Bulgari Cotai & Yuan Henry Watch Exhibition Event

BVLGARI Bulgari will hold watch appreciation with the key partners-Jingguang Watches (May 10 to May 13) and Yuan Henry Clock (May 16 to 20) The guests are invited to come and appreciate the latest 10 complication watches. These 10 top-level complication watches are specially transported to Taiwan from abroad. Among them, the “Zhongle Times Watch” which was exposed at Basel in March this year. ‘Flywheel Watch’ is the first time to come to Taiwan !!
   In the field of complex clocks, the ‘Zongle Moving News Tourbillon Watch’ continues to dominate the most difficult models to make. It is also because of such high difficulty that the rare and precious craftsmanship can be revealed. There are only a few brands in the altar that can master this unique and complex watch manufacturing process from the beginning to the end, and Bulgari is the leader. These are the most complicated new high-complexity watches in the industry. It is rare to come to Taiwan and stay for a short time. Watch lovers and collectors should not miss it !!
   Among the superb lineup models, in addition to Bulgari’s ‘Zongle Chronograph Tourbillon Watch’, there are also ‘Rose Gold Full-Perspective Tourbillon Watch’ and ‘Daily Perpetual Calendar Watch’. Bulgari’s Daniel Roth series ‘Self-Perpetual Perpetual Calendar Watch’ contains rich and excellent functions. It is a masterpiece of top-level complex craftsmanship. The watchmaker devotes a whole year to creating it by himself! It is also called the ‘pink gold full-perspective tourbillon’, which is a unique collection of art. The top watch appreciation conference will fully present the latest works of the brand classics, allowing connoisseurs to taste and appreciate top complex watches carefully.

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