Famous Russian Actor And Stage Star Joins Rado’s Global Brand Spokesperson Family

RADO Swiss Radar is proud to announce that Russian actress Yulia Peresild joins RADO Swiss Radar, the Swiss innovative watch brand family, as the latest member, and becomes the brand worldwide Spokesperson.

 Yulia debuted on the big screen in 2003. Has presented more than 50 works so far, and won many praises and affirmations with superb acting skills. The young actress has won several awards, including the Russian Presidential Award ‘Young Artist’ (2013), the Beijing Film Festival ‘Best Actress’ (2015) and the Golden Eagle Award ‘Best Actress’ (2016 year). Yulia is also active on the stage of the National Theatre and Moscow Theatre, and has played a major role in many plays.

 As a famous actress who stands out with her fashionable style and elegant modern style, Yulia has no idea about daily dressing. The RADO Ceramica watch series is made of black or white high-tech ceramics. It became her favorite choice. Embedded with 66 diamonds, the RADO HyperChrome is made of high-tech plasma ceramic material. The HyperChrome diamond series watch has become the choice of Yulia’s evening watch due to its extraordinary light.

 Mr. Matthias Breschan, Global President of Rado, said: ‘Yulia is a true genius. She is not only rich in artistic talent, but also her personal style and dedication to art perfectly fit the essence of our brand. We ‘It is a great honour that the RADO Ceramica integrated ceramic series watch and HyperChrome diamond series watch will be a decoration between her wrists this year.’

 Speaking of this exciting partnership, Yulia said: ‘I have an inextricable relationship with RADO Swiss Rado, and I once tried on the RADO Swiss Rado when choosing gifts for my close friends. This is I first met the brand. When I first wore the RADO Swiss Rado watch, I immediately fell in love with this comfortable and comfortable wearing feeling, the watch seemed to float on my wrist, the ultimate Lightweight. Later, RADO invited me to be a global brand spokesperson, which surprised me. In my opinion, the brand has the same spirit and values ​​as me. The style is minimal, but the pursuit of difference is so simple. It’s my style, my story, my watch! ‘

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