Casio Oceanus Series Men’s Watch Intelligent Operating System

OCEANUS originated from the name of the ancient god of the sea, like a star of aquamarine, elegant and mysterious. Casio OCEANUS represents Casio’s top technology. It is the most advanced cutting-edge product in the Casio watch brand. The whole body is 100% Japanese-made and accurate in seconds. Its elegant slim body and elegant design make it memorable.
   Casio’s limited-edition OCW-S2050PS is equipped with an original intelligent operating system. The watch body is slim, elegant in shape, and versatile and easy to operate. For the first time in the world, a blue sapphire glass mirror is used, which is crystal clear and refracts elegant light; the recrystallization technology is used to achieve the same texture and wear resistance as natural sapphire. The text board is made of mother-of-pearl, sparkling like a lake; the crown is inlaid with an 8-facet artificial sapphire, which is perfectly cut to show luxury. The strap, bezel and case are made of SALLAZ polishing technology. This widely recognized polishing technology is used by top craftsmen to make the watch show top quality, shining with mysterious and elegant deep blue.
Casio OCEANUS series: OCW-S2050PS
   Casio limited edition OCW-S2050PS watch elegant and thin shape, the pursuit of perfect exquisite craftsmanship, has achieved the pinnacle of excellent quality. Its profound high-end innovative technology and elegant design in the field of timepieces can be called the blue gentleman in the watch!

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