Hamilton Aircraft Debuted In Hong Kong Causeway Bay

Hamilton has been associated with aviation since 1919. Since then, the brand has always played a pivotal role in the aviation industry. In order to pay tribute to this outstanding aviation tradition, the brand cooperated with Swiss aircraft manufacturer MSW Aviation to present the 1: 1 VOTEC 221 aircraft model painted with the brand’s logo, mainly in orange and black, and touring in different countries around the world.
    This Hamilton aircraft, made with flight-compliant components, has a wingspan of 20.7 feet, a length of more than 19.5 feet, a height of about 5.25 feet, and a weight of 1,000 pounds. It arrived in Hong Kong in early June, and on June 2, 2012 From 22 to 22, it will be displayed at the Excelsior Plaza (in front of the wtc more World Trade Center entrance) at 281 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay. In order to be solemn, Hamilton specially held the launching ceremony for the exhibition on June 5 this year. Medium-sized people and media friends should be Hamilton Head of Sales International Mr. Vivian Stauffer and Hamilton Vice President of Hong Kong and Macau Mr. Anthony Chan was invited to witness the event.
    On that day, the guests with high spirits gathered at Excelsior Plaza, and couldn’t wait to see the heroic attitude of the 1: 1 ratio of Hamilton aircraft up close. With a majestic and heroic attitude, the plane lingered in the most noticeable part of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, attracting many passers-by to stop and watch, and the atmosphere was very lively. The kick-off ceremony was first kicked off by a speech by Hamilton Head of Sales International Mr. Vivian Stauffer. Then, the model in a pilot’s uniform interpreted Hamilton’s popular pilot watches, including Khaki. X-Mach chronograph, Khaki X-Wind Automatic, Khaki Pilot 46mm, and Khaki Flight Timer, which Hamilton and Air Zermatt co-founded. The special guest Miss Gou Yunhui also wore the brand’s latest Khaki X-Patrol chronograph and stopwatch that can accurately convert metric or imperial system units, and not only a famous watch show, but also vividly displayed the brand’s aviation journey since 1919 to the audience. Right now.
    In 1919, the American airmail service had just started, and the Hamilton flight watch was entrusted with the heavy duty to escort the first airmail between New York and Washington. In the 1930s, the four major U.S. airlines, including Global Air, China Eastern Airlines, United Airlines and Northwest Airlines, selected Hamilton as the official chronometer of the most advanced transportation means in the United States. United Airlines also used Hamilton as its official timing partner for the first flight from New York on the east coast to San Francisco on the west coast. Entering the 1940s, the legend of Khaki officially kicked off. During World War II, Hamilton became the official watch manufacturer of the U.S. Army, providing a total of one million watches. In 2005, Hamilton partnered with Nicolas Ivanoff, the world’s premier stuntman. In 2011, Hamilton entered into a partnership with Air Zermatt, a pioneer in modern helicopter rescue and mountain transportation.
    Hamilton Head of Sales International Mr. Vivian Stauffer said: ‘Since mankind has pioneered the field of aviation, Hamilton watches have been the best partners for pilots in different ages, with them soaring across the sky, crossing history and achieving immortal legends. Today, Hamilton’s flight watch is still popular in the aviation industry and watch lovers with outstanding appearance and features. The brand is very honored to have the opportunity to send our aircraft to Hong Kong and exhibit at the most lively locations in the city. With a clearer image, reach out to the masses, highlight the close historical relationship between Hamilton and the aviation industry, and hope to bring a refreshing experience to everyone. ‘
    Ms. Gou Yunhui, a special guest who is a celebrity model, said: ‘I fell in love with the Khaki X-Patrol chronograph on my wrist at the first sight. In addition to its beautiful design, its practical functions are very rare-the watch can be changed from metric or metric at any time. The British system is convenient for travelers who frequently travel between different regions and national borders. Pilots are attractive to me. They must have many outstanding qualities-calm, independent thinking, determination, etc., and always bear the importance Tasks, such as military pilots defending the country, and pilots serving Air Zermatt in emergency rescue, even civil aviation pilots, are responsible for the hundreds of lives they and their families carry at any time, with great responsibility and special work. Meaning! If one day, a sportsman wearing a pilot’s watch takes me to the sky, it will be an unforgettable experience in my life! ”
About Hamilton
     Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States in 1892, the Hamilton watch produced by this company combines the spirit of the United States with the most advanced Swiss movements and watchmaking technology. The novel design, favored by Hollywood filmmakers, has been used as an actor’s watch in more than 400 films. In addition, the brand has deep roots in the aviation industry. Hamilton is part of the Swatch Group, a watch manufacturer and distributor with 160 production plants in Switzerland and the largest scale in the world.

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