth Anniversary Of Its Iconic Watch

In 2005, a simple idea made the introduction of the BR 01: this idea is to turn a cockpit timepiece into a top-level aviation watch: reliable, powerful, accurate and easy to read. BR 01 turned gorgeously like magic, ‘from cockpit timepieces to watches’, subverting the aesthetic concept of modern watchmaking.
10 years of an iconic watch
   Until now, Bell & Ross has developed more than 150 watches and 50 limited edition BR 01. This square watch series has also gradually become a showcase of watchmaking creativity (Tourbillon, Tourbillon chronograph, power reserve, skeleton, big date, GMT, chronograph) and innovative design (Flight Instruments, Heritage, Phantom, Skull, B-Rocket). To celebrate the tenth anniversary of this legendary model, Bell & Ross has launched a limited edition of 500 BR 01 anniversary models: ‘BR 01 10th Anniversary’.
‘From the cockpit to the watch’
   At the beginning of the twenty-first century, a team of designers and aeronautical instrument experts began a bold and ambitious project: creating a watch that was perfect for professional use. Their goal is to follow the great traditions of Swiss watchmaking while meeting the needs of wearers in extreme conditions. This year is 2005. In the birth of this perfect watch, engineers, master watchmakers and professional pilots together created the BR 01 flight instrument watch.
   BR 01 was born from this simple and breakthrough idea: turning an airplane cockpit timepiece into a watch. In order to ensure the practicality and legibility of the watch, the numbers, hands and square case of the watch adopt the same principle as the aviation instrument. Every detail design has its purpose and principle. This avant-garde watch perfectly illustrates the design principle of ‘form follows function’.

