Focus On The Inner Core, Achieve Self-efficiency Ding Junhui Battles The Snooker China Open, Showing Mature Gentleman Style

The 2017 Snooker China Open is fierce, and ZENITH’s global brand ambassador Ding Junhui’s performance has attracted much attention. Twelve years ago, the young Ding Junhui won the Chinese Open in one fell swoop and started his legendary journey as a leader of the Chinese snooker movement. Now, he is about to return to the glory of the thirties, with the focus and A more mature mentality is becoming more and more brave, showing a more attractive mature gentleman style.

Zenith ambassador Ding Junhui

After a 17-year career, Ding Junhui has always been extremely enthusiastic and dedicated to the snooker movement, pursuing his own snooker faith. He will spend his 30th birthday during the Chinese Open, saying, ‘Today I still have a deep love for Snooker, and I will pursue a more sophisticated grasp of the details and treat the game with a more mature attitude.’ For more than 150 years

Historical watchmakers, the Zenith brand has always adhered to the concept of excellence, focused on the manufacture and research and development of movements, and constantly broke the limit of accurate timing with a revolutionary spirit of mechanical innovation, creating a milestone in the watchmaking industry. Its iconic El Primero flagship 1969 chronograph explains the movement of the movement through the dial window, and the superb craftsmanship is clear at a glance, making it a classic watch that truly embodies the essence of the brand. The El Primero 4061 self-winding movement measures the time to 1 / 10th of a second. The chic silver sun-dial dial and two-tone chronograph lap are paired with the classic tone of the El Primero chronograph, which is understated and elegant.

El Primero flagship 1969 chronograph

At the same time, Ding Junhui wearing the ELITE Elite Series 6150 midnight blue dial stainless steel watch this time in the snooker China Open. This watch is equipped with an El Primero 4069 self-winding movement with a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. The new ultra-thin stainless steel pebble-shaped 42 mm case has low-key and simple lines, and the slender leaf-shaped faceted hands add elegance Mature temperament. Equipped with a rubber-lined blue alligator leather strap and a comfortable three-fold clasp, it also spreads the restrained gentleman’s style to the wrist and fits perfectly with Ding Junhui.

Ding Junhui wears Zenith watch at the snooker China Open

Elite Elite Series 6150 Midnight Blue Dial Stainless Steel Watch

Focus on your heart and achieve yourself. Ding Junhui’s enthusiasm for the continuous development and focus of the snooker movement is just like the brand’s consistent watchmaking spirit. The cooperation between the two will continue to create more legends in the future while inheriting the tradition.

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Cloud Pride Feiyao Dream Fiyta’s Dedication To Help Gu Tianle’s ‘changing To The Clouds’

On January 24, 2015, Gu Tianle, the brand spokesperson for Fiyta, wore a series of flying watches and ‘airborne’ Changsha. As the starring role of ‘Climbing to the Sky’, Gu Tianle and the Fiyta brand unveiled the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the film ‘Climbing to the Sky’ for the first time and enjoyed a visual feast together. The cold weather couldn’t resist the enthusiasm of the people of Changsha. The day of the event was unprecedented, and the Fiyta brand presented Changzhou consumers with many media for the first time in the New Year. The extraordinary courage of the series.
Cloud pride Fiyta will love ‘table’
   The highly anticipated film version ‘Climbing to the Sky’ will be unveiled on the occasion of the Chinese New Year in 2015, and Feiyao will be released. In this warm winter, the Fiyta brand presents this visual gift intimately, letting the people in Changsha and the fans of ‘Climbing to the Sky’ at a glance. While focusing on rigorous watchmaking, the Fiyta brand has not forgotten to pay attention to the film culture industry, as always, is determined to move forward, presenting the most perfect brand spirit, and bringing a more three-dimensional sensory experience to consumers in Changsha. Every effort is made to blend love and tenderness into the square, and pass it to the person you love through the pointer, so that love goes with you every second.
   On the day of the press conference, the brand spokesman Mr. Gu Tianle humorously appeared in Changsha with the captain’s identity and magnetic voice in the movie. He and Fiyta unveiled the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the movie ‘Climbing to the Sky’, detonating the atmosphere. In the movie, Branson played by ancient Tianle and Pan Jiashi played by Shi Shiman performed a moving emotion. In the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the first unveiling, they recorded the sweet moments of love between the two in the romantic British rain and the Ferris wheel, engraving your true love forever. This time, Gu Tianle played the role of CEO of the airline in the movie, but he smiled that he played not the ‘overbearing president’ as everyone imagined but the more touching ‘gentle president’. The Fiyta ‘Flying Series’ and ‘Heart String’ watches worn by the two in the play brought the time and love into the aspirational cloud, recording the tender feelings in flight, and continued writing Love in the air.
Flying series, demonstrating extraordinary courage
   At the press conference, the brand spokesman Gu Tianle wore Fiyta’s ‘Flying Series’ watch in the movie ‘Climbing to the Sky’, which was highly sought after, showing the pilot’s calm and intelligent temperament. This watch follows the shape of the case of the Chinese carrier-based pilot’s watch ‘Flying Shark Series’ and has been enlarged. Large open face dial, magnified orange digital scale and luminous hands for clear reading. Metal sanding and sandblasting process, the surface of the disc appears black matte, reducing reflections when reading. Many details fully reflect the concept of flight: the design of the crown is inspired by the spitfire tail tube of the fighter, the tip of the large second hand is decorated with a striking red fighter, and the bottom cover is engraved with embossed fighters, demonstrating the cool charm of the crown of heaven. Specially added anti-magnetic 16000A / m and anti-vibration functions, to ensure that pilots can have safe, reliable timing equipment in the air, free from external interference. Similarly, it is also suitable for intensive sports in normal wear.
   Flying means life, or experiencing wind and snow, or ups and downs, but as long as you firmly believe in it, you can finally reach the peak of life and rush to the skies! Fiyta’s ‘Flying Series’ watch takes the extraordinary courage of heaven’s pride and turns it into the wrist every minute, enjoy the years like a song, go hand in hand with you, the heart is further away!
Watch configuration:

