Hubar Holds 2013 Ascona Polo Cup Contest

The 2013 Ascona Polo Cup Tournament hosted by Hublot watch brand was held at the Maggiore Lake in Switzerland on the weekend. The location of this competition is very particular. This is a famous Swiss resort and the surrounding area is great. The scenery is the best place to walk and relax. At the same time, various luxury hotels and beautiful villas have become unique landscapes, providing the best service for people who come to visit.

 After the opening parade of the polo competition, we welcomed 450 VIPs, including players. All of them came from Switzerland, Italy, Germany and various high society members. They were invited to participate in one on Friday. Special beach party. There will be spectacular performances, delicious Argentinean barbecues, and you can enjoy dancing until late at night.

 In addition, at 8 o’clock on Saturday night, the most anticipated program has just begun. It is a large party with Indian decoration as the theme. In addition to everyone dressed up, the whole atmosphere is very warm and full of joy.

 Finally, on Sunday afternoon, the game kicked off with a spectacular eagle performance. After a fierce competition, the winner was finally born. At the same time, in order to reward this hard-earned honor, Hublot also deliberately customized the The watch was presented to him, and the winner also gave a wonderful speech. Everyone who participated in the competition is looking forward to the coming of the competition next year.

 As the CEO of Hublot, Ricardo Guadalupe said that sport is a very important part of life. The reason why Hublot is committed to the promotion of various sports is because the best winner is achieved through fair competition. pursued. Ascona stands for quality, charm, privilege, luxury, and at the same time it is a Swiss way of life.

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