In-depth Tasting Omega Speedmaster White

Omega Speedmaster is a classic black dial, hands and white scale watch. What we are looking at here is its first pure white Speedmaster watch. Many men dare not wear white watches and find it too feminine.
This watch uses Omega’s own 9300 movement, equipped with the new Speedmaster Moonwatch coaxial chronograph with a larger appearance. The case is available in stainless steel and orange gold.
Speedmaster 9300 stainless steel, with steel strap, reveals very obvious masculinity
Many men dare not wear white watches and find it too feminine. In my opinion, as long as the watch is still masculine in other respects, white is not necessary. Look at the Speedmaster 9300 stainless steel model, coupled with a steel strap, reveals a very obvious masculinity, most people will feel the same.
Use Omega’s own 9300 movement, equipped with the new look of the new Speedmaster Moonwatch coaxial chronograph.
I’ve been waiting for a pure white Speedmaster watch for a long time, but it wasn’t until this Speedmaster coaxial chronograph watch appeared that I saw a white model that really satisfied me. The reason is that their special treatment of the scale and dial contrast makes the stainless steel parts still clearly visible on the white background. Otherwise, Omega would have to combine the black and white in the Speedmaster original dial to fit a white dial. That’s what it does on the Speedmaster ‘Alaska Project.’
The 2012 Speedmaster looks slightly larger, with a dial diameter of 44 mm.
‘Project Alaska’ is the most famous Speedmaster watch with white dial, but it is only available in limited form. When it was re-sold in 2008, it was only 1,970. The Speedmaster ‘Alaska Project’ model has a white dial with black hands and scales, and the gauge ring is also black. So, although it is a white Speedmaster, it is not pure white.
If you like the bright style of the 2012 Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph, there are even more variations. Omega uses a white gauge ring to match the white dial. You can also add a white watch to bring out this bright feeling. The version I have on hand comes with a smooth white alligator strap, this is the Los Angeles / Miami model.
The stainless steel model sells for 9,000 Swiss francs (59,147 yuan) and the orange gold model sells for 21,500 Swiss francs (141,296 yuan).
The 2012 Speedmaster is slightly larger in appearance, with a dial diameter of 44 mm. As mentioned above, the movement inside uses Omega’s most popular 9300 movement. This Omega-made 12-hour automatic chronograph movement uses a silicon balance spring and a coaxial escapement. The 9301 movement is almost exactly the same, except that the bridge and pendulum on the balance wheel are made of gold. The higher-end 18K orange gold model uses the 9301 movement.
As far as I guess, most people choose steel straps for this white watch, because they are really handsome. For specific pool or beach occasions, a white alligator strap may be used. The orange-gold model is not the same. It uses a gold alloy and matches the black or white dial. It looks more dazzling and more luxurious.
Stainless steel is priced at 9,000 Swiss francs (RMB 59,147) and orange gold is priced at 21,500 Swiss francs (RMB 141,296).

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