Model: GA8540.BBB
Movement: Fiyta automatic multi-function mechanical movement
Case: titanium alloy, IP black plated
Bezel: Stainless steel, IP black plated (special alloy for aviation)
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Dial: black, big three hands, small chronograph dial, calendar display
Bottom cover: titanium alloy screw bottom, oil fighter relief pattern
Strap: titanium alloy, IP black plated
Longitudinal diameter: 45.6 mm Lateral diameter: 45.0mm Band width: 20.0mm
Waterproof: 10ATM
Limited: 1000 pieces, each with a limited certificate

Model: LA8616.MWMH
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel
Bezel: stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold, zircon inlay
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Dial: Natural Zircon Inlay
Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded bottom
Strap: stainless steel, rose gold-plated, white ceramic medium grain, zircon inlay
Diameter: 32mm
Waterproof: 5ATM

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Missing A Formal Watch For Business Occasions? Three Models Are Recommended Within 60,000 Yuan

Formal watch is generally a watch worn at a more important event or a specific occasion. Choosing a proper dress watch for business occasions can not only show the importance attached to the event, but also reflect one’s taste. Today I will recommend three formal watches for men to wear for business occasions with less than 60,000 yuan.
IWC Portuguese series IW371602

Product model: IW371602
Domestic public price: ¥ 58400
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Case thickness: 13.1 mm
Strap material: crocodile leather
Water resistance: 30 meters
Movement type: automatic
Power reserve: 46 hours
Watch details:

Product model: 03.2140.691 / 02.C498
Domestic public price: 52000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 10.35 mm
Strap material: crocodile leather
Water resistance: 50 meters
Movement type: automatic
Power reserve: 50 hours
Watch details: zenith / 6496 /

Watch review: This watch is simple and elegant without losing the aesthetic and romantic atmosphere. The inner ring of the dial is decorated with a carved pattern of wheat ears. The moon phase display at six o’clock adds an artistic flavor to the watch, and the overall silver gray The dial with a dark brown alligator strap gives a strong and elegant feel. The watch uses a self-winding Elite691 movement produced by Zenith, with a power reserve of 50 hours.
Glashütte Original Councillor Series 1-39-59-01-02-04

Model: 1-39-59-01-02-04
Domestic public price: 56500
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 9.9 mm
Strap material: crocodile leather
Water resistance: 50 meters
Movement type: automatic
Power reserve: 40 hours
Watch details: glashutte / 14160 /
Watch Comments: The blue steel hands of this Glashütte Original MP series entry-level watch are very eye-catching. The white dial with classic three-pin blue steel hands makes the watch more clean and simple. The slender black Roman numerals and Glashütte’s signature orbital minute scales are elegant and elegant. The dark plaid black alligator leather strap is exquisitely leather and the watch is even more extraordinary.
Summary: The three formal watches below 60,000 have a classic shape, all of which use leather straps to wear comfortably. The watches are simple yet elegant and gentlemanly. Attending business occasions with formal wear can maximize the gas field, which is most elegant .

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