   A square case, a round dial, and one screw at each of the four corners: this watch’s unusual concept and practical design subvert the traditional watch design concept. With this watch, Bell & Ross has created a ‘ufo’ for watchmaking, which will make everyone unforgettable.
   In 2014, Bell & Ross revolutionized the design of the BR 01 by introducing the BR-X1, a powerful and sophisticated high-tech sports chronograph. The BR-X1’s geometric appearance is easy to identify, making the best of the advantages of BR01. The BR-X1’s ultra-modern and innovative case, made of grade 5 titanium, truly shows the uniqueness of this watch. Its rubber and ceramic ring acts like a shield to protect the watch in the event of a collision. BR 01 proves that Bell & Ross can keep up with the times and create better timepieces.
Ceramic watch / High-tech ceramic case / Precision technology and extraordinary performance
   Bell & Ross always explores advanced technologies from the industrial and military fields, giving the BR 01 10thAnniversary modernity with a high-tech ceramic case. High-tech ceramics are favored by many high-tech industries for their reliability and elasticity. This material has a unique position in the aviation industry. Its uses include manufacturing parts that are resistant to high temperatures or acids, corrosion and erosion. High-tech ceramics are also used in the design of heat shields and rocket heads.
   Bell & Ross, a constant pursuit of excellence, has refined this high-tech ceramic in its Swiss workshops and developed a special manufacturing process that strengthens the inherent characteristics of high-tech ceramics, including anti-scratch, anti-wear, Soft texture and temperature regulation that can immediately reach human body temperature when worn. The high-tech ceramics developed by Bell & Ross have hardness comparable to that of diamonds, have amazing abrasion resistance, resistance to deformation, are lighter than stainless steel, and have hypoallergenic properties. The transparent matte black ceramic, which is modeled on the anti-glare coating of aviation instrument panels, fully meets aeronautical standards, which is the focus of Bell & Ross design concept.
   To use a high-tech ceramic material to create a BR 01 means that the designer must rethink the already complicated case structure. The ‘BR 01 10th Anniversary’ is modeled after the spacecraft’s head, and its ceramic case contains a steel ‘box-shaped section’, which is designed like a streamlined fuselage. The two are perfectly balanced, united into one and set off each other, while ceramics greatly enhance the elasticity of the case. This sophisticated case is equipped with a mechanical movement with automatic winding function, and its reliability has been tested repeatedly. The stainless steel case has been forged and micro-sprayed and engraved with the words ’10th Anniversary’.
Seeing simplicity in precision
   Like the BR 01, the ‘BR 01 10th Anniversary’ always follows the principles of aeronautical design. According to the perfect creative idea, ‘BR 0110th Anniversary’ returns to the beginning, breaking the principle of watchmaking and strengthening the practical essence.
   The design of this commemorative watch is concise and easy to read: the shape of the hands is similar to the altimeter hands; the fonts used for the numbers are the same as those on the analog chronograph dial (Isonorm); the embossed dial has prominent relief figures and hours The hands and hour markers are coated with white fluorescent coating (Superluminova®), contrasting with the black of the dial, ensuring that the wearer can easily read the time, day or night.
   The dial features the ’10th Anniversary’ logo unique to this anniversary model. The mirror is made of sapphire crystal glass, which has excellent elasticity, and has been treated with anti-glare. The four screws at the four corners of the case follow the aeronautical design tradition of the BR 01, inspired by the front-mounted system of on-board instruments in the cockpit of the aircraft. These 4 screws secure the cover to the case and ensure that the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters.
BR 01 popular among purists
   The square case of the BR 01 watch is simple and easy to identify, breaking the traditional watch design principles. Ten years ago, Bell & Ross demonstrated its cutting-edge creativity with this bold design, while solidifying the brand’s focus on practicality and functionality. Fighter pilots and most important members of the elite army use this watch as a professional tool. Today, BR 01 still demonstrates Bell & Ross’s iconic values ​​with its own strength: easy to read, excellent performance, flexible and precise.
   With its high-tech ceramic case, ‘BR 01 10th Anniversary’ broke through the limits of the watch, reinterpreted the original value concept of BR 01, and further enhanced the precision of the series. This limited edition number of engraved commemorative characters and only a limited number of 500 editions is a vivid illustration of the development of the series from the original cutting-edge watch to the iconic watch today.
Technical specifications
Movement: BR-CAL.302. Mechanical automatic movement.
Functions: hour, minute and second hands.
Case: 46 mm in diameter. Matt black ceramic. Stainless steel case back, engraved
There is ’10th Anniversary’.
Dial: printed black. Hands, hour markers and numbers with white fluorescent coating
(Superluminova®). ’10th Anniversary’ logo.
Mirror: Anti-glare sapphire crystal.
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Strap: Rubber and super-elastic hybrid fiber.
Clasp: Black PVD coated steel pin buckle *

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Bulgari Cotai & Yuan Henry Watch Exhibition Event

BVLGARI Bulgari will hold watch appreciation with the key partners-Jingguang Watches (May 10 to May 13) and Yuan Henry Clock (May 16 to 20) The guests are invited to come and appreciate the latest 10 complication watches. These 10 top-level complication watches are specially transported to Taiwan from abroad. Among them, the “Zhongle Times Watch” which was exposed at Basel in March this year. ‘Flywheel Watch’ is the first time to come to Taiwan !!
   In the field of complex clocks, the ‘Zongle Moving News Tourbillon Watch’ continues to dominate the most difficult models to make. It is also because of such high difficulty that the rare and precious craftsmanship can be revealed. There are only a few brands in the altar that can master this unique and complex watch manufacturing process from the beginning to the end, and Bulgari is the leader. These are the most complicated new high-complexity watches in the industry. It is rare to come to Taiwan and stay for a short time. Watch lovers and collectors should not miss it !!
   Among the superb lineup models, in addition to Bulgari’s ‘Zongle Chronograph Tourbillon Watch’, there are also ‘Rose Gold Full-Perspective Tourbillon Watch’ and ‘Daily Perpetual Calendar Watch’. Bulgari’s Daniel Roth series ‘Self-Perpetual Perpetual Calendar Watch’ contains rich and excellent functions. It is a masterpiece of top-level complex craftsmanship. The watchmaker devotes a whole year to creating it by himself! It is also called the ‘pink gold full-perspective tourbillon’, which is a unique collection of art. The top watch appreciation conference will fully present the latest works of the brand classics, allowing connoisseurs to taste and appreciate top complex watches carefully.

