Athens ‘hms Caesar’ Gilt Enamel Painted Watch

The colors are bright and pure, and the picture is dynamic and proportioned. Athens’s skill in enamel is extraordinary. Self-winding U N-8 1 5 movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), white gold case, 40 mm diameter, enamel-painted HMS Caesar dial, alligator strap, water-resistant to 50 meters, limited to 30 pieces worldwide

Reference price: 331200 yuan
Enamel watch

    In recent years, enamel watches have gradually entered an ascending channel, with increasingly rich varieties and increasing numbers (both domestic brands and Swiss brands are doing), but the price has always remained firm, so it has also involved many topics such as appreciation, investment, and collection. In fact, to ask why the enamel watch is so attractive and so unattainable, it is nothing more than two words, one is ‘fine’ and the other is ‘rare’. This is also the commonality of all artworks and luxury goods, but This is particularly true on enamel watches. As one of the decorative arts of watches, enamel crafts are various handicrafts combined with practicality and appreciation value made by fine art techniques. They are both material products and have different levels of spiritual aesthetics. As a material product, it reflects the material production and technological development level of a certain era and society; as a spiritual product, its visual image (modeling, color, decoration) reflects the aesthetics of a certain era.
    Watches appear in the ‘Ten Beauty’ recommendation are basically collection-level watches. Note that the collection level refers to a table with complex functions, luxurious materials, scarce production, and memorable meaning, but it may not necessarily be a watch with potential for appreciation. Now many people mention watches, not to mention what functional styles they like, but to ask what kind of watch can appreciate and maintain value, it seems that buying a watch is not for consumption, but for investment. Some foreign media commented that our Chinese are: Can’t even be happy, but still want to pursue happiness? For those who have the money to afford a ‘ten beauty’ watch, happiness is actually very simple, provided that the idea is not too complicated.