Focus On The Inner Core, Achieve Self-efficiency Ding Junhui Battles The Snooker China Open, Showing Mature Gentleman Style

The 2017 Snooker China Open is fierce, and ZENITH’s global brand ambassador Ding Junhui’s performance has attracted much attention. Twelve years ago, the young Ding Junhui won the Chinese Open in one fell swoop and started his legendary journey as a leader of the Chinese snooker movement. Now, he is about to return to the glory of the thirties, with the focus and A more mature mentality is becoming more and more brave, showing a more attractive mature gentleman style.

Zenith ambassador Ding Junhui

After a 17-year career, Ding Junhui has always been extremely enthusiastic and dedicated to the snooker movement, pursuing his own snooker faith. He will spend his 30th birthday during the Chinese Open, saying, ‘Today I still have a deep love for Snooker, and I will pursue a more sophisticated grasp of the details and treat the game with a more mature attitude.’ For more than 150 years

Historical watchmakers, the Zenith brand has always adhered to the concept of excellence, focused on the manufacture and research and development of movements, and constantly broke the limit of accurate timing with a revolutionary spirit of mechanical innovation, creating a milestone in the watchmaking industry. Its iconic El Primero flagship 1969 chronograph explains the movement of the movement through the dial window, and the superb craftsmanship is clear at a glance, making it a classic watch that truly embodies the essence of the brand. The El Primero 4061 self-winding movement measures the time to 1 / 10th of a second. The chic silver sun-dial dial and two-tone chronograph lap are paired with the classic tone of the El Primero chronograph, which is understated and elegant.

El Primero flagship 1969 chronograph

At the same time, Ding Junhui wearing the ELITE Elite Series 6150 midnight blue dial stainless steel watch this time in the snooker China Open. This watch is equipped with an El Primero 4069 self-winding movement with a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. The new ultra-thin stainless steel pebble-shaped 42 mm case has low-key and simple lines, and the slender leaf-shaped faceted hands add elegance Mature temperament. Equipped with a rubber-lined blue alligator leather strap and a comfortable three-fold clasp, it also spreads the restrained gentleman’s style to the wrist and fits perfectly with Ding Junhui.

Ding Junhui wears Zenith watch at the snooker China Open

Elite Elite Series 6150 Midnight Blue Dial Stainless Steel Watch

Focus on your heart and achieve yourself. Ding Junhui’s enthusiasm for the continuous development and focus of the snooker movement is just like the brand’s consistent watchmaking spirit. The cooperation between the two will continue to create more legends in the future while inheriting the tradition.

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