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Romantic Tanabata Yi Yi Qing Qing Enchantment In Switzerland

On July 26, 2014, Ernest Borel of Switzerland held a new series launch event of ‘Romantic Tanabata, Yijian Qingxin’ retro series couple watches in Quanzhou, Fujian. After 158 years of experience in Switzerland, he started a romantic tour in Quanzhou, a well-known international garden city at home and abroad. Mr. Su Da, Chairman and Executive Director of Swiss Ebolus Watch, and Mr. Lin Feng, the spokesperson for the brand’s Asia-Pacific region, attended the event and unveiled the new launch of the Ebolus Retro Series Couple Automatic Watch.
Mr. Su Da (Left), Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, Switzerland, and Mr. Lin Feng (center), the spokesperson for the Asian brand, and Mr. Chen Chuibao, Chairman of Fujian Siji Tianbao Watch Co., Ltd.
   Founded in 1856, the Swiss Ebolo watch has a long history, and enjoys a good reputation in the field of watches and clocks with its profound cultural heritage and excellence. For more than 150 years, Swiss Ebolo has always adopted the brand concept of ‘romantic moments and lifelong companions’. Adhering to the romantic and elegant mechanical aesthetics, its products are constantly improving, and its services are improving day by day. A classic watch collection.
Mr. Lin Feng, the brand ambassador of Swiss Ebolu Asia, signed a signature on the brand image

   This time, Switzerland’s Yibo Road Watch romantic Quanzhou, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day, brought this most unique retro series of automatic couple watches to this historical and cultural city in the mountains and the sea. ‘The double heads of Wusong Bridge are opened, and the river crosses every year.’ The Cowherd and the Weaver Girls meet together to make the love story of eternal love. The Swiss Ebolo watch is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for this romantic festival. As Mr. Su Da, Chairman and Executive Director of Swiss Ebolu said, “Since Swiss Ebolu first entered China in 1903, Ebolu has been associated with China for more than 100 years, during which Ebolu witnessed The romantic moments of countless couples also hope to use this Quanzhou event to pass the romantic and elegant attitude of life in Switzerland to the consumers. ‘
Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, Switzerland, presents retro couple watches to Mr. Lin Feng

   In Quanzhou in July, the sun is hot, and the occasional breeze blows away instantly. The launch of the new series of retro watches for romantic couples on the ‘Romantic Tanabata and Yijian Devotion’ of the Swiss Ebola watch grandly opened in the romantic and elegant modern dance for two, and the dancing dance brought an extraordinary audiovisual feast to the audience. As the guest of the event, the appearance of Mr. Lin Feng, the spokesperson for the brand’s Asia-Pacific region, attracted a lot of attention and also pushed the event to a climax. As a well-known artist in the Asia-Pacific region, the popular Lin Feng is a popular idol in the hearts of millions of fans, and is also a spokesperson of elegance and romance. Mr. Su Da and Mr. Lin Feng jointly unveiled the launch of their vintage series of couple watches, and presented the vintage series watches with great retro charm, ingenuity and superb watchmaking skills to Mr. Lin Feng. Mr. Lin Feng also said: ‘Yibolu is a famous Swiss watch brand with a long history of 158 years and profound cultural heritage. It is a brand that can evoke people’s deep desire and longing for a beautiful and romantic life. It is a trustworthy brand . ‘
   After the event, Mr. Lin Feng went to the Swiss Ebol Road Watch exhibition area to sign and commemorate and interact with the fans. The atmosphere was warm. This event allowed people to experience the brand charm of the Swiss “Iro Road” “Romantic Moments, Lifetime Together” at a close distance. It was moved by the excellent quality and unremitting pursuit of the 100-year tradition of EBO, as Mr. Su Da said. : ‘Since its establishment in 1856, Swiss Ebolo watches have been committed to spreading romantic feelings and noble and elegant living tastes to all corners of the world.’ I believe Swiss Ebolo watches will continue to ride the waves in the future development and write the legend of the watch era!

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