Classic Heart-shaped Hollow Zenith Witness Love Watch Tasting

The development of Zenith watches originated from the war period, which has always made it necessary for watches to be produced faster, reasonably priced, accurate and simple, because the army had a greater demand for watches. Now that the war is gone, Zenith has begun to build its brand at the height of the United States. This has its brand purpose: to combine the precision and beauty of mechanical watches with bold creativity. Today, I will bring you a super-looking, super artistic cut-out ladies watch.
 Zenith 16.1230.4021 / 01.C538

 This watch is a member of Zenith’s open star collection. Under the Zenith Open Star series is the heartbeat of love, derived from the legendary El Primero chronograph movement. The three new colors of crimson, black, and pearly gray show the women’s restrained heart more boldly. The rounded dial of this watch accentuates subtle qualities, and the wavy spikes and heart-shaped arcs of the dial add vitality. The red patent leather strap makes the watch more gorgeous and shining.
 This watch is also very particular about the mix, when it comes to sexy, naturally red elements are indispensable. The elegant black and white with red heels and red watch embellishment is quite eye-catching. The same hollow white vest and heart-shaped hollow dial are naturally the best match.

 Applicable people: ladies
 Movement type: mechanical
 Case material: Diamond
 Dial shape: round
 Dial color: silver white
 Dial size: 37.5mm
 Strap Material: Leather
 Function: waterproof
 Summary: This watch is the comprehensive expression of the Zenith brand’s purpose. The combination of bold heart-shaped cutout creativity and super beautiful visual experience presents a poetic picture of love.
 Watch details reference: zenith / 856 /

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