Eddie Redmeni Attends The Omega Los Angeles Exclusive Dinner

Omega (OMEGA) celebrates the grand launch of the world’s first chronometer in the ‘cradle of stars’ in Los Angeles.

   March 1, 2016-Eddie Redmayne, the best Oscar actor and ambassador for the last Oscar, appeared at Mack Sennett Studios to celebrate Omega products with the guests The grand release of the timepiece ‘Constellation Zunba Watch’.
   The advent of the Omega Constellation series Zumba watch not only wrote a glorious moment in the brand’s development history, but also marked a new era of watchmaking technology that Omega opened after a long challenge.
   The test standard for the Astronomical Observatory is set by the absolutely independent Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), which is extremely demanding. Each watch that is certified must pass eight precision tests within ten days. Constellation Zunba is the world’s first Omega watch to pass this test certification.

   British actor Eddie Redmeni has long been known around the world for his bold role modeling and classic fashion sense. He himself is not only a loyal fan of the Omega Constellation series, but also has a deep love for the brand’s deep Swiss watchmaking tradition and spirit. On the day of the event, Eddie wore an elegant appearance of the Omega Constellation series Zumba watch, and generously shared his history of cooperation with Omega and his love for extraordinary timepieces: ‘The accumulation of history has made traditional watches more romantic I feel the sincerity and sincerity of the brand. I appreciate the brand tradition of Omega. Whether it is a watch designed for the Air Force or the first watch to land on the moon, there is an inspirational story behind it. I think Omega Brand story is unparalleled. ‘
   Eddie also said that Omega’s classic style makes him more comfortable in the public, ‘As actors, we need to attend many events and often appear on the red carpet. Omega watches are classic and modern, and wearing it makes me feel Very confident. It’s all very natural and I don’t have to worry about it at all. ‘
   The atmosphere at the scene was extremely enthusiastic, and guests could not only get in touch with the best actor of the Oscars, but also enjoy a close-up view of the Omega Constellation watch on display. Through live demonstrations by Omega watchmakers, guests can further experience the superior antimagnetic performance and precise charm of Zunba watches.

   Omega Global President Stephen Urquhart praised the young, intelligent and cultivated brand celebrity ambassador on the scene, ‘I am very glad that Eddie can join us today. He is a very sincere person, which is very beautiful . ‘
   This exclusive dinner was not only to celebrate the grand launch of the world’s first Astronomical Observatory watch, but also the beginning of Omega’s glorious presentation of its Constellation series Zunba watch. At present, many of Omega’s watch series have received rigorous certification by METAS. In the future, Omega will continue to introduce more timepieces that lead to a new quality standard in the watchmaking industry.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak International Auto Race Chronograph Stopwatch

audemars piguet Limited Chronograph Stopwatch for Royal Oak Offshore International Car Race
爱 On March 13, 2010, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore International Auto Race Limited Chronograph Stopwatch was launched. The 18K rose gold model in precious metal contrasts sharply with a forged carbon and black ceramic double bezel. Forged carbon components similar to sports car vents are added to the left of the middle ring of the case, and the carbon button guards on the right also show meticulous details. The button bridge is not an ordinary rectangle, but a beautiful ridge line that is neat and requires professional technical treatment; the bridge is fixed to the case with four exposed screws, and the side is recessed to accommodate the timing button. The button itself uses Double-layered structure with upper rose gold and lower polished black ceramic.
限量 The Royal Oak Offshore International Auto Race Limited Chronograph Stopwatch, which combines all the latest technology and top aesthetic design, all details are linked to the car. On the surface, the four groove-like design of the automobile cooling air intake grooves located at 1:30, 4, 30, 7, 30 and 10:30, the same theme continues to the link of the case and the bracelet, Show the designer’s intentions. In addition, the outer edge of the three timers can be seen on the face plate, the inner side is black, and the bright surface is polished. The Royal Oak Offshore International Auto Race Limited Chronograph Stopwatch fully demonstrates the superb watchmaking technology of Audemars Piguet. On the basis of the beautiful shape, it is dotted with various decorative elements that draw inspiration from the racing world: air intakes, streamlined bodies, deflectors and other protruding parts, making the overall shape richer and more three-dimensional. With its ingenious design and technology, Audemars Piguet Watch Factory has completed a masterpiece of strong and magnificent watches that embodies the spirit of sports.
In addition, in order to make the wearer more comfortable, Cal.3126 / 3840 movement has the function of instant date change and quick adjustment, and has a power reserve of up to 60 hours. Pull the crown out to the set time position to start the seconds stop device. The second hand will stand still immediately, making it easier to adjust the time. However, the most exciting part of Cal.3126 / 3840 movement is its exquisite design and exquisite workmanship. A carefully crafted movement by the watchmakers of Le Brassus, guaranteeing excellent quality throughout the entire production and finishing process. The elegant and symmetrical bridge board is carefully chamfered and polished to give a sharp edge. The edges of the ruby ​​assembly hole are polished with diamonds, the wheel arms of the gears are chamfered, and the edges and surfaces are polished with diamonds. Even the grooves of the screws are chamfered. Completely hand-decorated parts include polished double-sided pearl dots on the board, and Geneva ripples on the bridge.
Audemars Piguet specially redesigned and developed the 22K gold automatic disc for this limited-release chronograph. It has the characteristics of recessed design and partial black plating. A pair of sports car air intake trims were chiseled to the side. The titanium, rose gold or 950 platinum bottom cover is fully integrated into the overall design with a modern feel. On the surface of the bottom cover alternately treated with grain, matte and bright polishing, eight hollow screws are displayed generously. The outer ring of the partially black caseback is engraved with the words ‘Royal Oak Offshore Grand Prix Limited Edition’. Through the central sapphire crystal transparent caseback, you can see the exquisite movement.

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